Foodie Holidays

Food and drink are often a large part of a holiday. Why not make them the central focus? Step into a world of exotic cuisine on one of our epic foodie holidays. You’ll want to make sure you’ve packed your appetite as you taste your way around the world’s most vibrant kitchens, exploring steaming street-food stalls, traditional family-run bistros and Michelin-starred restaurants.

From humble taquerias in Mexico City and pho noodle sellers in Hanoi, to world-famous restaurants in Lima, there’s a whole world of flavours waiting to be discovered on a Hayes & Jarvis gourmet holiday.

Get your taste buds tingling all over the world

Savour the deliciously rich and spicy flavours of fish curry in India’s Kerala; wander the street-food stalls lining the klongs (canals) of Bangkok; toast Pisco Sours on the cliff tops of Miraflores in Peru; tuck into a sizzling plate of jerk straight off the grill in Jamaica. Whether you want to learn new skills in authentic cookery classes, or simply sit back and sample some of the world’s most exquisite dishes, our foodie holidays are guaranteed to broaden your taste horizons.

If you fancy yourself a craft beer connoisseur, why not join our tour of the finest breweries in New England? Take in New England’s fascinating history while sampling the best of craft beer. If wine is your passion, we’ve got a number of exclusive wine tours for you. Explore Argentina’s lush vineyards on a Mendoza wine tasting tour or kick back with a glass of red amid the awe-inspiring vistas of South Africa’s famous winelands. Alternatively, take it up a notch on the Tequila Express to Jose Cuervo Country in Mexico, discovering the origins of this fiery spirit.

Whatever your dream destination, our gourmet holidays will take your senses on an adventure all over the world and leave you hungry for more - revealing the secrets of generations-old dishes, guiding you through spice bazaars from Doha to Dubai, and inviting you to lunch with local families in Beijing's Hutongs.  

Some of our mouth-watering itineraries

From learning the art of sushi-making on a Gourmet Japan Tour, to sampling the best of bourbon in Tennessee, our menu of foodie holiday itineraries has something to tickle everyone’s taste buds. Begin your voyage of culinary discovery here or get in touch with one of our Destination Specialists.

Foodie Blogs Ideas, advice and recommendations from our resident foodies, following their travels as they sample the cuisines of the world.

Why choose Hayes & Jarvis for… Foodie Holidays?

  • If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of at Hayes & Jarvis it’s the culinary wonders of our world!

  • We experience all of our food and drink tours (not an easy job, but someone’s got to do it) before we recommend them to you

  • If you’re a budding chef, we have some amazing cookery classes where you can learn new techniques and hone your culinary skills all over the world

  • We know that food can make or break a holiday - we ensure our gourmet holidays never disappoint, and always leave you hungry for more

Top Tips from our Experts


Content Editor

“If you’re a lover of spicy South East Asian cuisine, spend a few days in bustling Bangkok, shuttling in a tuk-tuk between one market and another. Eat where the locals eat and you can’t go far wrong.”


Senior Destination Manager

“If you’re intending to visit Machu Picchu and you’re a foodie, be sure to visit Lima as well. A Pisco Sour is the perfect compliment to a mouth-watering dish of ceviche. Plus, Lima has three of the top 50 restaurants in the world.”


Destination Specialist

“The wine tram through Franschhoek, sipping rosé, shucking oysters and tasting cheeses, has to be one of the best moments travelling I have ever experienced through the beautiful Winelands countryside. It’s fascinating to discover that each vineyards has a unique character.”

Brew England: Beaches, Bluffs and Beer Tour

Guide Price £2,289 pp  

A tour like no other - take a unique opportunity to take in New England's fascinating history and breath-taking scenery as you sample it's world-famous breweries on this eight day small group tour itinerary. Begin in historic Boston, before journeying...

Escorted tours

Brew England: Beaches, Bluffs and Beer Tour

Rio Culinary Tour

Guide Price £2,300 pp  

Discover the city of Rio with your eyes and your taste buds as you eat you way around the city at various restaurants enjoying simple street food through to dining at a luxury Michelin-starred restaurant that is listed in the...

Adventure holidays

Rio Culinary Tour

Taste of Tanzania

Guide Price £2,159 pp  

Our Taste of Tanzania safari takes you on a comprehensive journey through some of the country's best-loved national parks. Venture through Lake Manyara National Park and observe arid land, forest and a fluctuating soda lake . Although one of Tanzania's...

Couples Holidays

Taste of Tanzania

Cape, Whales and Winelands Tour

Guide Price £2,159 pp  

You'll start your tour in Cape Town , an eclectic melting pot of culture, awarded the accolade of 'best city in the world' many times – and for good reason. As stylish as it is vibrant, experience lush botanical gardens,...

Adventure holidays

Cape, Whales and Winelands Tour

Foodie blogs

Ideas, advice and recommendations from our resident foodies, following their travels.


James Martin discovers Santa Monica’s amazing food scene

With celebrity chef James Martin, we journey across Santa Monica in search of the very best in fine dining, modern eateries and unsung foodie havens.

James Martin discovers Santa Monica’s amazing food scene

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Blog Otentik Cook Class, Mauritius

A taste of Mauritius

Delicate spices, intricate flavours and sweet treats are the name of the game here in the island paradise of Mauritius.

A taste of Mauritius
Blog Grand Ole Opry

The food and music of the Deep South

Welcome to the Deep South, where the twang of country guitars meets the tang of whisky-glazed burgers - settle in and let the Deep South charm your food senses.

The food and music of the Deep South

Thai Food

The lowdown on Thai food - from the dipping delicacies of chim chum and stir-fried noodles of pad thai, to the savoury dumplings of salapao and shredded salads of som tam. Whether you’re after bite-sized treats or flavourful feasts, Thailand is a foodie’s dream.

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Japanese Cuisine

A definitive guide on Japanese cuisine - from the meticulously crafted courses of sumptuous kaiseki and deep-fried delights of tempura, to the Japanese classic sushi and mouth-watering marinades of teriyaki. Japan's exquisite cuisine is not to be missed.

South African Dining

How to dine in South Africa - from South Africa's national dish bobotie and the spicy sausage of boerewors, to the traditional Afrikaans stew potjiekos and braai-grilled ostrich. Prepare your taste buds for tantalising journey across South Africa.

Malaysian food

Malaysian Delicacies

Dining - Malaysian style. From the sour tang and hot spices of penang assam laksa and herb-infused tender beef of rendang daging, to the aromatic staple of nasi lemak and spicy flatbread of roti canai, Malaysian cuisine is wonderfully fragrant and deliciously moreish.

Why choose Hayes & Jarvis for... Foodie Holidays?

* If there’s one thing we love at Hayes & Jarvis it is world cuisine– we’re obsessed by it * We visit all our tasting tour itineraries (it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it) before we recommend it to you * If cooking is your passion we have some amazing cookery classes to tempt your taste-buds * We know that good food is a key ingredient to good travel when you’re food obsessed – our food holidays never disappoint