Iguazu Falls - The Brazilian side Holidays

These majestic, mesmerising falls are simply awe-inspiring. Four times the width of Niagara Falls with 275 cascades spanning both Brazil and Argentina’s border, Iguazu Falls are dazzling wherever you see them from.

The Brazilian side of the Falls offers a wonderful panoramic view, We love the panoramic views of the falls from the Brazilian side. To wander out on a walk way, taking you as close as you can get to the water falling down, here feel the spray wash across you and take some fantastic photos. You will need to be prepared to get a little wet when walking her.

The Argentine side of the Falls offers a different perspective, this is the side where you can walk through the national park, seeing the Falls from many different angles and positions.

Both sides are worth visiting to get the best overall experience.

Destination Highlights
  • Feeling the spray of the Falls
  • Seeing 'The Devil’s Throat'
  • Helicopter Rides over the top
  • Boat rides a long the river
  • Taking a full moon tour

Time Zone

GMT -3

Flight Time

2 hours from Rio (5.5 hours from Buenos Aires)


BRL - Brazilian Real

Visa Information

English passport holders do not need a visa to enter Brazil



Health Information

There are no specific medications required, though you should consult with your GP for up to date information.
  • Iguazu Falls

    Devil’s Throat

    Parque Nacional do Iguacu on Brazil's side provides the best opportunities for seeing panoramic views of the falls. A double decker bus takes you to Salto Floriano, where you can climb the trail to a lookout point situated at the foot of Floriano Falls, as well as one higher up. Parque Nacional Iguazu, on Argentina’s side has a train that takes you to the walkway at Devil’s Throat.

  • Iguazu Falls

    Parque Nacional do Iguacu

    Located on the Brazilian side, this park gives you the best panoramic views of Iguazu Falls. Take the double decker us to Salto Floriano and climb the trail to the lookout point at the foot of Floriano Falls.

  • The Argentine side of the Falls

    To get the full experience we recommend crossing the border and seeing the Falls from Brazil and Argentina. There are more places to explore on the Argentine side so we recommend a day in Argentina and half day for Brazilian side.

  • Nick, Senior Destination Manager


    Senior Destination Manager

    “If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury within the national park, stay in the Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas as part of your visit to the spectacular Iguazu Falls. This is the only hotel within the national park on the Brazilian side.” 

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