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Tours in British Columbia

Tours in British Colombia offer you adventure, spectacular countryside and lively cities. It’s home to the Rocky Mountains, oceanside railway lines and the city of Vancouver, giving you a huge range of activities to choose from. We’ve put together a selection of our top British Colombia tours below.

Book a British Colombia cruise with us and enjoy the luxury Seven Seas Mariner Alaska Cruise. The cruise begins in Vancouver, where you can choose from markets and microbreweries and head into the mountains for spectacular views. Embark on your 10 day cruise, finishing in Anchorage. If you prefer to admire the scenery, majestic wildlife and beautiful landscapes of British Colombia, book our Whales, Bears and Vancouver Island tour. Begin in Victoria, where you’ll find parks and restaurants to explore before heading to Tofino. Take in the rainforests and national park, book a bear watching boat trip and hike the leafy trails through the forests. Next is Vancouver island’s coast where you’ll find lakes, falls and plenty of outdoor activities. Finish in Vancouver city, which is home to cuisine from around the world, boutiques, art galleries and excellent sea views.

Explorers should book our Rockies Trail Tour. Hike through the mountains where you’ll see glaciers, hot springs and lakes, as well as some incredible views. Alternatively, relax into a luxury rail journey through the Canadian Rockies with our Rocky Mountaineer Grand Rail Circle tour. See vibrant cities, some incredible views and a fascinating insight into Canada’s culture and history from the comfort of your opulent train cabin.

11 days Seven Seas Mariner in Alaska

Seven Seas Mariner Alaska Cruise


Set sail for the wilderness and beauty of Canada and Alaska in luxury with Regent Seven Seas Cruises®. From the moment you embark upon the 700 guest all suites, all balcony Seven Seas Mariner® you can expect exceptional service and...


Seven Seas Mariner Alaska Cruise
14 days Patricia Lake, Jasper

Great Parks of the West

Guide Price  £2,999  pp  

Vancouver is the starting point for this exciting journey through the best National Parks of the Canadian Rockies. See spectacular scenery from the stunning lakes in Banff to the soaring peaks at Whistler as you head through some of the...

Self drive holidays

Great Parks of the West
12 days a train crossing a bridge over a river in a forest

Rocky Mountaineer: First Passage to the West Classic with Post-Tour Alaska Cruise (Westbound)


An unforgettable journey combining the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer train with an incredible Alaska Cruise, this is a true "bucket list" holiday. Begin your journey in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, before taking the two day journey across lush...

Iconic journeys

Rocky Mountaineer: First Passage to the West Classic with Post-Tour Alaska Cruise (Westbound)
9 days Bear Watching Excursion

Whales, Bears and Vancouver Island

Guide Price  £3,799  pp  

Experience vibrant, cosmopolitan cities, incredible wildlife and the unrivalled beauty of Vancouver Island's scenery. Arriving first in the provincial capital of Victoria, where you'll hit the water for a world-class whale watching journey in the Strait of Georgia. Then, travel...

Self drive holidays

Whales, Bears and Vancouver Island
15 days Stanley Park Totem Pole, Vancouver

Totem Peaks

Guide Price  £2,899  pp  

Snow capped mountains, crystal clear lakes, unexplored forests; welcome to Western Canada! This 14 night tour, starting and ending in Vancouver, takes in some of the most picturesque sights in the west including the National Parks of Banff and Jasper.

Self drive holidays

Totem Peaks
7 days a bridge over a body of water with a city in the background

Olympic National Park and Vancouver Island Tour

Guide Price  £3,699  pp  

The Pacific Northwest and South Eastern Canada are combined in this fabulous 7 day escorted small group tour. Visit Olympic National Park and Vancouver Island to experience the rugged coastline both share, which is home to black bears and orca...

Escorted tours

Olympic National Park and Vancouver Island Tour
13 days Rainforest to Goldrush

Rocky Mountaineer Grand Rail Circle

Guide Price  £6,099  pp  

Step aboard an ultimate rail journey through Western Canada and the magnificent Canadian Rockies on-board the world-famous Rocky Mountaineer. This magnificent journey combines two classic Rocky Mountaineer train routes, First Passage to the West and Rainforest to Gold Rush ,...

Rail journeys

Rocky Mountaineer Grand Rail Circle
16 days High Note Trail, Whistler

Unlimited Adventures

Guide Price  £4,499  pp  

Take an epic adventure across the great Canadian Rockies. Journey from Calgary through the Canadian Rocky Mountains to the breath taking coastlines of Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean. Experience the wilderness of Banff National Park, the magnificence of Lake Louise...

Adventure holidays

Unlimited Adventures
8 days a lake with a mountain in the background

Western Journey Tour

Guide Price  £2,199  pp  

Journey from Sea to Sky on this spectacular tour. Travel through the craggy Rocky Mountain passes and tour the rugged Pacific coastlines with vistas of incredible fjords and glacial valleys. Experience the romance and hospitality the West has to offer...

Escorted tours

Western Journey Tour
15 days a body of water with a mountain in the background

Canadian Contrasts Tour

Guide Price  £3,399  pp  

Uncover Canada's most breathtaking treasures and journey through snow-capped mountains, rolling ranch-land and amazing cities. From the cosmopolitan culture and history of the eastern coast, to the awe-inspiring mountains and glaciers of the west, experience unique excursions and create unforgettable...

Escorted tours

Canadian Contrasts Tour
10 days a flock of birds standing on top of a mountain

Rockies Trail Tour

Guide Price  £2,599  pp  

Experience hot springs, glacial ice fields and breath-taking views in the Rocky Mountains, your amazing gateway to Canada. Journey over rolling foothills and through interior canyons to discover the frontier legends of homesteaders, cowboys, and gold seekers. As the mountain...

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Rockies Trail Tour

Expert Tips


Senior Destination Manager

“Remember to pack an umbrella and waterproof clothing. British Columbia is home to some of Canada’s wettest places. This is particularly true if you’re planning a trip during the winter months, when the coast is hit with cyclonic low-pressure systems from the North Pacific.”


Destination Manager

“If you’re venturing into the national parks, stay alert and on the lookout for wild animals, including cougars and bears. If you’re not heading out with a guide, always inform someone of when and where you will be hiking, including departure times and walking routes.”


Destination Executive

“One of the best ways to see Vancouver is by bicycle. There’s a couple of bike hire shops near Stanley Park, which is a great place to start your tour. Follow the Seawall, which is traffic free, and head towards Granville Island, pausing at the little beaches en route."

Frequently Asked Questions

English is the main language spoken in British Columbia, followed by Cantonese and Mandarin. More than half of all school-age children in Vancouver are raised speaking a language other than English.

Because of its size, the climate in British Columbia is quite varied, but generally temperate. It is largely influenced by the Pacific Ocean, which brings a mild oceanic climate to the southern coastal regions. Its mountain ranges also block a lot of rain, resulting in a semi-arid climate in some of the interior regions.

The name ‘British Columbia’ was chosen by Queen Victoria, and officially proclaimed in 1858. The area was originally known as the Columbia District, before disputed lands were divided into British Columbia and American Columbia. Ultimately, the ‘Columbia’ element of its name was taken from the Columbia River that flows through the area, which was named after the famous Columbia Rediviva ship that traded in the area, which in turn was named after Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the ‘New World’, also named Columbia.

Canada’s third largest province boasts the mildest weather and some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. Lovers of the outdoors flock to Whistler, but that’s by no means the only place for adventure in British Columbia. Head a little off the beaten track and discover the true wild beauty of this unforgettable destination.

Why you'll love British Columbia...

• Marvelling at Canada’s highest waterfall, the Della Falls in Strathcona Provincial Park
• Gazing up at the Hanging Garden Tree on Meares Island
• Riding on the world’s longest unsupported cable car in Whistler
• Spotting the native spirit bear, a rare subspecies of the black bear, which has white fur
• Sampling a delicious glass of the local ice wine
• Seeing a film at the Patricia Theatre in Powell River, Canada’s longest running cinema
• Admiring the First Nations totem pole art in Vancouver’s Stanley Park
• Walking among the treetops across the Capilano Suspension Bridge
• Enjoying Vancouver’s gourmet food scene
• Whale watching along the Haro Straits, home to orcas and sealions
• Embracing the great outdoors, in one of the six national parks and over 400 provincial parks
• Cheering the home team at an ice hockey game, Canada’s national winter sport

Did you know?

• Canada’s wettest city is in British Columbia. Prince Rupert is appropriately nicknamed The City of Rainbows. On average, Prince Rupert’s annual precipitation is around 2,590 millimetres (102 in)
• The coastal city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island is home to the sport of bathtub racing, with the first race dating back to 1967
• Sightings of the legendary Sasquatch have consistently been reported in BC for over 200 years