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Cambodia Tours

Tours of Cambodia allow you to combine the country’s beaches, historic temples and lively cities.

Book a private tour and travel at your own pace with an expert guide, or choose one of our group tours of Cambodia and get to know a select group of likeminded travellers. Browse our selection of tours below or speak to one of our Destination Specialists and we’ll arrange your bespoke Cambodia tour. Combine your Cambodia tour with other popular destinations in South East Asia on our Grand Tour of Indochina.

Travel through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, stopping off at ancient temples, lively cities and beautiful landscapes along the way. Finish in Cambodia, where you can visit museums and palaces before taking in the famous temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. If you prefer to explore from the comfort of a luxury cruise, book The Lost Civilisation Vietnam to Cambodia Mekong River cruise. Begin in Ho Chi Minh before travelling through Phnom Penh, Tonle Lake and more, ending in Siem Reap.

To explore the country in more depth, book our Cambodia Discovery Tour. See royal temples and palaces in the capital, Phnom Penh, take in the lively atmosphere of the streets and haggle for trinkets in the markets. See Khmer art and learn the devastating history of the Khmer Rouge, before relaxing with a sunset cruise along the Mekong River. The small town of Kratie offers a chance to see freshwater dolphins, while Kompong Thom has silk farms and rubber plantations, ideal for history lovers. Finish your holiday in Siem Reap, which is home to over 100 temples dating back to the 12th Century.

10 days Temple

Cambodia Discovery Tour - 10 Days


With its unique blend of history, culture, religious landmarks and diverse landscapes, Cambodia has become a destination of choice for anyone looking to explore Southeast Asia. With so much to see and do, we’ve tailored the itinerary of our Cambodia...

Beach holidays

Cambodia Discovery Tour - 10 Days
15 days boats in Vietnam

Grand Tour of Indochina


Discover three countries in one holiday and venture on the Grand Tour Of Indochina. This 15 day tour is an unforgettable experience that allows you to witness the cultural sites and natural wonders of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia . Starting...


Grand Tour of Indochina
3 days Angkor Thom

Angkor Circuit Tour

Guide Price  £499  pp  

Experience the amazing ruins of the once mighty Khmer Empire at Angkor, an ancient city of temples and palaces built between the 9th and 13th centuries and spread across more than 75 square miles of jungle.

Escorted tours

Angkor Circuit Tour
8 days a blue and yellow boat in a large body of water

The Lost Civilisation Vietnam to Cambodia Mekong River cruise


Get ready to set sail on an adventure to discover life on the Mekong Delta. Your journey begins in Vietnam and cruises along the Mekong River towards Cambodia. You’ll stop to see the many different types of riverside villages and...

Cruise holidays

The Lost Civilisation Vietnam to Cambodia Mekong River cruise
12 days a person riding a horse in the water

Classic Vietnam and Cambodia Tour

Guide Price  £3,099  pp  

Time to tick a holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia off your bucket list. Our Classic Vietnam and Cambodia tour takes you on an incredible journey to discover the culture, history, and the way of life in these two fascinating countries...

Escorted tours

Classic Vietnam and Cambodia Tour
5 days a person standing in front of a stone building with Angkor Wat in the background

Classic Cambodia Tour


Available for departures from 1st October 2019. Our Classic Cambodia escorted tour is perfect for those who have limited time to spare or want to combine Cambodia with a longer Indochina itinerary. This tour gives you the opportunity of exploring...

Luxury holidays

Classic Cambodia Tour
8 days Jayavarman

The Lost Civilisation Cambodia to Vietnam Mekong River cruise


All aboard! Let your adventure on the mighty Mekong River begin. Your Mekong River Cruise tour is an eight day voyage where you will discover the delights of the Mekong Delta region. Your journey, which begins in Cambodia and ends...

Multi centre holidays

The Lost Civilisation Cambodia to Vietnam Mekong River cruise
4 days a small boat in a body of water with a mountain in the background

Pearl of the Orient Vietnam to Cambodia Mekong River cruise


Discover the wonders of the Mekong Delta on this delightful four day cruise, which invites you to experience both Vietnam and Cambodia. Marvel at stunning landscapes as you cruise along the picturesque Mekong River, unearth ancient attractions, and converse with...

Cruise holidays

Pearl of the Orient Vietnam to Cambodia Mekong River cruise

Expert Tips


Senior Destination Manager

“If you’re travelling along the Mekong River then keep your camera primed for Irrawaddy dolphins. Locals may recommend the best spots for you to see these beautiful creatures.”


Destination Manager

“The street food here is exquisite and flavourful – try nom banh chok (a fish gravy and rice noodle breakfast dish, topped with bean sprouts, banana flowers and vegetables) and the delicious kdam chaa (fried crab spiced with locally sourced green Kampot pepper and garlic chives).”


Destination Executive

“Visitors arriving in late April or May will get to experience Khmer New Year celebrations. It begins with the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, with locals gathering from all over the country to watch as royal oxen predict their fate for the year. Celebrations culminate with locals pouring water over each other as part of a cleansing ritual.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Khmer is the official language of Cambodia, though a significant proportion of locals speak French. With an increasing number of Cambodian universities teaching English, and the rapid growth of its tourist industry, you’ll find that many road signs include English directions. However, we recommend you bring a Khmer phrasebook to ease communication with locals.

The official currency of Cambodia is the Cambodian riel; however the US dollar is now widely considered to be the first currency, and is accepted almost everywhere. We recommend you carry both dollars and riel and enquire with vendors regarding the currency they prefer to be paid in. ATMs are in abundance across Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, though keep in mind some banks may charge international usage fees.

As with most religious sites, it is expected you dress appropriately to show your respect. In particular, Angkor Wat has a strict dress code and access will be refused should your shoulders, back or legs (above the knee) be exposed.

With its mythical temples, lively marketplaces, delicious cuisine and lush jungles, Cambodia promises an unforgettably immersive, cultural adventure – a feast for the senses. Learn of ancient Buddhist traditions and admire the ruins of empires centuries past.

Why you'll love Cambodia...

• Observing the splendour of the Royal Palace complex and the jewels of the Silver Pagoda
• Discovering the temple sanctuary of Wat Phnom
• Shopping for souvenirs in the vast Central Market
• Wandering along the 15th century Terrace of the Leper King
• Exploring the lush jungles and ancient ruins of the Ta Phrom Temple
• Watching the Independence Monument light up at night in Phnom Penh
• Visiting the largest religious monument in the world – the Angkor Wat temple complex
• Enjoying a scenic boat ride across the Tonle Sap Lake
• Gazing up at the enormous statues of Angkor Thom’s South Gate
• Capturing incredible photographs of the historic medieval Banteay Srei temple

Did you know?

• Cambodian wedding ceremonies can last as long as three days and nights, as this represents the “three jewels” of Buddhism: the Buddha, Sangha and Dhamma.
• Traditionally, Cambodians do not celebrate their birthdays, while some older generations will not know their birth date.
• In 2016 it was discovered that there are enormous underground city networks and canals beneath the city of Angkor, spanning multiple provinces.