Arenal Holidays

Holidays in Arenal bring you to the northern highlands of Costa Rica. Here you can hike through forested canyons, swim and kayak in majestic lakes and gaze upon the breath taking Arenal Volcano - the most active in all of Costa Rica.

The spectacular natural attractions don’t end there. Beautiful Lake Arenal is to the east of the Arenal Volcano national park. This enormous body of water spans 33 miles, and is surrounded by gently rolling hills. The lake offers opportunities for fishing, sailing, swimming and kayaking. If you’re looking to unwind take a trip to the local hot springs and feel the daily grind drift away.

Arenal holidays: spectacular hot springs and emerald jungle

Costa Rica is one of the most richly biodiverse countries on earth; home to a staggering array of animals like tapirs, ocelots and three-toed sloth. It’s also a bird watcher’s paradise. You can take a wildlife tour of Arenal, or hit the trails yourself. The Roca Dura reserve is a popular spot, as it offers a high chance of seeing the rare Uniform Crake.

The Arenal region boasts some stunning waterfalls; with La Fortuna justifiably the most famous. Located at the bottom of the Chato Volcano, the waters plunge 70m into a pool below. It’s a short climb to the site and you can swim beneath the falls. For a shot of adrenalin, take to the Toro river for white water rafting. Toro is Spanish for bull, which should give you an idea of the intensity of the ride. It isn’t all white-knuckle thrills - the nearby Balsa and Penas Blancas rivers offer a more sedate ride if you prefer to stay more relaxed. Alternatively, take to the treetops on a canopy tour or tear through the skies on a zip line through the jungle.

Destination Highlights
  • Hike through lush rainforest and bathe in volcano-heated hot springs
  • Experience the incredible variety of wildlife; from tropical birds to tapirs
  • Swim beneath stunning waterfalls and explore vast canyons
  • Race down rivers in an adrenaline pumping white water ride or take to the skies on a zip wire
  • Gallo Pinto

    This delicious one pot dish is traditionally served for breakfast alongside scrambled eggs. It consists of black beans and rice, and is cooked with stock and spices. You’ll find it on menus across Costa Rica.

  • Sopa Negra

    Sopa Negra is a rich black bean soup and a popular comfort food in Costa Rica. It’s traditionally cooked with pig’s blood and contains boiled eggs, although vegetarian versions are also common.