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Rwanda is authentically African, but in its own special way. Thick rainforests and mountainous hills adorned with emerald green canopies are what set the authentic experiences of Rwanda apart from the open plains and extensive savannahs of its African counterparts.

Your journey in the Land of a Thousand Hills begins with our Gorillas Through The Mist tour at the Volcanoes National Park. This vast expanse of mountains and bamboo forests is home to five of the Virunga Mountains volcanoes. Make your way through this highland terrain, pausing only to take in breath-taking panoramas and appreciate the chirps, squawks, howls and humming of Rwanda’s rainforest fauna, including roaming squads of golden monkeys, spotted hyena and Rwenzori turaco. Nothing however, will prepare you for the heart-stopping moment you find yourself face-to-face with a mountain gorilla as it wanders through the mist.

Cycle your way along the scenic Congo Nile Trail, traversing undulating hills and riding through the many rustic villages dotted along the trail, taking in jaw-dropping views of Lake Kivu. Visit the ancient palace of Mwami, before going on a game drive or a boat safari through Akagera National Park on our Roaming Rwanda tour, witnessing giraffe, bush babies, leopards, hippos and crocodiles.

Complete your comprehensive tour of Rwanda with a trip to its thriving capital Kigali. A musical melting pot of culture, art, sobering history and hospitality, a trip to Ivuka Arts Centre and the humbling, colourful Niyo Arts Gallery is a must, as well as the sombre Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre.

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Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

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This ten-day itinerary combines the arts and culture of bustling Kigali and the thick bamboo forests of the Rwandan jungle....
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Luxury Gorilla Safaris Rwanda

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“Visit Nyungwe National Park for some incredible vistas as you trek through the rainforests. Keep your eyes and ears open for chimpanzees and the guttural calls of baboons, and make sure to go on the canopy walk for an unbelievable birds-eye view of the forests.”

Destination Specialist
Martyn, Destination Executive

“Hop across the border to Tanzania for the ultimate wildlife adventure, combining the gorillas and rainforests of Rwanda with the Big Five and wildebeest of Serengeti National Park.”

Destination Manager
Christie, Destination Executive

“There’s some perfect photo opportunities to be had on a boat trip across the tranquil waters of Lake Kivu – a great way of winding down after a day of rainforest hikes.”

Destination Executive

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get around Rwanda?

Rwanda’s public transport system is markedly reliable and cheap, with efficient and modern buses and private minibuses covering routes across the entire country. Within Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, taxis are readily available, while the majority of towns in Rwanda are easily explored by foot.

What currency do I need for Rwanda?

Previously having used the Belgian Congo franc until as recent as 1964, the current official currency of Rwanda is the Rwandan franc. There has been a proposal for a common currency between the East African Community, but this development is still ongoing. It is advised you exchange your currency beforehand, as ATMs can be few and far between outside of the capital.

What language do Rwandans speak?

The national language of Rwanda is Kinyarwanda, though there are numerous other official languages taught and spoken throughout the country; these being French, English and Swahili. Due to the cultural influence of the United States and tourism, English is rapidly becoming a commonly spoken language here.

Rwanda is home to some truly stunning scenery, from its mountainous rainforests teeming with wildlife, to its fire-breathing volcanoes, serving as the backdrop to tranquil lakes and unsung inland beaches. Rwanda is a haven for wildlife lovers, budding explorers and photographers alike.

Why you’ll love Rwanda…

• Hiking across Volcanoes National Park
• Coming face-to-face with mountain gorillas
• Cycling along the scenic Congo Nile Trail
• Wandering through forests of bamboo
• Spotting leopards, hippos, spotted hyenas and bush babies at Akagera National Park
• Amazing birds-eye views above the canopies of Nyungwe National Park
• Serene boat trips across Lake Kivu
• Discovering the ancient palace of Mwami
• Paying your respects and learning of Rwanda’s turbulent history at Kigali Genocide Memorial
• Admiring vibrant and humbling artwork at the Niyo Arts Gallery
• Exploring Kigali’s colourful nightlife

Did you know?

• 64% of Rwanda’s parliament is made up of women.
• In an effort to preserve wildlife and the environment, the use of plastic bags is highly illegal in Rwanda, and once a month citizens (including the president) take part in a nationwide neighbourhood cleaning scheme known as Umuganda.
• To ensure the efficient delivery of blood and medical supplies to hospitals and remote areas, the Rwandan government has teamed up with Silicon Valley robotics company Zipline to introduce a flying drone delivery service.

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