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Passports & Visas

As entry requirements increase for different countries, it is important that you find out what travel documentation you need before your holiday with Hayes and Jarvis. This way we can ensure that you are prepared before entering another country.

While some countries may only require a passport, others also require a visa. British citizens holding a UK passport issued in the UK will have different requirements than non-British citizens, British citizens with a UK passport issued abroad, or overseas passport holders.

All citizens of the UK require a ten year passport. For travel to most countries, your British passport should be valid for at least six months after your scheduled return to the UK. Make sure your name on your flight ticket exactly matches that on your passport and ensure your passport has not been damaged or tampered with. If you do not have a valid passport or visa, you may be refused travel.

When travelling to the US you must have the correct passport to travel on the Visa Waiver Programme or have obtained the correct visa, valid for your stay. Each person wishing to visit the US must have either; i) an e-passport (if your passport is issued after 26 October 2006), or a machine readable passport (containing a digital photograph) if your passport is issued after the 26 October 2005 and a Visa Waiver Form or ii) a valid passport and a valid visa which must be obtained before travel from the US authorities.

Visit the website to find out the exact passport and visa requirements for your holiday destination.

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