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Travel Trends Report - What's hot in Travel

The world is your oyster, and with hundreds of destinations to explore, you may be struggling to decide where to travel to next. But don’t worry - help is on hand from our travel experts.

Our brand new Travel Trends Report, compiled by our specialists, showcases key destinations forecast to be up and coming.

We’ve been piecing together the hot new trends for you to start planning your next dream escape. It’s filled with new experiences, hot new hotels, amazing safaris and breath-taking excursions to inspire your next travel adventure.

Check out our fascinating Travel Trends Report or take a look below to see what’s hot and trending for the year ahead.

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See what's hot for the year ahead

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Prepare to plan

We highlight some of our favourite key dates, events and happenings across the globe to inspire your adventures for the year ahead. Perhaps there's a cultural festival or colourful carnival that's always topped your wish-list of things to see, or maybe a great sporting event that you'd like to witness - this list will allow you to create a fabulous break that immerses you amazing events worldwide. Packed full of details for the year ahead, our calendar of events will place you at the heart of the action, ensuring you don't miss out on some big ticket experiences. So whether you want to combine your Indian Ocean holiday with a food festival in the Seychelles or discover Japan while watching the next Rugby World Cup, we have all the insights you'll need to create a stunning holiday. 

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What’s new

Find out the next big thing, across the globe, including ultra-luxurious hotels in stunning locations, rejuvenating wellness spas offering perfect escapes for couples, and amazing resorts providing the most entertaining of family getaways. Be the first to experience a spectacular oceanfront villa property in the Maldives, or experience the opulence of visiting an iconic hotel  to sample their outstanding cuisine and signature drinks amid recently refurbished decor. Our Travel Trends Report highlights the very best from across the globe, also showcasing Europe and Australasia from our sister companies Sovereign  and Austravel, featuring luxury tented accommodation deep in tropical rainforests, to island hideaways on the Great Barrier Reef, plus serene European spa resorts overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

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Brexit – What lies in store for the global travel?

We discuss the year’s big talking point: Brexit. While terms on leaving the EU still remain unclear, we help to predict the social-economic outcomes that may affect holidays. Not only that we tell you the best destinations for exchange rates (measured by the average price of a beer) to give you greater insight of how to make the pound in your pocket go further and work harder for you while still experiencing incredible holidays worldwide.

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Top 11 destinations for the year ahead

For inspiration planning your next amazing trip, see what’s hot in the world of travel and get an indication of where the travellers will be heading for their holidays. While some regions remain fairly consistent in their popularity (Thailand - we're looking at you) there's a surprising few additions to the list, as holidaymakers seek out more experiential travel destinations, ranging from safaris in Tanzania to discovering the spectacular natural beauty of wish-list destinations such as Canada

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Take a walk on the wild side

We’re passionate about travel, and wildlife in as big factor in this. Travelling to see wildlife in their natural habitats is a very important aspect of travel to our customers. In our Travel Trends Report we outline our top destinations for wildlife spotting and safari tours. So if you're looking for inspiration for your next adventure we showcase our most popular tours, from the plains of the Masai Mara to the lush beauty of wilderness camps in Thailand. Perhaps it's the David Attenborough effect, but travellers from the UK show that animal encounters are still an increasing factor when deciding where to go next on their holidays.