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Iguazu Falls - The Brazilian side Holidays

Find yourself utterly awestruck by the power and magnificence of one of the world’s greatest natural wonders: the Iguazú Falls. There’s a reason why people flock from all over the world to witness this incredible sight; why not see for yourself on your own Iguazú Falls holiday?

Four times the width of the Niagara Falls, with 275 cascades spanning both Brazil and Argentina’s borders - and stretching nearly 3km in distance - the Iguazú Falls are dazzling from whichever side you see them. One of the most unique - and breathtaking - waterfalls in the world, the cascades were created when an immense volcanic eruption created a huge crack in the earth, causing the Paraná River to gush over the crevice in the mesmerising spectacle we see today.

Witness one of South America’s natural wonders on an Iguazú Falls holiday

The falls lie between Brazil and Argentina, in a vast, rainforest-cloaked National Park, teeming with tropical flora and fauna. You can reach the falls with ease from both the Brazilian and Argentinian borders - but each offer a completely different perspective (we recommend visiting both). Discover our Argentinian Iguazú Falls tours here.

The Brazilian side provides the iconic panoramic view, perfect for admiring the sheer immensity and splendour of this natural wonder. Wander out on one of the wooden walkways - some take you further out to give a real panorama of the cascades, on others you’ll get close enough to feel the spray on your face.

This is a sight that no photo can truly do justice - to really experience this spectacle, you’ll have to visit yourself. Get in touch with one of our Destination Specialists so we can begin crafting you an unforgettable Iguazú Falls holiday

Destination Highlights
  • Ride the train to the star of the show and the tallest of Iguazú’s waterfalls: the Devil’s Throat
  • Watch the fluttering dance of hundreds of colourful butterflies through the jungle canopy
  • Wander the many walking trails in expansive Iguazú National Park
  • Enjoy iconic panoramic views of the thundering Iguazú Falls

Time Zone

GMT -3

Flight Time

2 hours from Rio (5.5 hours from Buenos Aires)


BRL - Brazilian Real

Visa Information

English passport holders do not need a visa to enter Brazil



Health Information

There are no specific medications required, though you should consult with your GP for up to date information.
  • Iguazu Falls

    Devil’s Throat

    Parque Nacional do Iguacu on Brazil's side provides the best opportunities for seeing panoramic views of the falls. A double decker bus takes you to Salto Floriano, where you can climb the trail to a lookout point situated at the foot of Floriano Falls, as well as one higher up. Parque Nacional Iguazu, on Argentina’s side has a train that takes you to the walkway at Devil’s Throat.

  • Iguazu Falls

    Parque Nacional do Iguacu

    Located on the Brazilian side, this park gives you the best panoramic views of Iguazu Falls. Take the double decker us to Salto Floriano and climb the trail to the lookout point at the foot of Floriano Falls.

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    The Argentine side of the Falls

    To get the full experience we recommend crossing the border and seeing the Falls from Brazil and Argentina. There are more places to explore on the Argentine side so we recommend a day in Argentina and half day for Brazilian side.

  • Nick, Senior Destination Manager


    Senior Destination Manager

    “Instead of taking the train to the falls, walk instead and soak in the scenery.”

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    Destination Executive

    “For a luxury stay and the ability to walk right out of your resort and see the Iguazú Falls, check out The Belmond das Cataratas, the only hotel in Iguazú National Park on the Brazilian side. If you’re looking for an extra special experience, you can book a scenic helicopter flight over the falls to truly marvel at this natural wonder (only available on the Brazilian side).”

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