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Tobago Holidays

Discover the wild and untouched beauty of Tobago during your tailor made holiday. Idyllic powder-soft sandy beaches are fringed by the island’s lush green rainforest. Bursting with vibrant tropical flora and fauna, Tobago’s rugged and unspoilt landscape makes it a nature lover’s paradise. A holiday in Tobago is the perfect choice if you’re looking for unadulterated nature and a relaxed pace of life.

As one of the southernmost Caribbean islands, Tobago is considered the most untouched. Tobago’s Main Ridge Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere. The reserve makes up two-thirds of the island and is home to many of the abundant scenic trails. Whether you hike or cycle, you’ll get to see rolling hills, stunning waterfalls, remote beaches and breathtaking views. The Gilpin Trace is the most prestigious trail and your guide will point out all the diverse plant and animal species. There are more than 200 bird species residing on the island, and whether you are a keen birdwatcher or not, it’s quite the thrill catching a glimpse of a hummingbird, bananaquit or a motmot. The trails usually end at Argyle Falls, a mesmerising three-tier waterfall.

Unspoiled, untouched, undiscovered Tobago

Pigeon Point Heritage Park with its thatched-roof jetty is often considered Tobago’s most beautiful beach. With some of the whitest sands in Tobago, the calm turquoise waters and swaying palms, this couldn’t feel more Caribbean. Just off Pigeon Point is Nylon Pool. Named by Princess Margaret, because its transparency resembled her stockings, this shallow white-sand natural pool is a definite must-see. Positioned in the middle of the reef, the crystal clear water is said to reverse ageing by 10 years. Legend also claims that if a couple kisses underwater here, they can expect a lifetime of happiness.

Why not discover different islands of the Caribbean all in one holiday? We recommend twinning your holiday to Tobago with a stay on nearby islands Grenada or Antigua.

Destination Highlights
  • Stand under the thatched-roofed jetty at Pigeon Point Heritage Park
  • Hike through the Main Ridge Forest Reserve to Gold and Silver Falls
  • Take a glass-bottom boat to Nylon Pool, a shallow crystal clear enclave in the middle of the ocean
  • Spot leatherback turtles coming to nest (between March and August) at Turtle Beach and Stonehaven Bay

Our favourite hotels

Whether you’d like to stay in a boutique hotel, hillside villa or an all-inclusive resort in Tobago , we have it covered. If you can’t see something you like, then we’d be more than happy to help.

Unique a tree next to a body of water

Castara Retreats


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Guide Price

 £1,399  pp

Castara Retreats

The Villas at Stonehaven


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 £1,819  pp

The Villas at Stonehaven
Pool and Main Building Nightime

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort


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 £1,199  pp

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort

Time Zone

GMT - 5 hours

Flight Time

Approx. 11 hours; flights are indirect with touchdowns in Antigua or St. Lucia


TTD - Trinidad & Tobago Dollar

Visa Information

British citizens do not need to obtain a visa for stays of under 30 days



Health Information

No vaccinations required, Hepatitis A, Polio and Typhoid immunisations are recommended.

Things to do in Tobago

Tobago is so special, you’ll be raving about it once you’ve visited. One half of the Trinidad and Tobago nation, French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau once named its Buccoo Reef the third most spectacular on earth. Today, many people call its vibrant carnival, the greatest party on the planet. With mangroves, inviting waterfalls and an unspoilt virgin rainforest, eco-travellers are in their element here.

  • a small boat in a body of water

    Buccoo Reef & the Nylon Pool

    Tobago is known around the globe as a spectacular diving site. Setting sail from Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Buccoo Reef is home to beautiful South Atlantic coral and more than 600 species of tropical fish. The most infamous of all dive sites is Nylon Pool, a shallow water dive site with crystal clear waters. From here you can explore the coral beds and the populations of jewel coloured fish that live among them.

  • a large waterfall over a body of water

    Argyle Falls

    Concealed by the lush greenery of tropical forest is Argyle Falls. Towering at 175ft tall, it is Tobago’s highest waterfall, which cascades down over three levels. You will reach the falls via a 20 min hike through the jungle, and those with keen eyes will be able to spot plenty of birds and colourful butterflies along the trail. A reward for the pilgrimage is a dip into the cool pools – or perhaps you would prefer to dive in if you are brave enough.

  • a group of people on a beach near a body of water

    Pigeon Point Heritage Park

    Situated on the southwestern coast, Pigeon Point Heritage Park is a large nature reserve home to Pigeon Point Beach. Explore the protected natural spectacles and wildlife that call this place home, it's the perfect way to spend your day. Enjoy sunbathing on the award-winning beach, take a boat trip to Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool then head back for lunch and finish your afternoon with more sunbathing or a swim in the waters. Entrance fees apply $20TTD per person (subject to change).

  • a small bird sitting on a branch


    With stunning forests and waterfalls located at the centre, nature reserves dotted across it, and reefs located off the shores it is no wonder an abundance of wildlife like to call Tobago their home. Nature lovers will be in their element; take a pair of binoculars to view the many species of birds singing in the trees, pack a camera to capture the turtles slowly sliding across the beaches or head underwater to view the marine life at Buccoo Reef.

  • a man looking at the camera


    Destination Specialist

    "Explore Buccoo Reef by taking a glass-bottom boat tour from Pigeon Point. Jacques Cousteau named it the third most spectacular reef in the world, and catching a glimpse of a manta ray, a sea turtle or the hundreds of colourful tropical fish is an unforgettable experience." 

  • Martyn, Destination Executive


    Destination Manager

    "The authentic and friendly island life is another lure to holidaying in Tobago. The small fishing village of Castara is one of the island's cultural hotspots. Watch the local fishermen pull in the seine in the early morning on Castara Beach, buy a fish broth straight from the fishermen, or join the bonfire beach party that takes place every Thursday night."


Events & Festivals

Tobago offers a huge selection of fun events throughout the year and you can plan your Tobago holiday to ensure you experience them. Here are a few of our favourites.


  • TOBAGO JAZZ Experience

    Taking place every April, this jazz festival brings together some of the best artists and gives you a chance to discover Caribbean-style jazz in the most fitting island setting. 

  • Tobago Heritage Festival

    Tobago’s Heritage Festival is the biggest event of the year. Running from mid-July to early August, it celebrates the unique cultural heritage of Tobago. Immerse yourself in different activities around the island and discover the many traditions within the island’s quaint and friendly villages.


  • Tobago Blue Food Festival

    This truly unique culinary extravaganza brings Tobago’s food heritage to life. Local root crops, such as sweet potatoes, cassava and yams, are dug up and celebrated. A cooking competition is the main highlight of the festival, where cooks compete to create fine dishes from the root crop dasheen! It’s the perfect choice if you are a foodie looking to discover the nation’s cooking style during your tailor made Tobago holiday.


Local Cuisine

For true Caribbean flavours, Tobago is a foodie hotspot. The dishes available in Tobago still cater to the locals rather than the tourists, meaning you can enjoy authentic Caribbean cuisine wherever you go. But here are a few of our favourite Tobagonian dishes to try: 

  • Curry crab and dumplings

    Tobago’s signature dish serves fresh crab spiced with curry flavour and is accompanied with flour dumplings. 


  • Doubles

    Doubles are a tasty street dish of Tobago: mildly sweet stewed chickpeas and lashings of green chilli sauce are wrapped in two interlocking pieces of fried dough. 


Types of Tobago holidays

a body of water

Tobago Multi Centre Holidays

Multi Centre Holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

Beaches in Tobago have soft white sand and are known for being less crowded than other Caribbean islands. For example, Englishman’s Bay is very secluded with no facilities while others are privately owned and kept in good condition by hotel resorts. Public beaches like Store Bay in Crown Point are busier and are popular for their beach bars and facilities. 

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