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A haven of biodiversity, Costa Rica’s dense jungles, imposing stratovolcanoes, rugged coastlines and incredible array of vibrant wildlife reward explorers at every turn.

Begin your journey in the remote and wild Tortuguero National Park, taking our exhilarating nine-day Costa Rican Adventure tour and exploring its labyrinthian network of rivers, mangrove forests, beaches and swamps by boat and on foot. Discover a massive variety of fascinating wildlife across its eleven unique habitats, including spectacled caimans, green turtles, prowling jaguars and the bare-throated tiger heron. These lush woodlands are pulsing with raucous wildlife activity, so be sure to listen out for the unmistakable baying of the howler monkey, the croaking of toucans and the whistling of crested eagles as they scan for prey from above the treetops.

Wandering through the otherworldly veil of fog of  Monteverde’s cloud forests, you’ll take in awe-inspiring aerial views of emerald woodland as you walk along the canopies or, for the brave, whizz through the trees by zipline. On our Highlights of Costa Rica tour, you’ll hop aboard a cable car and ascend the forest-clad mountain ranges of Arenal for some truly stunning panoramic vistas of the canyons and rockfaces below. Hike through rainforests and across historic lava flows before reaching the mighty and active Arenal Volcano.

Combining outdoor adventure with culture and relaxation, this tour also includes a visit to the local mineral hot springs, an insight into the rich history of Costa Rican coffee-brewing, and the chance to lie back and enjoy the golden sands and cerulean waters of Manuel Antonia.

4 days

Manuel Antonio Park and Beaches tour

Guide Price £469 pp  

One of the most beautiful and bio-diverse areas in the world, Manuel Antonio offers acres of lush rainforest laced with walking trails and picturesque white sandy beaches and secluded coves, ideal for chilling out in the sun, riding the surf...

Adventure holidays

Manuel Antonio Park and Beaches tour
9 days

Costa Rican Adventure tour

Guide Price £2,129 pp  

Go back to nature with this amazing tour that will enchant you for the spectacular scenery and exotic wildlife. The ultimate adventure-filled experience. Be prepared for hiking among misty cloud forests, volcanic peaks, dramatic waterfalls and turtle-nesting beaches. A virtually...

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Costa Rican Adventure tour
9 days

Highlights of Costa Rica tour

Guide Price £1,959 pp  

Get under the skin of this fascinating country on our nine day adventure which takes in Costa Rica's diverse flora and fauna and stunning scenery, including the Tortuguero canals, active volcanoes of Arenal and the mysterious cloud forest of Monteverde...

Wildlife holidays

Highlights of Costa Rica tour
4 days

Arenal Volcano and Monteverde Cloud Forest tour

Guide Price £479 pp  

Costa Rica's rainforests and volcanoes are a remarkable sight. Arenal is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and a fascinating spectacle with red-hot rocks tumbling down its steep slopes and ash columns rising above the vast crater. Nearby, the...

Wildlife holidays

Arenal Volcano and Monteverde Cloud Forest tour

Expert Tips


Senior Destination Manager

“With so much diversity on display, it’s all too easy to miss sightings of the comically slow sloth. They hang high up in the trees of mangrove forests and make for great photos.”


Destination Manager

“The more adventurous among you should absolutely take a zipline ride down the Arenal mountainscapes. It truly feels like you’re flying, and it’s an unforgettable way to take in the surroundings.”


Destination Executive

“Bird-watchers should head to Sarapiqui – here you’ll find the likes of violet-crowned woodnymphs, green macaws, sun bitterns and so much more. Don’t forget your binoculars.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The official currency of Costa Rica is the colon, though US dollars are sometimes accepted in select retail establishments. As Costa Rican banks may place a limit on your ATM withdrawals with foreign cards, it is wholly recommended you convert your currency and withdraw what you need before arrival. Airport conversion rates will not be as favourable, and it’s worth remembering that you may find it hard to source an ATM during outdoor-orientated tours that maintain a focus on rainforests and mountain hikes.

The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish. Locals will likely speak a Costa Rican variety of Spanish, so we do advise bringing a phrasebook specific to Costa Rica, rather than attempt to rely on standard Spanish phrasebooks. Escorted tour itineraries will be run by English-speaking guides and staff, but you should keep in mind that they may not always be fluent.

As one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet, Costa Rica is also a leading destination in sustainable ecotourism. With its fertile and rich volcanic soil, the country’s produces some of the finest gourmet coffee beans in the world, and its rainforests are also a source of cacao beans – a key ingredient in Costa Rica’s delicious chocolate. In addition, there is a staggeringly varied assortment of unique landscapes on offer here, many teeming with endemic wildlife and exotic flora.

Whether you’re seeking the golden sands and crystal-clear waters of Manuel Antonio, or you see yourself trekking through mysterious cloud forests, admiring the vibrant palette of Monteverde’s exotic flora and fauna, Costa Rica simply must be experienced, and should be on the top of your travel checklist.

Why you'll love Costa Rica...

• Wandering expansive coastlines and spotting dolphins at Manuel Antonio
• Embarking on a riverboat cruise through the waterways of Tortuguero National Park
• Exploring the cloud forests of Monteverde, shrouded in fog
• Ziplining down the mountains and taking in stunning views of Arenal Volcano
• Drinking delicious Costa Rican coffee on the Don Juan Coffee Tour
• Savouring the spices of the tasty Costa Rican rice and beans dish, Gallo Pinto
• Birdwatching in Sarapiqui
• Watching the sun set aboard a luxury catamaran cruise
• Taking a dip in the refreshing pools beneath the La Fortuna waterfall
• Discovering how Costa Rican chocolate is made

Did you know?

• In 2010, Nicaraguan troops mistakenly landed at a Costa Rican beach to claim ownership of the San Juan River area due to a mistake on Google Maps, which listed the area as under Nicaraguan control.
• Costa Rica has no army, and has forbidden a standing military since 1949.
• Costa Ricans often refer to their loved ones as ‘mi media naranja’, which loosely translates as ‘the other half of my orange’.