• a boat floating on top of a snow covered mountain

Polar Cruises

From getting up close to glistening glaciers and towering icebergs to searching out magnificent whales and polar bears, these carefully selected polar cruises are designed to show you the very best of the arctic regions.

An Arctic cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime holiday; the frozen tundras of the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic are unlike anywhere else on earth. While the remote location and harsh environment might put the less adventurous off, the intrepid traveller has a holiday of unique landscapes and natural wonders to enjoy.

Explore the polar regions in comfort

If you thought exploring such an inhospitable region means you’ll be giving up the finer things in life, think again. The specialist ships of our partner Quark are specifically designed for Arctic conditions, so our polar cruises can venture where ordinary ships are unable to reach. Not only that, the ships are fitted to the highest standard: imagine numerous decks for admiring the views, heated outdoor pools, onboard libraries and cocktail lounges.

Our Arctic cruise holidays will leave you breathless, no matter which one you chose. For those looking to see the Aurora Borealis, our Under the Northern Lights holiday package gives you 14 days of exploring in Iceland and Greenland, with every chance of spotting the stunning natural phenomenon.  If a fjord cruise is more appealing, winding through the steep-sided waterways, our Introduction To Spitsbergen tour shows you fjords, glaciers and the incredible wildlife of Svalbard.

Our selection of Antarctic cruises are just as amazing; the Explorers and Kings cruise is an epic 20-day adventure that takes you to the Falklands and South Georgia as well as Antarctica. You’ll likely meet some Antarctic penguins, and feel like a real Antarctica explorer as you hike on the ice and take daily Zodiac cruises. For those with less time, the all-action Fly the Drake is an eight-day fly/cruise adventure which packs in the best of the Antarctic Peninsula.