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Famous for its beautiful Cherry Blossom season in April, the flaming orange and red foliage in Autumn, the hot and steamy springs of Mount Fuji and many other strange and beautiful things to see and do, in and out of the city, prepare to be astounded on a Japanese holiday.

A holiday in Japan never ceases to surprise, offering a mind-blowing melting pot of culture, nature and history that would satisfy even the most ardent of Japan enthusiasts. Speed your way across the ever-changing Japanese landscape as you ride a Shinkansen (bullet train) and explore the very best of Japanese tourism. See the Geishas in Kyoto, observe the fascinating art of a Japanese Tea Ceremony, surround yourself with world-class Japanese architecture such as Nijo Castle and Kiyomizu Temple, take a stroll through Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima and shop til you drop on the neon-lit streets of Shinjuku. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape filled with indulgence, a cultural adventure packed full of history or some fun-packed family bonding time, a Japanese holiday will delight and amaze.

Land of the Rising Sun

For incredible photo opportunities and magical moments take a Lake Ashi boat cruise to see the snow-tipped peaks of Mount Fuji. Wildlife lovers will enjoy a day trip to Jigokudani Monkey Park where loveable snow monkeys bathe in the hot springs of this region. If you’re more of a city slicker looking for some Japanese weirdness, Robot Restaurant in Tokyo will leave you stunned with its bright neon laser show involving robots, anime, samurai and crazy techno music.

Holidays to Japan are overflowing with bucket list experiences. Give our Destination Specialists a call to plan a Japanese holiday package that includes the very best of Japan’s intoxicating culture and magical landscapes.

Destination Highlights

  • Cruise across Lake Ashi and immerse yourself in mountain spirit as you cast your eyes upon the breathtaking views of Mount Fuji
  • Soak your troubles away and relax the body and mind in a Japanese onsen (hot spring) and treasure the traditional experience of staying at a Japanese ryokan
  • Relax in hot springs and enjoy traditional Japanese ryokan hospitality
  • Enjoy picnics under flowering cherry blossom trees
  • Travel on-board the technological wonder that is the Shinkansen Bullet Train
  • Immerse yourself in Geisha culture and witness the Tea Ceremony
  • Meet the famous snow monkeys of Jigokudani National Park

Great sample itineraries

We’ve created an inspiring selection of itineraries that can be included on your holiday to Japan. We have a huge range of tours and excursions available, almost anything is possible, so please give us a call to discuss all your options.


Japan Tour Tokyo Kyoto Osaka

  • 13 Days
  • Guide Price £6,799 PP
With an unusual combination of ancient traditions and a new, very modern way of life, this diverse Asian country has...
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Couples Holidays

Tokyo To Kyoto Bullet Train Tour

  • 8 Days
  • Guide Price £4,099 PP
Explore the vibrant capital Tokyo, before experiencing the rural landscapes of Hakone and famous Mount Fuji, and finally discovering the...
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City holidays
Architecture Japan

Luxury Guided Tour Japan

  • 9 Days
  • Guide Price £3,999 PP
Explore the unique culture of Japan on this nine day journey. Combine old and new, from bustling cities to authentic...
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Multi centre holidays

Explore Japan

Time Zone


Flight Time

Direct flights are available with Japan Airlines, British Airways and All Nippon Airways who all offer a direct daily services from London Heathrow to Tokyo.


Japanese yen (JPY)

Visa Information

British citizens don’t need to obtain a visa if staying less than 90 days.



Health Info

No special vaccines are required or recommended for travel to Japan.

The Japanese are proud of their culture and rightly so, with some of their social customs, such as bowing, or Ojigi, dating back to ancient times, this is one of the most polite nations on Earth. See this country at its prettiest during the Cherry Blossom season while Tokyo, a city that throbs with energy, has year-round appeal. Don’t miss the famous Shinjuku and Shibuyu neighbourhoods.

Mt Fuji

Mount Fuji

You’ll of course, be familiar with this sacred mountain as it’s one of Japan’s most iconic sights. Mount Fuji, or Fuji-san as it’s known in Japanese, is visible from Tokyo on a clear day. If you want to climb it, book your holiday for July and August.

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Treasured Temples

Japan abounds with gleaming temples and shrines, but you’ll discover some of the most celebrated ones in Kyoto – home to more than 2,000 religious sites. Ensure your camera is charged up for Kinkaku-ji, a spectacular lakeside pavilion covered in gold leaf.

a room with a large window

Sleep in a Ryokan

One of the best cultural experiences for visitors to Japan, spending the night in a traditional Ryokan is a great way to escape the bustle of the larger cities and understand more about Japanese culture. These traditional inn's offer guests a simple bedroom comprised of a futon mattress which is laid on a tatami mat on the floor for sleeping. Generally speaking dinner and breakfast are always included in the room rate and the dinner experience is not to be missed for a taste of truly authentic Japanese cuisine.


Japanese Cuisine and Street Food

Japan is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, whether you choose to eat in a local Izakaya or a world class Michelin star restaurant your taste buds will be tantalized.

Best time to visit Japan

Japan is a year-round destination with lots to offer regardless of the weather conditions. The best time to visit Japan is springtime, between March and May when the cherry blossoms are blooming. The rainy season is between June and July and Typhoon season is between July and October, although there are still plenty of safe and interesting things you can see and do during this time.

  • Best Weather
  • Good Weather
  • Average Weather

Average Weather in January

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
6° C
62 mm

Average Weather in February

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
7° C
61 mm

Average Weather in March

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
10° C
125 mm

Average Weather in April

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
15° C
140 mm

Average Weather in May

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
19° C
151 mm

Average Weather in June

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
23° C
169 mm

Average Weather in July

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
27° C
183 mm

Average Weather in August

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
28° C
186 mm

Average Weather in September

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
25° C
215 mm

Average Weather in October

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
19° C
235 mm

Average Weather in November

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
14° C
108 mm

Average Weather in December

Destination Destination Avg Temp Avg Temperature Avg Rainfall Avg Monthly Rainfall
9° C
45 mm
George, Destination Specialist

“Don't be afraid to hop on public transport. Japan has one of the best public transport systems in the world. If you are visiting a few cities a JR Pass is ideal as it allows you to travel on all Japan Rail lines for 7, 14 or 21 days but it must be booked before you arrive in Japan.”

Destination Specialist
a person wearing a red shirt and smiling at the camera

Make sure to include a visit to Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto and take the short walk to the Tenryuji Temple. To get the best pictures plan your visit in the morning before the large crowds arrive.”

Sales Performance Leader
Barbara, Destination Specialist

“There’s nothing better than sitting in your own private onsen while soaking up the amazing views that Japan has to offer. So why not choose to live like a local and stay in one of Japan’s many ryokans and enjoy the local hot springs.”

Destination Specialist

Events & Festivals

Japan offers a huge selection of natural events and traditional festivals held throughout the year that can be enjoyed by everyone. Here are a few of our recommendations.

Hanami (cherry blossom season)

Some of the world’s best events are shaped purely by Mother Nature. During two weeks in spring, cherry blossom petals fall like snow from the south to the north of Tokyo, creating picture-perfect scenes across the city. Over this period, you can sample a wide variety of cherry blossom based teas, confectionery and foods.

Golden week

Golden Week is a week-long public holiday that takes place at the end of April to the beginning of May each year. It’s advisable to avoid travelling to Japan during this time as internal Japanese tourism is a little crazy. You’ll find many of the tours and tourist destinations in Japan are fully booked or overcrowded.

Autumn Foliage

The beautiful colours of Japan’s Autumn foliage are revealed between September and December. Head to Daisetsuzan National Park to enjoy the beauty of this natural occurrence along with stunning mountain ranges, hiking trails, hot spring resorts and diverse wildlife.

Local Cuisine

Traditional Japanese food is generally created upon the ‘rules of 5’; using five colours (black, white, green, yellow and red), five cooking techniques (boiling, grilling, steaming, frying and raw) and five flavours (salty, sour, sweet, spicy and bitter.) World-famous for its emphasis on incredibly fresh and seasonal ingredients, the food of Japan is sure to be a major highlight of your holiday in Japan.


There is no better sushi in the world than the sushi you will discover in Japan. Sushi is cooked, vinegared white rice either served alone or rolled in a seaweed wrap (nori) with fresh fish, meat or vegetables.


Sashimi is thinly sliced raw meat/fish such as fresh salmon or tuna, served with pickles, wasabi and soy sauce.


Seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep-fried. The dish was influenced by Portuguese settlers in Japan and the name "tempura" relates to that origin.


Yakitori is a Japanese type of skewered chicken grilled over a charcoal fire and usually seasoned with tare sauce or salt.

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