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Oman Multi Centre Itineraries

Multi centre holidays in Oman allow you to take in everything this diverse country has to offer. From the country’s thriving capital, Muscat, to the quiet beaches of the Arabian Sea and its arid deserts, there is so much to explore in Oman. Alternatively, pair your holiday with another Arabian city and stop for a few days in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha. Speak to our Destination Specialists today and we’ll help you plan your bespoke Oman multi centre itinerary.

Begin your Oman multi centre in the country’s capital, Muscat. Found between rugged mountains and the Gulf of Oman, the city is full of beautiful natural and cultural sights. Visit the opulent grand mosque and admire its traditional Arabic architecture before heading to the Mutrah Souk, where you can pick up antiques and trinkets to take home. The National Museum will teach you the fascinating history of this unique country, while the waterside is the perfect place for dinner. Watch the boats come in for the day as you try delicate freshly caught fish dishes and Arabian delicacies. Head along the coast and try your hand at surfing, dive with turtles in the sparkling lagoons or simply relax on the sandy beaches.

The desert and mountains are at the heart of Oman’s culture. In just a few hours’ drive from Muscat you’ll find yourself in this spectacular landscape. Stay in Bedouin style tents and explore the mountains with camel rides, horse rides and more. Try traditional sports such as falconry or archery or enjoy a candlelit dinner overlooking the landscapes below.