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Fly Drive Holidays

Hit the open road on your own terms

Get behind the wheel, fire up the engine and hit the open road on a fly drive holiday. Whether you’ve always dreamed of cruising America’s highways with the wind in your hair, or you just want to discover South Africa’s national parks at your own pace, we’ve made it easy with fly drive holidays.

Our fly drive holidays in the USA are some of our most exciting, beginning – of course – with Route 66. Driving this iconic highway is like stepping back through the decades, and you’ll pass pastel-coloured Cadillacs and stop at old-school diners as you make your way through eight colourful states.

In South Africa, meanwhile, The Garden Route is yours for the taking. As with all our fly drive holidays – your flights and your vehicle will be arranged at our end. So everything from what you do and where you stay is up to you. Choose your soundtrack, turn up the volume, wind down the window, and go.

USA and Canada

Whether on the back of a Harley Davidson, in a motorhome or simply in a hire car, driving in North America is a joy, with wide, straight freeways designed to get you from A to B quickly, so don’t feel daunted by the distances involved. Driving is the easy way to get round the USA and Canada – the roads are well maintained and signposted, petrol is cheap and the cars are modern, comfortable and air conditioned. Exploring can be a real pleasure, when all of these things are combined, so why not experience one of our fantastic self drive tours which cover the length and breadth of North America or simply get behind the wheel and see where the road takes you!

We have pieced together some great itineraries that take in the best of each region but you can chop and change the routing if you wish, adding in an extra night here or taking in an additional resort there, or if you are feeling more adventurous we can help you build your own tailor made self drive. 
All the accommodation is arranged for you so it couldn’t be easier, and if you book one of our set itineraries you will receive a comprehensive welcome pack at your first hotel which includes everything you need, including maps, driving distances and a full itinerary.

Escorted tours

Visit some of America and Canada’s greatest destinations in comfort as your experienced tour director shares their in-depth local knowledge and genuine enthusiasm with you, on an itinerary that will cover all the main attractions. so that you can be confident you won't miss a thing and make the most of your precious time away.

Discover fascinating information about your chosen destination, from its history and people to the landscapes you are passing through.


The Garden Route has to be one of the best self drives, passing through some of South Africa’s most scenic landscapes, stretching from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, following the foot of the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma Mountains. With pristine beaches and extensive lagoons, lush forests and some lovely country lodges, the Garden Route has plenty of outdoor and adventure activities to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fly drive holiday gives you the freedom to get behind the wheel and explore a destination your way.  You choose the country and the car, and we’ll arrange the flights and tell you where to pick your vehicle up from, leaving you the freedom to pursue your travel wish-list at your leisure.  

Yes, fly drive holidays do include car hire. Our motor vehicle options range from everything from Harley Davidson motorcycles to cars and motorhomes, depending on where you take your fly drive holiday. Our Destination Specialists are on-hand to find the right wheels for you and your chosen destination.  

Why choose Hayes & Jarvis for… Fly Drive Holidays?

• Our car hire companies will ensure your wheels are perfectly suited to your travel wish-lists • We’re specialists at creating exciting driving itineraries in exotic locations worldwide • We’ve mapped the world from Route 66 in the USA to the Garden Route in South Africa • We’re an award-winning holiday provider with over six decades of travel experience.