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Mombasa, Kenya’s second city, is a heady mix of sights, sounds and smells that will intoxicate your senses. Explore the narrow streets of the Old Town, where the daily hustle and bustle and shouts of salesmen in the souks are interrupted only by the lyrical call to prayer. Venture down to the fragrant spice market, where tourists and locals rub shoulders in their pursuit of the best prices for aromatic ingredients, from saffron and turmeric to cardamom and pepper. 

Think of Kenya, and your mind’s eye probably summons vast open plains dotted with great herds of wildebeest and prides of majestic lions snoozing in the midday sun. While boasting some of the best safaris in the world is high up on the list of reasons to visit Kenya, Mombasa demonstrates that it’s by no means the end of the story.

Our Mombasa Rendezvous Safari will take you from the paradisiacal white beaches of the Indian Ocean, to the heart of Africa at its wild best on a four-day adventure through Tsavo and Amboseli national parks. No amount of nature documentaries will prepare you for the spine-tingling thrill of seeing a herd of elephants looming, larger than life, just metres from your vehicle.

If you’re looking for a longer safari, our eight-day Masai Mara to Coast Safari will take you on a more comprehensive journey across the plains of Kenya in search of the Big Five. Starting in Nairobi and ending in Mombasa, en route you will get an intimate look inside a Masai village, witness rhinos and lions in the wild, and have your breath taken away when you first catch a glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance.

Mombasa Rendezvous Safari

  • 4 Days
  • Guide Price £799 PP
Your Mombasa Rendezvous Safari is a chance to explore eastern Kenya’s astonishingly diverse wildlife and majestic landscapes – from the snow-capped...
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a cheetah standing on a dry grass field

Luxury Kenya Safari And Beach Holidays

  • 10 Days
  • Guide Price £2,799 PP
Discover the best this country of contrasts has to offer with our exciting multi-centre holiday in Kenya. Spanning ten days,...
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Nick, Senior Destination Manager

“I didn’t know what to expect from the cuisine in Kenya, so quickly acquainted myself with the street food. I’d recommend trying the local take on pizza, which is a type of soft dough wrapped around meat and onions and then fried. And don’t miss the little powdered doughnuts.”

Senior Destination Manager
a woman smiling for the camera

“If you want to visit the idyllic Diani Beach, take the Likoni ferry from Mombasa to the southern mainland. There’s a crossing roughly every 15 minutes, which is free for pedestrians and cyclists. The alternative route is out of the way and can take hours.”

Direct Marketing Campaign Manager
a woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

“Embrace Mombasa'a culture in all of its wondrous variety; don’t be afraid to haggle at the local markets; never eat with your left hand; and learn a couple of words of Swahili to greet people before engaging them in conversation – it’s a sign of respect.”

Brand & Advertising Campaign Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the currency in Mombasa?

The currency of Kenya (and therefore Mombasa) is the Kenyan shilling, but you’ll find that many places also accept British sterling and US dollars. If you’re leaving tips, it’s best to do so in the local currency, so that whomever you’re tipping doesn’t lose out to transaction fees.

When’s the best time to go to Mombasa?

The best time to visit Mombasa is during the long dry season, which lasts from July through to early October. There is also a shorter dry season in January, February and early March. Similarly, there are also two short rainy seasons that are best avoided, from late October or November to the end of December, and also throughout April and May.

Which is the best beach in Mombasa?

There isn’t an easy answer to this question, as the coastline just south of Mombasa boasts some of the best beaches in Kenya, but if you only have time to visit one, the beautiful Diani Beach should probably be top of your list.

With its rich, multi-cultural heritage, Mombasa is a city with many different sides to it, and the gateway to some of Kenya’s most spectacular scenery. From the powdery white sands of its beaches to the wild natural beauty of its national parks, expect some wonderful memories of your time spent here.

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