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Tours in Oman

Tours in Oman allow you to experience the arid deserts, beautiful beaches, cultural cities and peaceful mountains of the Middle East. It’s a hotspot for fantastic surf spots, as well as desert and mountain safaris, ancient cities and relaxing oases. Experience friendly Omani hospitality with strong Arabian coffee and sweet, rich dates as you tour the glorious landscapes of the country. Browse below for some inspiration or book a bespoke tour of Oman with our Destination Specialists.

For a longer tour of Oman, book our eight day Oman Explorer. Spend two days in Muscat before visiting the Bimmah Sinkhole, deserts, sand dunes, oases and the glorious green mountains. Learn the art of pottery making, tour an ancient city which dates back to the 6th and 7th centuries before finishing back in Muscat. Add beach towns and delicious fresh fish to your Oman tour itinerary with our eight day Oman Impressions tour.

5 days Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Highlights of Oman


Oman remains one of the last great undiscovered parts of the Middle East . Our Highlights of Oman tour is a fantastic choice if you’re a first time guest to Oman, or as an extension to compliment one of our...

Adventure holidays

Highlights of Oman
8 days Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Discover Oman


Witness the true beauty and culture of the Middle East during your eight day Discover Oman tour. Experience traditional Omani hospitality, explore ancient ruins and bustling markets where life has remained unchanged for centuries. From cityscape to desert dunes, this...

Cultural holidays

Discover Oman


Destination Manager

“The Grand Mosque in Muscat is the only mosque in the country open to non-Muslims. If you’re planning to visit, dress respectfully. Women and girls aged over seven will be expected to cover their hair.”


Commercial Executive

“You may not think of Oman as being a hub for opera and the arts, but if you’re able to get tickets to one of the performances at the Royal Opera House, it’s guaranteed to be a show you won’t soon forget.


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“For a truly unique experience, take a tour in one of the handmade dhow boats along the fjord-like khors. The Musandam Peninsula is often referred to at the ‘Norway of the Middle East’. Go and find out why.”

Arabic is the official language of Oman, but English is widely spoken and taught in schools from a young age. All signs are written in Arabic and then English.

As you might expect from its location on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman has a reliably warm temperature with consistently good weather year-round. It can get blisteringly hot in the summer, from May to July, so it’s best to visit during the cooler winter period from October to March.

There are no warnings from the UK government around visiting Oman, and it is actually one of the few places in the world where there is reportedly no terrorism whatsoever. There is also virtually no crime, making Oman an incredibly safe destination.

Oman is like something from a fairy tale, with grand palaces and ornate mosques, and warm smiling people. Discover all it has to offer, from its ancient history spanning thousands of years, to vast golden deserts with great sand dunes rolling into the distance, and misty emerald oases producing bountiful crops of bananas and pomegranates.

Why you'll love Oman... 

  • Taking in the splendour of the palatial Grand Mosque in Muscat 
  • Exploring sub-tropical Salalah’s lush green banana plantations
  • Savouring rich dates and aromatic coffee wherever you go 
  • Shopping for everything from jewellery and rugs, to coffee pots and incense at Muttrah Souq 
  • Learning about the fascinating heritage and culture at the National Museum 
  • Discovering the oasis of Jebel Akhdar, famous for its incredible pomegranates 
  • Watching dhow boats being made by hand in Sur 
  • Catching a glimpse of the Sultan’s Palace through the gates in Muscat 
  • Haggling for carpets at Jebel Shams, the Grand Canyon of Arabia 
  • Witnessing the remarkable turtle-hatching at Ras Al Jinz 
  • Strolling along the glittering waterfront of Muttrah Corniche in the evening 
  • Journeying south on the fragrant UNESCO Frankincense Trail

Did you know?

  • The Omani weekend falls on Thursday and Friday, but the authorities are looking to change this to Friday and Saturday. 
  • A traditional welcome in Oman includes greeting your guests with dates and coffee. 
  • The top selling beverage in Oman is Mountain Dew.