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At a time when many people are gearing up for back-to-school preparations, why not look ahead to a September holiday and take advantage of reduced airfares and attractive hotel deals to explore some of the most magical destinations in the world.

Quieter in terms of passenger numbers, September is an ideal time of year to fulfil your amazing travel ambitions. For many regions, including the USA and Canada, summertime doesn’t officially end when children in the UK go back to school. Certain destinations, such as California and Florida, are actually better to visit because the cooler temperatures offer less sweltering conditions. In terms of wildlife encounters, for example, September is the perfect time to travel to destinations such as Kenya to spot the Great Annual Migration.

So, use September to enjoy a stress-free break without the peak-season crowds and you might just have that paradise island or amazing game drive on the savannah all to yourself. Below you will find a few carefully considered destinations for you to put on your travel wish-list.

Kenya migration September

Best holiday destinations in September

a man in a pool of water

The Maldives

There is never a time of year when it isn’t preferable to recline on an overwater villa, with a cocktail, facing blue lagoon views of the Indian Ocean – but, we would suggest that the best savings are made during rainy season (it doesn’t always rain) and September is when this particular weather system draws to a close. Whale sharks and manta rays are frequent visitors to the Maldives during this time so snorkelling and diving will offer up some life-changing marine wildlife experiences. These desert island dots of leisure are a breathtaking way of enjoying a new pursuit such as scuba diving or paddle boarding, or they are ideal simply for rejuvenating in a luxury spa, enjoying the splendid isolation and exceptional hospitality these islands are famous for.

Hanauma Bay Hawaii


Hawaii is an island of spectacular vistas, enchanting Polynesian culture and once in a lifetime marine adventures, whose landscapes can appear to have been taken straight from the scenes of a Hollywood movie. See volcanoes erupting and lava flows spouting red flames or take the Road to Hana to experience jaw-dropping Garden of Eden scenery. These beautiful Pacific islands fulfil all expectations when planning a dream tropical holiday. September holidays in Hawaii can expect temperatures of +30°C and the dry season extends until October. You’ll avoid the crowds and have the ocean to yourself to dive with sharks, turtles and manta rays. Meanwhile on land, Hawaii’s Aloha Festivals happen throughout the month culminating on the island of Oahu.

a group of palm trees next to a tree


What’s not to like about the average weather temperature in September in California: a balmy 34°C with no less than 12 hours of sunshine a day. Noticeably cooler than mid-summer, these averages make September the perfect time to explore many of California’s dazzling cities without the accompanying daytime heat. What’s more, the further up the coast you travel, the cooler temperatures are, so this can be ideal weather for a road trip along the spectacular Pacific Highway One. In September, mists might envelope your cycle ride across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, however, it’s still sunny enough for you to seek the shade of a sequoia tree in Redwood National Park or visit the Monterrey Festival to experience the annual gathering of the Jazz musical greats. If the weather is still on the warm side for you, bodyboarding in the ocean along California’s 1100 miles of coastline will provide a refreshing break from the late summer heat.

Proboscis monkey


There is no wrong time to discover the lush beauty and teeming wildlife of equatorial Borneo, part of its allure derives from the rainforest interiors that offer so many unspoilt natural experiences. Visit the Sepilok Sanctuary to glimpse the elusive orangutan before retreating to your eco beach resort in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. This group of beautiful islands just off the coast of Kota Kinabalu is the ideal location to immerse yourself in tropical isolation. What’s more, September is still the dry season so beach holidays will be bathed in plenty of sunshine leaving you to relax amid all the exotic flora and fauna Borneo has to offer.

a group of clouds in the sky at sunset


There’s a reason many why so Americans choose to relocate permanently to Florida – but the most important of these is year round sunshine, exciting cities and mile upon mile of award-winning beaches, not to mention easy access to the tropical islands of the Caribbean. September in Florida offers warm seas and warmer temperatures above the waves too, daytime temperatures of +30°C make for attractive late-summer holidays. This means ideal weather to discover the thrilling theme parks in Orlando, or playing golf on one of 1400 golf courses or taking stunning escapes in the Florida Keys whose turquoise waters will allow you to cool off with a multitude of thrilling watersports.

a tree with a mountain in the background


Morocco can at times experience breezy days as trade winds eddy among the olive groves and around the houses of charming coastal towns like Essaouira – but this is not the case in September. Temperatures still hover on average around the 32°C mark and there’s plenty of sunshine to absorb from the roof of your authentic Moroccan riad. The northerly Atlantic coast will mostly experience cooler temperatures than the southerly borders of its Sahara coastline. Inland you’ll find the labyrinthine passageways of Marrakesh offer a tempting year-round shopping destination amid the colourful markets and enchanting Arab and African culture. Sampling the street food of this city or perusing souks or simply relaxing in a café over a game backgammon while sipping on mint tea is the perfect way to spend a September holiday.

Machu Picchu


The best time to visit Peru is during its drier, winter months which is May to September. So if you’re thinking of sampling the extraordinary fusion food of Lima or visiting its fine Larco Museum, or the Spanish colonial architecture of Cusco and the spectacular Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, then this could be the perfect month for your South American adventure. In the highlands of the Andes it rarely rains at this time of year, perfect for that breathtaking train journey to the ancient Inca citadel. Lower on the plains you’ll be tempted to visit the hypnotic Nazca Lines, while the serene beauty of Lake Titicaca will draw you to observe a way of life that has not changed in centuries.

a herd of horses standing on top of a grass covered field


Kenya is a simply stunning safari destination at any time of year – however, the time of year you visit will depend on the type of safari you wish to experience. The dry season is still in full swing in October, so opportunities to point in wonder at wildlife sipping from diminishing pools of water will be greatly increased. A big draw for wildlife enthusiasts is the chance to train their binoculars on the Great Annual Migration as the wildebeest remain on the Masai Mara during September. A luxurious stay at one of Kenya’s Indian Ocean resorts will immerse you in the natural serenity of its coastline with highs of 29°C – the perfect way to top your safari adventure.

Abu Dhabi Skyline

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the heart of the UAE and the perfect stopover on route to a paradise island stay in the Indian Ocean. September is the ideal time to visit the grand mosques, souks and mega-shopping malls and brave new world architecture of this Middle Eastern metropolis. At this time of year the weather is more agreeable, hotel rates are more entirely reasonable and the tourist spots are more manageable – which will make visiting the Jas Marina Circuit and Ferrari World so much more pleasurable. Meanwhile, clear skies are still much in evidence over the white domes and minarets of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which should make your iconic photographs even more impressive.

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