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Halong Bay Holidays

Halong Bay holidays boast the ideal balance between exhilarating activities and the utmost relaxation on a beautiful cruise vessel as you take in stunning scenery. Enjoy your days unearthing some of the most wondrous sights Vietnam , as you sail through turquoise waters past hundreds of towering limestone islands that are covered with vegetation and an incredible biodiversity.

Treat yourself by exploring the breath-takingly beautiful surroundings in Halong Bay, either by kayak or by dipping into the warm waters and having a swim. Clamber up the rocks and navigate some popular rock climbs. Try hiking in the Cát Bà National Park, or dive to new depths and check out the marine wildlife by going scuba diving. Come back onto the boat and savour some mouth-watering traditional Vietnamese dishes as you kick back and relax in the sun set.

Halong Bay holidays: an unforgettable experience

Explore the various islands that make up the Halong Bay area, including Dau Be Island, Dau Go Island and Bo Hon Island. Uncover magnificent caves and grottoes, such as Hung Sung Sot Cave, Pelican Cave, and Virgin Cave on Bo Hon Island. Or take a trip to Cat Dua, which is also known as Monkey Island, and spend your days relaxing on the private idyllic beach, or discovering the various scenic trails that reward hikers with exceptional views.

Create more extraordinary memories by pairing your Halong Bay holiday with one of our multi-centre holiday packages. Get the best of both worlds with our Phu Quoc and Ho Chi Minh City multi-centre holiday and combine Vietnamese bustling city life with a must-visit beach escape.

Destination Highlights
  • Spend your evenings listening to the waves lapping against your boat as the sunsets overhead
  • Experience breath-taking sights of serene turquoise waters majestically punctuated by gigantic, foliage-topped rocks and hidden caves and caverns
  • Enjoy unique dining evenings eating freshly-caught seafood and traditional Vietnamese dishes prepared by your ship’s chef
  • Try your hand at a range of exciting water activities, including fishing, diving, swimming, kayaking and even squid fishing

Time Zone

GMT +7 hours

Flight Time

Approx. 12 hours from London Heathrow


VND - Vietnamese Dong

Visa Information

As of 01 July 2016, the Vietnamese government have officially extended visa exemption for all British passport holders until 30 June 2018 for tourist stays of up to 15 days on single entry itineraries only.



Health Information

All travellers should be up to date with routine immunisations. It’s important to contact your GP to check for the latest recommendations.
  • Floating Villages

    Also known as "Surprise Cave", so called by the French tourists who discovered the 10,000 metres of cavern, Sung Sot Grotto is located on Bon Ho Island in the heart of Halong Bay. The grotto features thousands of stalagtites and stalagmites and a series of paths and signposts will guide you through this amazing cave.

  • Limestone Karts

    The four floating villages of Halong Bay are home to over 1,000 people who make their living by fishing and aquaculture. The villagers live on boats or floating wooden houses dozens of kilometres away from the mainland, surrounded by the iconic limestone karts 

  • Kayaking

    Halong Bay's limestone karsts create the iconic image that most of us associate with Vietnam. Many of the islands have been named according to their appearence - look out for the fighting chickens, the elephant and the monkey! Although most of these islets are uninhabited, Tuan Chau and Cat Ba have permanent inhabitants, as well as tourist hotels and beautiful beaches.

  • Harriet, Destination Specialist


    Destination Specialist

    “Spot interesting animal and human formations in the stalactites and stalagmites around the caves in Halong Bay, such as Dong Thien Cung.”


  • a man smiling for the camera


    Destination Specialist

    “Make sure you try an early morning session of Tai Chi on your ship’s deck to start your day feeling relaxed and refreshed.”

Events & Festivals

Festivals and events are wonderful to include during your Halong Bay holiday, offering a glimpse into the country’s authentic culture and traditions.


  • Halong Carnival

    Get involved with the Halong Carnival, the biggest festival in Halong Bay. This exciting event happens between May and June every year, which welcomes thousands of local singers, musicians, dancers and artists. Each year the carnival is based on a different theme, which aims to honour the traditional values of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay is a must for any itinerary for Vietnam, most people stay overnight on a traditional junk boat, however if you are not keen on this experience you can just sail on the boat as part of a day trip or stay in one of the hotels in Halong mainland itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

The journey by road is approx. four hours. Drivers taking you on this journey will incorporate a comfort stop halfway.

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