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Explore the USA and Canada on your own terms

Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of independence you gain on a motorhome holiday.A road trip in the USA will cater to free spirits like no other country – creating an epic adventure worthy of the big screen.

Take our Southern Rhythms motorhome holiday, for example. You’ll soak up the sights and sounds of America’s Deep South, from Alabama to Memphis – once home to Elvis himself – and on to Nashville, the country music capital of the world.

The best thing about a Hayes & Jarvis motorhome holiday is that you set the pace. Idle alongside the clear waters of the Gulf or speed your way through the vast, sun-baked desert: your holiday, your schedule.

North of the border, our Vancouver Island driving tour takes you through Canada’s most magical landscapes, from orchard-filled lowland valleys, to craggy mountain summits. If you’re ready to step off the beaten track and forge your own adventure, a motorhome holiday is for you.

Cruise America/Canada motorhomes


With rental centres located across the continental USA you will not be short on choice when it comes to picking the destination of your next USA motorhome holiday. Whether you want to take a journey around the Deep South or explore Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks; with a motorhome you will have the freedom to choose where you stay.


Get up-close to nature as you explore some of Canada spectacular scenery from the peaks of Banff National Park to the rugged coastline of the Pacific Rim National Park or Atlantic Canada’s Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Take advantage of the Unlimited Kilometres Plus Package to explore further with the peace of mind that you’ll have everything you need, no matter where you choose to stop for the night.

Motorhome FAQ

Driver requirements 
You must be at least 21 years old and hold a valid driver’s license to drive a motorhome. There are no surcharges for additional drivers, though all drivers must sign the rental contract and agree to abide by its terms & conditions. All drivers will need their passports and driving licenses to show when picking up the vehicle. 

Minimum Rental Period 
The minimum rental period for all motorhomes is 1 week (7 nights). 

Vehicle Safety 
All vehicles are fitted with seat belts for the number of people they are designed to carry, though we recommend you bring your own child safety seat so that you are confident in their protection (these are not provided by the rental centre).

First night hotel 
After you arrive into the USA or Canada, you must spend your first night in a hotel, waking refreshed and ready to face your first day of touring. Under no circumstances will Cruise America/Canada allow you to rent directly after a transatlantic flight. Please call us for suggested hotels for your first night. 

Hotel Transfers 
Transfers are not included in the price and return transfers are your responsibility. Transfers are only included for Early Bird customers staying at designated hotels. 

Rental Centre Locations 
USA – Alaska, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston North, Boston South, New York, Newark, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami North, Miami South, Tampa, Houston, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland. Canada – Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver. 

Vehicle Pick up 
Pick up is normally from 1pm (from 9am for Early Bird customers). You must call the rental centre in the morning to arrange a pick up time (Early Bird customers still need to call the rental centre to arrange their transfer). Rental centres are open every day during normal working hours except for Sundays and national holidays. No Sunday departures are permitted. 

As part of your rental you must purchase mileage which comes in packs of 500miles (USA) or 800km (Canada). There are no refunds for unused mileage and travel over the estimated mileage will be charged when you drop the vehicle off. An alternative to this is booking the Unlimited Mileage Package which does not restrict your travel distance. 

Security deposit 
A deposit of US $500 / CA $500 payable by credit card is collected when you pick up your vehicle. Providing that the vehicle is returned clean and undamaged, this will be refunded to your credit card less any extra mileage charges if you have not pre-paid these. The excess is $1,000 per occurrence. 

Vehicle Familiarisation 

At the rental centre you’ll be given a tour of the vehicle before departure to ensure you are comfortable with the operations and you maintenance and usage responsibilities. 

Denver Surcharge 

There is a mandatory surcharge of $2 per day (payable locally) for Denver rentals for the ‘Colorado Road Safety Fee’. 

On the Road 

Travel restrictions 
ALASKA / YUKON / NW TERRITORIES – travel is restricted (please call Product for info) 
DEATH VALLEY – travel is restricted (please call Product for info) 
MANHATTAN NYC – motorhomes are not allowed due to local restrictions 
MEXICO – travel is not permitted 
WINTER TRAVEL – vehicle operating systems are not fully functional in sub-zero temperatures. Please call us for advice. 

There are around 16,000 campgrounds throughout the USA and Canada. These range from sites with full facilities where you can link the vehicle up to mains water, electricity and drainage, to more basic campgrounds. Kampgrounds of America (KOA) offer over 600 full facility campgrounds in some of the most scenic locations including many National Parks. Call oiur specialist travel advisors for suggested campgrounds and itineraries or visit for more information. 

National Parks 
The great thing about renting a motorhome is it allows you to actually stay within the National Parks, whereas many hotels are located outside the boundaries. There are lots of campgrounds located within National Parks but most do not have water, electricity or waste disposal hook ups so you are advised to make sure your freshwater and propane tanks are full and waste disposal facility empty prior to stays within the National Parks. If you book a vehicle with a generator (all vehicle types in the USA but only the C30 in Canada) this will supply your power. There also is an onboard battery which will keep you going for an evening. Our specialist travel advisors can help with planning your route or visit for information and to book your pitch. 

Roadside Assistance 
Cruise America/Canada provides a 24 hours hotline if you have any problems while you are on the road.

Vehicle Drop off 
You must return your vehicle on the last day by 11am otherwise a late charge of $25 per hour will apply (Early Bird customers can drop off until 3pm on their last day). There are no refunds for returning a vehicle early. Since you will need time to return the vehicle and get back to the airport, no morning or early afternoon flights should be booked for the last day of your motorhome rental.

Motorhome packages

All motorhome rental packages exclude: Fuel, milage, deposits and one way fees.

Please note: The mimimum rental period for all motorhomes is 7 nights. Child safety seats cannot be supplied - they can be purchased locally.

Each motorhome has air conditioning, am/fm radio, stereo, automatic transmission, cruise control, two wheel drive, power steering, ABS brakes, seatbelts (for the recommended number of people), generator (all models in USA, C30 only in Canada), flushing toilet, shower, washbasin, kitchenette with microwave, 2/3 ring hob, fridge and freezer. 

Prices are based on departure date and availability so please call us for the latest prices.

We can add a whole host of optional extras to your motorhome booking to make your holiday that bit easier: 

Unlimited Generator Usage – from £6 per night. 
Most motorhomes come equipped with a generator which is charged overnight when you hook up. However, some campgrounds do not offer hook ups so you can add Unlimited Generator Usage to your package. 

Mileage - You must buy mileage as part of your motorhome booking. You can pay for this locally (per mile/km) but for convenience and to save money you can pre-book mileage options. There are no refunds for unused mileage. 

Option 1: Mileage Packages 
USA - 100 mile package from £24 
USA - 500 mile package from £118 
Canada - 100 km package from £17 
Canada - 500 km package from £83 

Option 2: Unlimited Mileage 
USA - For 7 to 21 days from £633, each additional day from £24 
Canada - For 7 to 21 days from £583, each additional day from £24 

Option 3: Unlimited Mileage PLUS 
Includes one vehicle departure kit, one personal kit for each passenger and unlimited use of the vehicle generator, if applicable. 
USA - For 7 to 21 days from £844, each additional day from £24 
Canada - For 7 to 21 days from £750, each additional day from £24

USA motorhome destinations

Yosemite National Park


Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park
Death Valley National Park


Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park
Arches National Park

Utah & Arizona

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Canada motorhome destinations





New Brunswick

New Brunswick





British Columbia

British Columbia

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases you don’t need a special licence to drive a motorhome up to a certain size, and a full UK driver’s licence will do. Our Destination Specialists can help with the paperwork.

There’s no limit as such, but as you buy mileage up-front in packs of 500miles (USA) or 800km (Canada), you’ll be charged for anything over this when you drop the vehicle off. We’d recommend booking the Unlimited Mileage Package if that’s likely to be an issue.

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• We’re here to listen – our Destination Specialists will help you through every road of your journey • Our motorhome holidays are extremely flexible, make your trip as little or as long as you like • We offer a wide range of motorhomes, suitable for couples, and small and larger families • Our motorhome holidays don’t have any hidden costs, you can budget your holiday in confidence.