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Hayes and Jarvis Holiday Oscars

Clive Wedderburn February 23, 2016

It’s Oscar season and the showbiz world is celebrating the achievements of the 2015 season. So on behalf of Hayes and Jarvis we thought we’d do the same with some of our world class destinations.

Therefore, with no further ado, the winners of the Hayes and Jarvis Holiday Oscars are:

1. Academy Award for Best Picture


A photographer’s dream location - whether you’re standing atop your safari jeep watching the Great Annual Migration, or hot air ballooning above the Masai Mara, Kenya must be the greatest moving picture of all time.

2. Academy Award for Best Director

Highlights of Costa Rica Tour

Some countries are so multifaceted that a little direction goes a long, long way. Guided tours through the landscape of Costa Rica will uncover secret waterfalls, hot spas and active volcanoes, fascinating wildlife and secluded beaches that you really ought not to miss if you’re intending to visit this Central American paradise.

3. Academy Award for Best Actor


Like Leo DiCaprio, everything Thailand does it does superbly; food that will transform you into a foodie, people who teach you how to smile, beaches you never want to leave, bikini weather all year round, culture that is both intriguing and endearing and cities where anything seems possible.

4. Academy Award for Best Actress

The Maldives

A star is born! Glamorously theatrical yet achingly beautiful and perfectly suited to romantic roles — especially when seaplanes and speedboats provide show-stopping finales to and from these little Indian Ocean dots of delight.

5. Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor


Despite its relatively young age, Dubai adds character in abundance to any holiday production, containing the Palm Jumeirah and the Burj Khalifa, Dubai is the perfect supporting destination for Mauritius, the Maldives and Thailand.

6. Academy Award for Best Comedy

Las Vegas

Few places in the world can bring a smile to your face like Vegas and turn it into a belly laugh! In the Downtown area you’ll find plenty of soul with a flourishing foodie scene and cool attractions such as the Mob Museum – but Las Vegas will always be America’s No.1 fun capital.

7. Academy Award for Best Documentary

The Great Barrier Reef

An instant hit, 8,000 years in the making – now the focal point to celebrate the life and times of David Attenborough who first visited the world’s largest organism in 1957. Grab an underwater camera, book your flight and follow in the great man’s footsteps.Visit Austravel to find out more..

8. Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay

South Africa

The rise of the Rainbow Nation from troubled past to cultural icon, must be one of the most heart-warming, inspirational stories of modern times; featuring cosmopolitan beach cities, fascinating historical tours, Michelin star food and wine experiences plus the Big Five.

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