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Fiji Holidays

Fiji holidays offer an escape to a tropical paradise. Lose yourself in the beauty of the palm-fringed beaches and clear lagoons, and explore the underwater world that’s filled with coloured soft corals and spectacular marine life. 

Experience your Fiji holiday on the islands of Mamanuca or Yasawa. Beautiful, sunlit and fringed by stunning coral reefs, these islands will offer you a picture-perfect tropical getaway. 

For an unforgettable adventure, try your hand at kitesurfing or windsurfing, or sail a catamaran out into the calm lagoon. For something different, take a day trip to the small, uninhabited island of Monuriki. Not only is it famed for being the film site of the 2001 Tom Hanks film Cast Away, Monurkiki is also strikingly beautiful, with a wide lagoon and pine forest landscape. It’s the perfect place to spot native wildlife, including the Fijian crested iguana, and wedge-tailed shearwaters. 

Fiji holidays: a slice of paradise 

Discover Fiji’s best-kept secret at Vanua Levu, a remote island home to rugged coastline and extensive coral reefs. Less frequented by tourists, this idyllic island escape is perfect for those wishing to explore rural Fiji. Walk the dirt tracks of Vanua Levu and find yourself amazed by the mountain passes and flowing waterfalls. 

Visit Viti Levu, Fiji’s largest Island, where you can explore the Garden of The Sleeping Giant. This horticultural paradise is blooming with colour, sun and shade. Brimming with flowers and lush green forest, this is the perfect place for a stroll, a picnic and to spend a day taking in the stunning sights. 

Keen hikers or walkers should also spend a day at Bouma National Heritage Park, which is home to the unmissable Tavoro Waterfalls. Framed by thick, flourishing greenery, these jungle waterfalls are simply beautiful, with natural swimming pools that are perfect for cooling off after a hike. 

Spend your holidays in Fiji exploring the magic of the underwater world. Go scuba diving and witness the wonderful sight of the brightly-coloured rainbow reef - this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

This adventure is perfect for both novice and experienced divers. You’ll also see the Great White Wall - a vertical drop off that is aptly-named for the soft white coral that covers it like snow.

If you’re looking for a multi-centre holiday, pair your Fiji experience with Sydney, Australia, a short four and a half hour flight from Nadi, Viti Levu. Don’t miss Australia’s most recognisable landmarks in this harbour city, including the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Destination Highlights
  • Explore breath-taking beaches on Mamanuca or Yasawa Island, or the location for Cast Away, the beautiful Monuriki Island
  • Discover the Tavoro Waterfalls in Bouma National Heritage Park, or admire the beauty of the Garden of the Sleeping Giant
  • Immerse yourself in Fijian culture with a local village tour, or learn Fijian cooking skills in a ‘lovo’ cooking lesson
  • Dive or snorkel and discover the spectacular soft corals of the Great White Wall and Rainbow Reef

Time Zone

GMT +13

Flight Time

approx. 26 hours + 1 stop


Fijian Dollar (FJD)

Visa Information

British citizens do not require a visa to travel to Fiji. However, you will need a valid passport for at least six months from your date of arrival.



Health Information

No special vaccinations are required. It's important to contact your GP for latest recommendations.
  • Charlie, Destination Manager


    Destination Manager

    “When visiting Fiji, listen out for the national greeting, ‘bula’ (pronounced boo-lah). It can be translated as ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘welcome’ and ‘love’, although it literally means ‘life’. ‘Bula’ is also said after someone sneezes, similarly to ‘bless you’.”


  • Lucy, Destination Specialist


    Destination Specialist

    “As part of your Fiji holiday, don’t miss out on a visit to a local Fijian village. You will be charmed by the warm and friendly hospitality of the locals. You can enjoy traditional Fijian cooking, take part in basket weaving, and learn about the culture and history of Fiji.”


Events & Festivals

Festivals and events are wonderful to include during your Fiji holiday, offering a glimpse into the country’s authentic culture and traditions.


  • South Indian Fire Walking Festival

    The South Indian Fire Walking Festival is an extraordinary festival located on the island of Viti Levu. It draws in crowds to witness devotees walking across a bed of hot coals or ash. It’s believed that the fire walkers feel no pain and are cleansed of their physical and spiritual impurities. 


Local Cuisine

Get a flavour of the local culture through your palate during your Fiji holiday. Here are a few of our favourite dishes.


  • Lovo

    Try a traditional Fijian feast with food cooked in a lovo, or ‘earth oven.’ Taste Fijian food heated beneath the ground, wrapped in foil and left for hours until cooked. With a smoky, barbecue-like flavour, this is one experience not to be missed.


  • Grilled mahi mahi

    Mahi mahi is a deep water fish local to Fiji, and is often served grilled on a bed of vegetables. A popular dish in Fiji, mahi mahi will give you a taste of island life during your Fiji holidays. 


  • Kokoda

    Kokoda is a traditional Fijian delight, made from locally-caught mahi mahi, cooked by marinating the fish in lemon and lime juice. Choose kokoda for a fresh, summer experience of Fijian cuisine.


  • Cassava chips

    Cassava chips are a delicious and popular Fijian snack. Made with cassava, a root vegetable grown throughout the islands of Fiji, the cassava is cut and boiled before being served hot . 


  • Rourou

    Made with taro leaves and coconut milk, rourou is a dish served as a soup or as a side to fish or meat. With a hint of ginger and garlic, and sometimes a kick of chilli, rourou truly tantalises the tastebuds and is a must-try when dining in Fiji.