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Zimbabwe Multi Centre Itineraries

Zimbabwe’s game reserves are among some of the most beautiful in Africa, offering unique safari experiences like nowhere else in the continent.

We recommend embarking on an adventurous multi centre trip to experience the splendour of this beautiful country. Start your trip with a visit to the popular Smoke Which Thunders, Victoria Falls, and take a sunset cruise along the winding Zambezi River. Venture into the Hwange National Park for an exhilerating safari escapade, before finishing with a relaxing city break in Mother City, Cape Town.

Interested in an idyllic Zimbabwe multi centre holiday? Talk to one of our Destination Specialists who will help you with everything right down to the fine details, ensuring you enjoy a tremendous trip.

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South Africa and Zimbabwe Multi Centre

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Africa is a large and very diverse continent, this multi centre combines just two of its 54 countries but can easily be extended to add on more. Start your journey in Pretoria which lies just a short distance from the...

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South Africa and Zimbabwe Multi Centre