Australia's Nature Coast Holidays

Australia’s Nature Coast holidays offer the chance to explore the striking natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast in Queensland. Whether you’re snorkelling, hiking, or bush walking in the diverse national parks, or sitting back and relaxing on the white sands of UNESCO World Heritage site of Fraser Island, you’ll fall in love with the colour and beauty of Australia’s coastal scenes.

Hervey Bay unfolds across a seemingly endless bay shorefront. Looking out at the indigo blue waters, you can experience the awe and excitement of whale watching between July and November. Hervey Bay also provides access to one of Australia’s World Heritage sites - Fraser Island. The island is not only known for its incredible 76 miles of sand, but also the luscious subtropical rainforests that grow out of the sand. 

Holidays to Australia’s Nature Coast: discover it for yourself

With so much to explore, see and discover at Australia’s Nature Coast, there really is something for everyone. Explore the Glass House Mountains, which can be found to the south of the coastal paradise of Noosa, and located in one of seven national parks in Queensland. Its Mount Ngnungun walking track is a 1.7 mile trail that offers breath-taking views of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. More challenging tracks are available, and whether you’re hiking, walking or driving through the park, the open forest is perfect for those looking for adventure. 

Australia’s Nature Coast is home to two of Australia’s 14 Biosphere Reserves, and both showcase a wide range of flora and fauna. These are great spots for bird watchers, as they’re home to almost half of all bird species in Australia. You have the chance to spot the beautiful white-bellied cuckoo shrike on Fraser Coast and the square-tailed kite at Noosa Biosphere Reserve. 

To discover the magic of the underwater world on your Australia Nature Coast holidays, travel from Fraser Island to the southern tip of the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Great Barrier Reef. On Lady Elliot Island, beneath the clear waters, there lies a rich marine ecosystem just waiting to be admired. Swim alongside over 1,200 species of marine life, including manta rays, turtles, reef sharks and schools of tropical fish. The fresh, coastal scenery is perfect for couples to share a romantic break.


Destination Highlights
  • Marvel at the Glass House Mountains, Noosa’s natural beauty and the coloured sands of Rainbow Beach on the Sunshine Coast
  • Enjoy the beauty of Hervey Bay and Fraser Island, and explore the natural wonder of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Explore the National Parks, astonishing UNESCO World Heritage sites, and two Biospheres Reserves, brimming with protected species
  • Witness whales, kangaroos, turtles and dingoes on the Great Beach Drive, a road trip from Sunshine Coast to Fraser Island
  • Charlie, Destination Manager


    Destination Manager

    “From the Sunshine Coast, take a walk on the wild side with a day at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo. Here you can meet the crocodile hunter’s favourite animals, get close and personal during animal feeding experiences, and enjoy the expert animal talks. This is a perfect day for all the family.”

  • Lucy, Destination Specialist


    Destination Specialist

    “For a romantic escape, follow the Great Beach Drive, from Noosa to Rainbow Beach, where you will find the beautiful sandscape of Carlo Sand Blow. Feel the magic beneath the orange glow of sunset as you admire the stunning views of the coast over the windblown sand.”

Events & Festivals

Festivals and events are wonderful to include during your holiday in Australia's Nature Coast as they offer a glimpse into the country’s authentic culture and traditions.

  • Relish Food and Wine Festival

    Wander the streetscapes of Australia’s Fraser Coast and drink in the culture of its coastal towns during the Relish Food and Wine Festival. Indulge in gourmet food and wine and learn from celebrity chefs as they share their dishes, while surrounded by art and live music.

  • Mary Poppins Festival

    Celebrating the author of the Mary Poppins books, Pamela Lyndon Travers, who was born in Queensland, Mary Poppins Festival includes kite displays, a grand costume parade, sidewalk artists, jugglers, theatre performers and many more exciting activities that bring the world of Mary Poppins alive.  This is a wonderful day, and practically-perfect in every way for families. 


  • Noosa Food and Wine Festival

    Savour the Noosa Food and Wine Festival, an annual event that is spread over four days, and includes local food, cooking demonstrations and live music. Everything is perfectly paired with wine, cider and craft beer, all with the beautiful backdrop of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Noosa Jazz Festival

    Get your toes tapping at Noosa Jazz Festival - a lively event held over 10 days. It showcases 45 performances of traditional jazz, blues, rock and folk music.


  • Noosa Festival of Surfing

    The Noosa Festival of Surfing has been running for over 20 years and celebrates Noosa’s popular surfing area. To join in with the friendly competition, choose your division and sign up to be a part of a day of exhilarating waves, wind and water. Not a surfer? Relax on the beach and witness another year of surfers ride the waves in Australia’s coastal region.


  • The Planting Festival

    The Planting Festival is a unique eco-friendly event in Woodford. You can contribute to the growing environmental movement by planting trees, attending workshops and listening to inspiring talks on the planting initiative fn protecting, nurturing and celebrating forested parkland and the global environment. While getting your hands dirty, you can also enjoy live music, art, dance and folklore.

Local Cuisine

Get a flavour of the local culture through your palate during your Australian Nature Coast holiday. Here are a few of our favourite dishes.


  • Oysters Kilpatrick

    Oysters Kilpatrick is a popular dish that features oysters topped with crispy smoked bacon, a perfect combination of flavours that highlight the sweetness and saltiness of the oyster. There are many variations of Oysters Kilpatrick, some involving cheese, Worcester sauce, balsamic vinegar or tabasco sauce. Whichever combination of flavours you decide to try, you won’t regret this Aussie classic.


  • Moreton Bay Bugs

    A popular dish on the coast of Australia, Moreton Bay bugs are a species of lobster, grilled and often loaded with herbs and garlic butter -  perfect for the BBQ season.