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Uncover the secrets of one of the oldest civilisations on Earth. While Jordan is home to some of the most remarkable UNESCO World Heritage sites and natural landscapes in the world, the jewel in the crown is, without a doubt, the Rose City of Petra. Hewn directly into the rock by the Nabataeans thousands of years ago, where it will stand for many more centuries, Petra is sure to capture your imagination. 

As magical as it may be, Petra is far from the only draw to Jordan. Our  Jordan Highlights tour will take you on a six-day pilgrimage to many of the best sites. You’ll get to experience Petra at night – illuminated by the light of hundreds of candles – walk the ancient streets of the incredibly well-preserved Roman ruins at Jerash, and immerse yourself in the colourful, fragrant souks of Amman. 

On our eight-day tour of the Wonders of Jordan, you'll find yourself floating weightlessly in the hypersaline waters of the Dead Sea; diving beneath the surface of the Red Sea, where you’ll find some of the world’s most exotic reefs; and pondering the life of the Romans as you sit in their ancient theatre and walk among the ruins of the Citadel of Amman. Jordan is a country steeped in history, and one that will stay with you long after you’ve left its desert sands behind.

6 days Wadi Rum

Jordan Highlights Tour

Guide Price £1,769 pp  

Experience the best Jordan has to offer on this enchanting five-night private tour. Immerse yourself in the lost city of Petra and the ancient roman city of Jerash. Be rejuvenated by the healing waters of the Dead Sea, the earth's...

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Jordan Highlights Tour
7 days

Biblical Journey Through Jordan

Guide Price £1,399 pp  

Take a journey back in time and discover Jordan's incredible biblical history, breath-taking landscapes and famous wonders. Explore ancient Roman cities, follow in the footsteps of prophets and religious figures and walk amongst the ruins of soaring hilltop temples all...

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Biblical Journey Through Jordan

“If you’re planning a trip to the Dead Sea, try to avoid shaving for a couple of days beforehand. The saltwater in even the smallest cut can be incredibly painful. I learned this the hard way!”


Content Editor

“The most unique experience I had in Jordan was staying overnight at a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum. I will never forget how spectacular the night sky looked out in the desert."


Head of Marketing

“Pack loose, light, comfortable clothing. Not only for the fact that it’ll help to keep you cool in the heat, but also for the inevitable couple of pounds you’ll gain eating all the incredible food – the hummus, in particular, is to die for.”

Reluctance to visit Jordon, because of conflict in neighbouring countries, is understandable but Jordan is a peaceful nation, with no threat to tourists. That said, we always recommend checking the latest advice before travelling – the Foreign & Commonwealth Office can be found here.

Along the northeast shores, you’ll find several hotels offering access to the Dead Sea, along with showers and towels, and sometimes even lunch and pots of the so called ‘magic mud’ to slather yourself with. These places will charge. You can, however, head further south to Herodus Spring, which is where the locals go to bathe for free.

Jordan gets incredibly hot in the summer – with temperatures reaching figures of around 40 °C or more – so if that sounds too much for you, avoid June, July and August. Winters are short and cool, with January seeing the coldest temperatures. Generally, spring and autumn are the best times to visit Jordan. 

With ancient cities carved into rock, and rugged desert moonscapes, Jordan is a land of wonders waiting to be discovered. Explore towering Roman ruins in Amman, the world’s oldest city, float blissfully in the Dead Sea, and be made to feel instantly welcome with Jordan’s famously warm hospitality wherever you go.

Why you'll love Jordan...

  • Feeling like Indiana Jones in Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World
  • Letting all your troubles float away in the Dead Sea
  • Experiencing the extreme beauty of the desert at Wadi Rum
  • Stepping back in time amid the vast Roman ruins in Jerash
  • Diving into the colourful waters of the Red Sea
  • Trying the incredibly delicious local cuisine
  • Bathing in the healing waters of the Ma'In Hot Springs
  • Stumbling across the giant hand of Hercules in Amman
  • Exploring the oldest map of the Middle East laid out in mosaic in Madaba
  • Spotting rare, endangered Arabian oryx at the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve
  • Discovering the intricate frescoes inside Qasr Amra, one of the ‘desert castles’
  • Taking a seat in the remarkable Roman theatre in Amman

Did you know? 

  • The Dead Sea coast is actually the lowest point on Earth on dry land, at 420 metres below sea level. 
  • In Jordanian culture, it is considered polite to refuse a meal three times before accepting it. 
  • It is considered bad luck to be excessively admiring and praising of children.