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New Brunswick Holidays

From stunning mountains to flatlands, urban cities and picturesque towns to stretches of beautiful wilderness, a New Brunswick holiday is the chance to experience it all. It’s a wonderfully diverse province; a tapestry of French Acadian, British, Scottish, Irish and First Nations cultures set among an endlessly varied landscape, with some of the most dramatic coastline scenery that Canada has to offer.

Made for outdoor adventures, New Brunswick is a hidden gem on the Atlantic Coast. Its extensive coastline offers the chance to see majestic marine life frolicking in its natural habitat. Why not set sail on a whale-watching trip on the Bay of Fundy? Not only is this the perfect spot to see humpback whales, minke whales, and finback whales, it’s also home to Fundy National Park and Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park. With the highest tides in the world, the Bay of Fundy will give you a whole new perspective on the power and wonder of the ocean. Take to the water at high tide and kayak around the rocks, then lose yourself in wonder a little later, as you walk on the ocean floor where you kayaked just a few hours ago. 

A Dose of New Brunswick Culture

Among New Brunswick’s spectacular nature sit its cities, waiting with open arms, ready to welcome visitors to their interesting cultures, abundant greenery, and urban charms. Discover the homely, small town feel of Fredericton. Witness Saint John’s Reversing Falls, a unique series of rapids that seem to flow backwards, experience the incredible street art, and feel the strange sensation of Magnetic Hill in Moncton. 

Once you’ve discovered New Brunswick, why not take a ferry over to the neighbouring province of Nova Scotia? Spend a few nights in the famous city of Halifax, taking in its thriving art scene and delicious food, visit Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, or simply enjoy the sandy beaches and stunning coastline. 


Destination Highlights
  • Discover the highest tides in the world at the Bay of Fundy & Hopewell Rocks
  • Visit New Brunswick’s capital Fredericton, a city that sits on the banks of the St. John River
  • Go whale-watching and look out for majestic humpback, fin and minke whales
  • Explore the Acadian forest, Fundy Trail Parkway and exceptional coastal paths of Fundy National Park

Time Zone

GMT -4 hours

Flight Time

Approx 10 hours. There are no direct flights to Fredericton or Moncton. Indirect flights are available with Air Canada via Toronto, Halifax and Montreal.


CAD - Canadian Dollar

Visa Information

Please ensure you have a valid electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) prior to your departure to Canada. Please check with the Canadian Embassy for all Visa FAQ’s



Health Information

No vaccinations required

With dramatic coastlines, rich Acadian forests and many hidden gems New Brunswick will have your days filled with ocean air and exhilarating outdoor adventure. Many activities are based around the tides and either walking on the ocean floor or taking to the ocean waters in a boat.

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    Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park

    Walk round the flower pot rocks at low tide and then watch these rocks disappear as the tide rises. Once the tide has risen you are then able to kayak around these famous rocks. Learn from your kayak guide about the remarkable tides and local culture as you journey around the bays.

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    Fundy National Park

    Discover the richness of the Acadian forest and marvel at hundreds of different planet species, some of which can only be found in the Fundy National Park. Take a guided walking tour or hike in the forest or along the beach. Kayak or canoe on the beautiful Bennett Lake and then relax with picnic.

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    Whale watching and other marine life

    Take to the sea at high tide and meet the whales of Fundy. In the cooler months see Humpback Whales, keep your eyes peeled for the rare Finback Whales, or the North Atlantic Right Whale during the months of September and October.

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    City of Fredericton

    New Brunswick's capital city is rich in culture and beauty; visit the farmers market, one of the best in Canada, and pick up some local produce. Have a picnic in Odell Park, renowned for being one of the most beautiful parks. Experience the living history museum at the nearby Kings Landing Historical Settlement.

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    Savour the many flavours you'll come across in New Brunswick, dine on the freshest lobster, maple syrup fiddleheads and sample local wines. New Brunswick cuisine about locally sourced ingredients and you'll find many farmers markets around the province.

  • Charlotte, Destination Specialist


    Destination Specialist

    “A self-drive itinerary around New Brunswick is one of the best ways to explore making the most of the picturesque coastal views and following the route along the St. John River.”


  • Emma, Destination Manager


    Destination Manager

    “Your best chance of seeing whales is in the early morning, so make sure to book a morning boat trip.”


Events & Festivals

Festivals and events are wonderful to include during your New Brunswick holiday, offering a glimpse into the country’s authentic culture and traditions.


  • Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

    Each September, Fredericton plays host to six days of live jazz, blues and world music during  the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. The event features over 400 incredible artists playing to crowds across dozens of stages in the city’s historic downtown district. 


  • New Brunswick Highland Games

    Held on the grounds of the historic Government House on the banks of the St John River in Fredericton, New Brunswick Highland Games celebrate the Scottish culture in the province each July. Visitors can expect traditional Scottish athletics, highland dancing, bagpipes and delicious Scottish food and drink.

  • Festival Acadian

    For the first two weeks of August, New Brunswick celebrates the Acadian culture at the annual Festival Acadian in Caraquet, bringing together over 200 Acadian musicians, dancers and actors, who perform to the huge crowds.


Local Cuisine

Being a Maritime province means that New Brunswick’s menus are bursting with delicious seafood, but you’ll also find a variety of foods here hailing from the diverse cultures that call New Brunswick home. 


  • Dulse

    Dulse is a type of red seaweed, usually either eaten as is or an addition to many foods in flakes or powder form. Dulse has become a firm favourite in dishes created by world-class chefs, and is a healthy eating option. The best dulse in the world is said to be that picked off the coast of Grand Manan Island, the largest of the Fundy Islands. 


  • Fiddleheads

    Fiddleheads are the young shoots of certain fern trees. In New Brunswick, they tend to be from the ostrich fern. In spring, you’ll find these vegetables on menus across the province. If you know what to look for, you can even forage them yourself. 


  • Fresh seafood

    With its incredible coastline, it’s no surprise that New Brunswick is home to a lot of delicious fresh seafood. You’ll find plenty of fish and chips and fried clams on offer, and you won’t struggle to find fresh seafood on the menu wherever you go. 


Types of New Brunswick holidays

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New Brunswick Multi Centre Holidays

Multi Centre Holidays

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