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Multi centre holidays in Japan are ideal if you want to appreciate the sprawling cities, diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage of this unique country. With islands dotted around the mainland where you can enjoy wonderful beaches, as well as interior sights like iconic Mount Fuji, bamboo forests and hot springs. Book a holiday and explore the diverse landscapes. If you prefer to immerse yourself in a new culture, historic Kyoto and modern Tokyo have so much to offer.

Book our Tokyo and Kyoto Multi Centre holiday and start in Tokyo where you’ll find local fish markets serving up fresh sushi and sashimi, spectacular views from Tokyo tower and the lively Harajuku district, perfect for shopping. Take the famous bullet train to Kyoto, where you can discover the trendy Gion district, home to Geisha traditions, or head into the peaceful Arashiyama bamboo forest. Take a day trip to Nara, the ancient capital, where you can stroke deer and wander through temples.

The bullet train makes it quick and easy to travel between attractions. Choose your own favourite destinations and our experts will help you create your own perfect Japan multi centre itinerary.

10 days

Tokyo and Kyoto Multi Centre


Tokyo is many people’s Far Eastern dream destination, a city whose skyline changes as often as the sun rises and sets. This ultra-modern metropolis was surely designed with one eye on the future and the other firmly focused on the...


Tokyo and Kyoto Multi Centre
13 days

Japan and Fiji Multi Centre

Guide Price £3,749 pp  

Explore the fascinating city of Tokyo, and immerse yourself in the fast-paced, high fashion and high tech way of life. Visit some of the world’s greatest temples and structures including the famous Tokyo Tower and Imperial Palace, and enjoy panoramic...

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Japan and Fiji Multi Centre