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Thailand Tours

Tours of Thailand allow you to immerse yourself in the Land of Smiles. Known for its incredible hospitality, delicious cuisine and variety of landscapes, our carefully curated Thailand tours allow you to experience it all. Travel from the cosmopolitan city of Bangkok with its floating market, many temples and luxury skyscrapers to the wild jungles of the north or the paradise beaches of the islands. Whatever you’re looking for, speak to our Destination Specialists and we’ll book your bespoke tour itinerary.

Our Classic Thailand Tour allows you to contrast frenetic Bangkok with the peaceful rainforests and temples of northern Thailand. Make your way north from Bangkok, stopping at the Summer Palace and many other temples before visiting a historical park full of statues of Buddha. The White Temple is an incredible example of modern culture in Thailand, while the House of Opium will immerse you in the country’s fascinating history. In Chiang Rai you’ll find a bustling market and an opportunity to enjoy a river cruise, before heading to Chiang Mai. This lively city is home to luscious streets and is the ideal place for those wanting to trek the jungles.

Pair our Elephant Hills Jungle Safari with the Classic Thailand Tour and get close to these incredible animals who have been saved from difficult lives. Explore the rivers and lakes of the national park, stay in luxury tents and learn about the majestic Asian elephants. Our four day Hidden Wonders of the North Tour is perfect when paired with a holiday to Thailand’s islands and beaches. Enjoy the culture of Chiang Mai, as well as the ancient temples, luscious forests and rural towns as you explore Thailand’s peaceful north.

4 days Wat Phra Singh

Hidden Wonders of the North Tour

Guide Price  £1,199  pp  

Our Hidden Wonders of the North Tour explores the temples, laid-back hill towns, and majestic landscapes of Northern Thailand. This action-packed four day tour is the perfect addition to a visit to Chiang Mai, taking in unspoiled Mae Sariang, the...

Multi centre holidays

Hidden Wonders of the North Tour
6 days a large stone statue in front of a brick building

Classic Thailand Tour

Guide Price  £1,999  pp  

Experience Thailand with our Classic Thailand tour, which combines unique cultural sights and intriguing nature-centric surroundings. From the contrasting bustling city of Bangkok to the mountainous jungle landscapes near Chiang Mai, we’ve put together a fascinating tour of this diverse...

Escorted tours

Classic Thailand Tour
3 days a large white bed in a hotel room

River Kwai Float House Tour

Guide Price  £499  pp  

Embark on our exhilarating and relaxing River Kwai Float House tour and explore fascinating Kanchanaburi and the wonders of the River Kwai. This unique three day Thailand tour is ideal for those who want a short break packed with adventure,...

Adventure holidays

River Kwai Float House Tour
3 days a man riding a elephant in the forest

Elephant Hills Jungle Safari - Luxury Tented Camp-2 Night -3 Day Jungle Safari

Guide Price  £499  pp  

Set in the largest area of rainforest in southern Thailand, Khao Sok National Park lies the fabulous Elephant Hills Jungle Safari Camp. Thailand’s first luxury tented camp takes African inspired safari tents and blends them with a tropical environment amid...

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Elephant Hills Jungle Safari - Luxury Tented Camp-2 Night -3 Day Jungle Safari

Expert Tips


Destination Specialist

"Don’t limit yourself to all inclusive hotels when there is an abundance of inexpensive and delicious street food out there to try."


Destination Specialist

"Resist the urge to cram too much into one trip. Thailand is such a beautiful country, with so much to see, so you should spend a few days in each place to really soak it up."


Destination Executive

"Bangkok is amazing – in fact, it's one of my favourite cities – but if you have more of Thailand that you'd like to see then I would recommend staying three nights here before moving on."

Frequently Asked Questions

A number of our tours are escorted, however, most tours also have 'free time' where you can explore at your own pace and leisure. We would advise you to check individual itineraries as some tours may differ, or call our Destination Specialists for advice.

British nationals make over one million visits to Thailand every year. Most visits are trouble-free. Make sure your travel insurance covers you for any adventure activities you’ll be doing. Only use fully licensed and insured operators, and satisfy yourself that the company is using up-to-date equipment before taking part.

Please check individual itinerary details as board basis and transfers may vary. This information should be available on each individual tour detail page but if you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to call our Destination Specialists on 01293 832455 and they can advise you further.

Major credit cards are widely accepted by large shops, hotels and restaurants. However, they may not be accepted by small family-run restaurants, market stalls or in remote towns and rural areas. Always ensure you carry enough cash for purchases, since credit cards aren't always an option everywhere in Thailand. Cash machines are found widely throughout Thailand, so withdrawing cash shouldn't be problematic in most areas. Again, some smaller villages and rural areas may not have access to cash machines, so prepare for this before venturing too far from a city or major town.

It's easy to get carried away with your packing list when you're taking a trip to such an exotic country. Don't forget a 220-240 AC voltage or universal plug adaptor, mosquito repellent, earplugs, a waterproof bag (if you're visiting during rainy season or want to go on a boat trip), and comfortable shoes for all the exploring you'll be doing. Don't, under any circumstances, forget to organise travel insurance before you go.

Why you'll love Thailand... 

Thailand is a country of enthralling experiences. Its paradise islands offer warm, clear waters and golden beaches bordered by laidback communities. Inland you’ll find fascinating history, hill tribe villages and rainforests garlanded in mist. Thai cities are bustling with market-sellers and tuk-tuks weaving through traffic. Buddha statues smile and temples sparkle. Your only dilemma is what to see and where to go next. Our Destination Specialists will help you plan your trip, but take a look at these suggestions.

  • Sample the street food, temples and floating markets of Bangkok
  • The tranquil forests, ancient traditions and night markets of Chiang Mai
  • The laidback paradise of Koh Samet, a mere two hours from Bangkok
  • Out-of-this-world diving and snorkelling and jungle hiking of Koh Tao
  • Koh Samui for beach life, bars and restaurants serving world-class Thai cuisine
  • The seclusion and spa resorts of Koh Phangan, contrasted with full moon parties 
  • Koh Chang’s deserted beaches, Sea Gypsies, and cycling tours through shady jungle forests
  • The unspoilt hideaway with waterfalls of Khao Lak and a chance to meet elephants 
  • Go to Phuket if you seek diving, temples and colourful nightlife
  • Visit Phi Phi for its iconic shots of limestone karsts rising from the sea
  • Try Krabi for island-hopping, rock climbing and adrenaline-fuelled activities
  • Koh Yao Noi is ideal for a romantic getaway and dramatic marine vistas

Did you know...

1. Thai is the official language of Thailand, but in the more popular regions and large cities, English is widely understood. We would suggest, however, taking a phrasebook if you intend to travel even a little off the beaten track.

2. Try not to shake hands. The Thai way of greeting is called 'the wai'. It consists of a slight bow with the palms pressed together, in a prayer-like fashion. Men should say ‘sawadee-krap’ while women should say ‘sawadee-kah’. Both mean ‘hello’.

3. Thailand is an incredibly hospitable country and beach-life here is very accepting. However be respectful of Thai customs, religion and culture and particularly their monarchy, for whom they have great respect. Be sure to dress respectfully when entering places of worship, with everywhere between your shoulders and knees covered. 


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