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Tours in Malaysia

From the temples and markets of Kuala Lumpur and historic city of Malacca to the tea plantations of the Cameron Highlands, our tours of Malaysia give you the opportunity to explore every corner of this increasingly popular, multi-cultural nation.

Discover cascading waterfalls, trek through ancient rainforests, teeming with hornbills, sun bears, Malayan tapirs and long-tailed Marque monkeys on our Jungle Safaris through Taman Negara tours. Revel in the energetic bustle and steel-clad skyscrapers of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur and gaze up at the iconic views of the Petronas Towers. While you admire the city, allow your senses to delight in the fragrance of freshly-cooked nasi lemak (a spicy coconut dish) and other flavourful street-food.

Experience Malaysia in style aboard the Seven Seas Voyager® cruise ship, as part of an extended 18-day cruise across Asia. Gaze out from your private balcony, or simply relax and rejuvenate your senses by the pool, sipping champagne as the sun sets.

5 days

Borneo Explorer Tour

Guide Price £539 pp  

Kuching is the capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo . On this short tour explore the beautiful jungle landscapes with a longboat ride up the Lemanak River and embark on a city tour of...

Multi centre holidays

Borneo Explorer Tour
3 days

Nature of Borneo Tour

Guide Price £649 pp  

During this short tour, you will take in some of the key highlights of Sandakan including the world famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Departing from Kota Kinabalu this is the ideal add-on to your Borneo holiday allowing you to get...

Adventure holidays

Nature of Borneo Tour
7 days

Malaysia Explorer Tour

Guide Price £1,209 pp  

The ideal way to combine nature, history and culture, our Malaysia Explorer tour is a great introduction to this diverse country. Begin your tour in the capital Kuala Lumpur before exploring the unique Portuguese, Dutch and English influences in Malacca,...

Adventure holidays

Malaysia Explorer Tour
3 days

Cameron Highlands Tour

Guide Price £619 pp  

On the Cameron Highlands tour experience the cool climate of this hill resort with its gardens and tea plantations, meet local aborigines, and explore a lush landscape of jungle, rivers and waterfalls.

Cultural holidays

Cameron Highlands Tour
4 days

Jungle Safari at Taman Negara

Guide Price £639 pp  

One of the world's oldest rainforests, home to hundreds of rare species of flora and fauna, Taman Negara is the largest park in Malaysia with a total land area of 434,300 hectares. With jungle treks along the canopy walkway, stunning...

Adventure holidays

Jungle Safari at Taman Negara
3 days

Danum Valley Tour

Guide Price £949 pp  

Spend a couple of days immersing yourself in the Borneo rainforest with canopy walks, nature trails and the chance to spot its famous orangutan residents.

Escorted tours

Danum Valley Tour
4 days

Sabah Wildlife Adventure Tour

Guide Price £489 pp  

This three night tour is perfect for nature lovers. Begin with a visit to the world famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre where orphaned and injured orangutans are brought to be rehabilitated and eventually released back into the wild. Afterwards you...

Wildlife holidays

Sabah Wildlife Adventure Tour
18 days Seven Seas Voyager

Seven Seas Voyager Asia Cruise

Guide Price £9,869 pp  

Start in style with a city stay in Singapore, soak up the amazing city views from the Singapore Flyer or the SkyPark Observation Deck atop the iconic Marina Bay Sands before boarding the Seven Seas Voyager® and embarking on your...

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Seven Seas Voyager Asia Cruise

Expert Tips


Senior Destination Manager

“Due to Malaysia’s large Chinese population, if you visit between January and February you’ll get to experience Chinese New Year on a grand scale. Immerse yourself in festivals featuring colourful street performances and sample a delicious array of authentic street food.”


Destination Executive

“During Ramadan you may find some restaurants will close during daylight hours. This won’t spoil your visit, but ensure you plan ahead and remain flexible and respectful of local customs.”


Destination Executive

“Street food is a way of life here, not a trend. There are many excellent dishes to enjoy during your stay, from sumptuous Batu Maung-style satays to the sweet delights of rojak (fruit and vegetable salad dish).”

Frequently Asked Questions

Formerly known as the Malaysian dollar, the Malaysian ringgit is the main currency of Malaysia. Some locals may still refer to the ringgit as the dollar, but the currency remains the same. More often than not, the exchange rates are actually better in Malaysia than they would be in the UK post offices or high-street banks. ATMs are plentiful here should you wish to pay by card at bars or restaurants.

Malaysia is recognised as one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, known for its expansive rainforests, its orangutan sanctuaries and the Malaysian tiger. The lively capital of Kuala Lumpur is home to the iconic Petronas Towers (the world’s tallest twin skyscraper) and the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix, and a trip to Malaysia wouldn’t be complete without a week or two spent at the stunning beach resorts of Langkawi.

Multi-cultural Malaysia’s official religion is Islam, though this diverse country is comprised of a huge spectrum of different religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and many traditional Chinese religions.

Aptly named the “peninsula of gold” by Greco-Roman geographers back in AD 150, Malaysia offers a unique blend of fascinating culture, unspoilt nature, endless beaches and buzzing cityscapes just waiting to be explored.

Why you’ll love Malaysia…

• Wandering the fragrant streets of Kuala Lumpur
• Breath-taking canopy walks in the Borneo lowlands rainforest
• Spotting rare and endangered wildlife such as Malayan tapirs and sun bears
• Meeting aboriginal tribes in the Cameron Highlands
• Riding a longboat along the Lemanak River
• Exploring the antique shops of the historic city of Malacca
• Traversing the deep limestone caves of Gomantong Caves
• For the inspiring conservation efforts of Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre
• Watching the sunset from the golden sands of Damai Beach
• Paddling in the shallow pools of the Iskandar waterfalls
• Experiencing the festivities of Chinese New Year
• Sampling delicious street food such as char kuey teow (a savoury stir-fried noodle dish)

Did you know?

• The world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia Arnoldi (otherwise known as the ‘corpse flower’ for its pungent smell when blooming) is native to Malaysia.
• Many Malaysian buildings don’t have an official fourth floor, instead they are referred to as 3A – this is because the Chinese pronunciation of the number shares a similarity to the pronunciation of death. As such, the number 4 is considered unlucky.
• The national drink of Malaysia is teh tarik, or ‘pulled tea’. Aptly titled, the tea is thrown a distance of around 1 metre from one cup to another without spillage, and is considered a Malaysian art form.