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Jaipur Holidays

Jaipur is the largest city in vibrant Rajasthan and one of the three cities of India’s Golden Triangle - owed to its captivating culture, heritage and history. Welcome to India’s fairytale dreamland.

Known as the Pink City, Jaipur is delightfully landscaped in pink-hued buildings, shimmering lakes and ornate palaces. Spend your Jaipur holiday exploring glittering bazaars, taking in the exquisite architecture and feasting on sumptuous Indian cuisine.

Epitomising the royal flair and flamboyance of this charismatic city, every building in Jaipur was painted pink in 1876 to celebrate a visit from the Prince of Wales. Each sunset, the city is bathed in golden rays that shimmer on the pink walls in a spectacle that is indescribably breathtaking.

Jaipur holidays introduce you to a city of royalty

Jaipur is a feast for the eyes. Sprinkled in spectacular historical monuments, there’s an enchanting abundance of architectural craftsmanship and royal grandeur to explore. At the city’s heart lies the resplendent City Palace complex, opulent and collonaded, and the current royal residence. Here, you'll also find the delicate pink tiers of the Hawa Mahal’s latticed windows. Mesmerising Jal Mahal Palace, or the “Water Palace”, is seen half-submerged in the middle of twinkling Man Sagar Lake. Gazing out over the landscape stands the iconic Amber Fort - a sprawling, splendid sandstone masterpiece.

Catch your breath during your Jaipur travel at one of the city’s luxurious hotels or gourmet restaurants. Enjoy the legendary Rajput hospitality - a nod to India’s motto, ‘atithi devo bhava’ (Guest is God). Roam the vibrant bazaars, perusing rich traditional textiles, intricate handicrafts and exquisite gemstones.

There’s a rich world to explore in India. Why not pair your Jaipur holiday with adventures in the kingdom of Udaipur, or the rest of Rajasthan? While you’re exploring, stop for fish curry in Goa, sunset at the Taj Mahal and desert riding in Jodhpur. Adventure awaits - begin your journey today!

Destination Highlights
  • Wander the magnificent Amber Fort, an extensive palace complex built from dusky yellow and pink sandstone
  • Visit the ornate and sprawling Jaipur City Palace, the current Maharaja’s residence
  • Discover Jantar Mantar: a collection of ancient astronomical instruments, including the world’s largest stone sundial
  • Take in the extraordinary Hawa Mahal palace, delicately painted and built from Jaipur’s famous red and pink stone

Time Zone

GMT +5.5 hours


INR - Indian Rupee

Visa Information

British citizens are required to obtain a visa from the Indian embassy prior to arrival.


Hindi and English are widely spoken

Health Information

Some vaccinations are recommended when travelling to certain areas in India. Please contact your GP for vaccination requirements.
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    Destination Specialist

    “While in Jaipur you should dine with a local Rajput family, to get to know some of the locals and experience their authentic culture - and delicious food! For a true Maharaja experience, you can visit the Samode Haveli for the Stepwell Dinner, or just stay at the palace.”

  • Jas, Destination Specialist


    Destination Specialist

    “Jaipur has been a centre for block-printed cotton patterns for centuries - printers stamp lengths of cotton with colour using hand-carved stamps. There is a long tradition of the art in Jaipur and major international designers and high street stores source fabric from the city. While there, make sure you go shopping and take home some of the beautiful clothing!”

Events & Festivals in Jaipur

A royal city, with a long and storied history, Jaipur celebrates festivals with colour and exuberance. Planning your Jaipur travel to coincide with a festival is the perfect way to get an insight into the traditions and atmosphere of this city.

  • Elephant Festival

    Held the day before Holi in March, elephants adorned in jewellery and bright patterns parade through Jaipur’s streets during Elephant Festival. The festival is part of Jaipur’s Holi celebrations and a symbol of Rajasthani royalty, as elephants have historically been their sacred animal.

  • Kite Festival

    A blur of colour fills the sky above Jaipur during Makar Sankranti - the annual Kite Festival. Each January, locals gather for three days to compete in kite flying. This is a wonderful time to visit and makes for some stunning photographs.

  • Jaipur Literature Festival

    Jaipur Literature Festival takes place each January in India’s cultural capital, Jaipur. It is the world’s largest free literary festival, celebrating literature, creativity and ideas. Expect lively, dynamic debates and discussions, readings and speeches.

Local Cuisine in Jaipur

Rajasthan is known for its rich and aromatic cuisine, and Jaipur is no exception. Spend your Jaipur holiday exploring the abundance of delicious authentic dishes at one of the world-class restaurants.

  • Dal Baati Churma

    A traditional Rajasthani recipe, Dal Bathi Churma is a popular three-in-one delicacy in Jaipur. The platter consists of a sweet fried Churma, a spicy Dahl curry and a deep-fried Baati. It is typical of the Rajasthani sweet and savoury cuisine combinations.

  • Mawa Kachori

    Mawa Kachori is an exotic Indian dessert from Rajhastan - a puffed pastry filled with an aromatic mixture of mawa (concentrated whole milk) and nuts.

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