Tours in China

Tours in China take you from the historic Great Wall to bamboo forests and from vibrant cities to peaceful river cruises. In a country of ancient history, incredible contrasts and stunning landscape, a tour in China is a perfect way to really appreciate everything this amazing land has to offer. We make the most of our 65 years of experience, helping you tailor your holiday to get the best of this diverse country.

Book our Discover China tour and we’ll take you to the country’s top sights, including the Terracotta Warriors of Xian and the thriving city of Shanghai. Try delicious authentic Chinese cuisine and ride the high speed trains through spectacular countryside before admiring modern and historic Chinese art. The Wonders of China tour combines the beautiful landscapes of the country with the ancient history of Beijing, while our Magnificent China tour takes you to China’s most striking attractions. Take in the views from the Great Wall of China and meet the protected Giant Pandas before contrasting the history of Beijing with the futuristic structures of Shanghai.

8 days

Discover China Tour

Guide Price £2,099 pp  

This tour is the perfect introduction to China, covering the must-see sights in China's most interesting cities including the Great Wall of China at Badaling, near Beijing, Xi'an's Terracotta Warriors and the bright lights of The Bund in Shanghai. Start...

City holidays

Discover China Tour
10 days

Wonders of China Tour


Combine the historic sights of Beijing, and the former capital Xi'an, with the natural beauty of rural Guilin. Enjoy a cruise along the Li River to picturesque Yangshuo, and a leisurely stroll along The Bund in Shanghai. Selected departure dates...

City holidays

Wonders of China Tour
10 days

Discover China with Chengdu

Guide Price £2,499 pp  

This exciting tour combines the must-see sights in China's most interesting cities with the adorable giant panda's of Chendgu, at one of the largest Giant Panda reserves in the world, Group departures available on select Mondays and Thursdays Private tour...

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Discover China with Chengdu
12 days

Magnificent China Tour

Guide Price £3,679 pp  

This extensive tour is an unforgettable journey, combining the historical and cultural sites with the modern and contemporary China. The tour begins in Beijing, and visits an array of cities, including a cruise along the mighty Yangzte River, before finishing...

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Magnificent China Tour

Expert Tips


Senior Destination Manager

“Most visitors to the Great Wall will approach it from Badaling, as its close proximity to Beijing makes it the most accessible. As a result, Badaling draws large crowds daily, and visitors may want to consider travelling further out to Mutianyu. Around 80km from Beijing, the extra travel time is justified once you’re treated to panoramic views of beautiful 300 year old pines and sweeping forests – all without the hubbub and crowds of Badaling.”


Destination Executive

“Be brave – follow your nose! A popular snack food in China and Hong Kong is stinky tofu. Don’t let the name put you off – a delicacy here, this fragrant street food can be served and seasoned with a number of different spices, stews and vegetables.”


Destination Executive

“Be wary of the language barrier. While the locals here are generally friendly and willing to help foreigners, it pays to learn some basic phrases and words beforehand – fluent English-speakers are a rarity here, especially among older locals. Come prepared with a Mandarin Chinese dictionary or phrasebook, or install a voice translator on your smartphone. Google translate is not only accurate, but free.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The sum of all of its walls and branches is approximately estimated to span an incredible 13,171 miles across China.

The official currency of China is the Renminbi - often referred to locally and internationally as the yuan. ATMS are in abundance here, but it's worth noting some ATMs have limits on what you can draw out in a single usage. 

Authentic Chinese food differs greatly from the often greasy and unhealthy likes on offer in the UK and North America. As you would expect, it varies greatly depending on region, ranging from the savoury and often crispy cuisine of Shangdong and the spicy and bold flavours of Sichuan-style cooking, to the sweet and rich seasoning of Cantonese cooking. Westerners will find that most Chinese restaurants outside of China tend to specialise in Cantonese food, which is why many travellers mistakenly expect primarily Cantonese dishes on their visit to China.

China is an exuberant and fascinating country, brimming with timeless customs and traditions, while simultaneously being at the forefront of modern technology and invention – there is always something exciting to do or see in this expansive cultural gem of the Far East.

Why you’ll love China…

• Hiking up the winding Great Wall of China
• Witnessing a Giant Panda up close in Chengdu Panda Base
• Cruising down the might Yangtze River
• Admiring the architectural variety of Shanghai’s The Bund
• Marvelling at the Terracotta Army of Xi’an
• Discovering the historic Forbidden City
• Dine in style in the 468m high Oriental Pearl Tower
• Immerse yourself in the history of China’s people at Tiananmen Square
• Look out across the shimmering Victoria Harbour at Hong Kong
• Tucking in to authentic Chinese cuisine such as Beijing’s famed Peking Duck
• Delve deep into the vibrant multi-coloured lights Reed Flute Caves

Did you know?

• Legend has it that tea was first discovered in China 5000 years ago, by accident. By chance, a tea leaf blew into Emperor Shen Nung’s boiled water. Intrigued by the colour and aroma of the water, he enjoyed the pleasant taste, and so began the drinking of tea.
• The mortar used to bind the bricks that formed The Great Wall of China was made with sticky rice, and many of the 40,000 workers that died during the construction of it were actually buried inside it.
• Over 30 million people in China live in cave dwellings, known as yaodongs – more than the entire population of Australia combined.