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Tours in Washington DC

Tours of Washington DC take you through the city’s historic streets, which are alive with culture and a sense of the USA’s political heart. This relatively compact city is home to a host of museums, galleries and monuments, as well as peaceful suburbs and excellent restaurants. Our luxury private tours of Washington DC allow you to take it all in with the help of an expert guide, whether as part of a larger tour of the USA or if you’re simply looking to explore Washington DC.

Enjoy a two day tour of Washington DC as part of our larger Great Eastern Cities Tour. Arrive at Washington DC through Amish Country and Gettysburg and see the site of one of the USA’s greatest battles. In Washington DC you can explore the Capitol Building, White House and the Smithsonian Museum. Wander leafy boulevards and explore the gardens of the city before enjoying delicious cuisine and luxury shopping. Expand your tour to 11 days on the Eastern Discovery Tour. See New York, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal and more before heading to Washington DC. Spend a day in the city, visiting the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and more before seeing the National Museum of American History and over 11 more museums and galleries.

Book a Washington DC road trip which includes some of the USA’s other great cities, parks and natural attractions. Our New York to Hollywood Tour takes you from the east to west coast of the USA. As well as vibrant cities with their own personalities and sparkling lakes, thundering falls and towering mountains, you can explore the history of Washington DC. Your private tour of the USA’s capital includes the Smithsonian Institution which house over 11 museums and galleries, the White House and the tranquil Potomac River.

17 days Statue of Liberty and City Skyline

New York to Hollywood Escorted Tour

Guide Price  £3,199  pp  

Our New York to Hollywood tour promises a full spectrum look at the best the United States has to offer. Travel from the East Coast all the way through to the West Coast in just over two weeks. Your trip...

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New York to Hollywood Escorted Tour
8 days a group of colorful flowers

Great Eastern Cities Tour

Guide Price  £1,299  pp  

Focused on a feast of East Coast America, the Great Eastern Cities tour is a wonderful city spectacular that starts in the New York, then takes in the thunderous Niagara Falls, before detouring through beautiful Amish country and visiting the...

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Great Eastern Cities Tour
22 days a large body of water with a city in the background

The Great American Roadtrip Self Drive


The Great American Roadtrip Self Drive is an epic 5,000km journey from New York City to San Francisco, taking in the country’s national parks, fabulous cities and legendary roads. On the way you’ll discover America’s rich history and culture, crossing...

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The Great American Roadtrip Self Drive
11 days The White House Washington DC

Eastern Discovery Tour

Guide Price  £1,999  pp  

Discover beautiful eastern cities and scenery on this spectacular 11 day escorted tour which takes in some of the most important cities and impressive sights along the eastern USA and Canada. Your journey will take you from the bright lights...

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Eastern Discovery Tour

Expert Tips


Senior Destination Manager

“Washington DC is surprisingly compact and easy to navigate. Walking your way round the city will not only save you money, but also ensure you don’t miss a thing in this iconic city.”


Destination Manager

“If you have time, pop down to Alexandria’s Old Town, not far south of Washington DC. It has unusual shops, antiques, restaurants and theatres – I could spend days there.”


Destination Executive

“If you’re into spy mysteries, you won’t regret a visit to the family-friendly International Spy Museum in Washington DC.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Washington DC is home a whole host of delicious eateries, catering to almost every palette you can think of. 

A very popular local dish is half smokes – half pork, half beef sausages, and every day since 1903, Senate Bean Soup has been served - at the Senate. Many local establishments pride themselves on their pupusas – a type of melt in your mouth corn pancake, delicious with cheese.

The city covers just 68 square miles (and eight of those are water), compared to New York’s 302 square miles. There’s also a hop-on, hop-off trolley bus that’s easy to find and takes visitors to most places of interest.

The mild weather and sunshine from March to May and September to November makes these the best time of year to visit. In summer, temperatures can rise to around 31°C, while in winter they can plummet to as low as -4°C, with snow expected during these cold months.

If you enjoy cityscapes and history, Washington DC is a perfect choice for you. If you really like to get to know a place, you’ll find excellent transport links and a relatively small city, by American standards, which is easy to wander around by foot.

Why you'll love Washington DC...

• Getting close to probably the most powerful building in the world – The White House
• Witnessing America’s springtime awakening, abundant with beauty and aroma of flowers and blossom
• Tasting delicious food from all over the world, with an American twist
• Visiting the International Spy Museum for fascinating gadgets and a taste of cold war history
• Roaming the captivating streets of Georgetown
• Watching a Shakespeare play at the Folger Shakespeare Library, modelled on an Elizabethan inn
• Taking in the aroma and beauty of fascinating plants at the US Botanical Garden
• Watching congress in session at the US Capitol
• Feeling like you’re walking through the political history of America
• Absorbing the sights, sounds and smells of the Saturday Eastern Market as you meander through the aisles

Did you know?

• Ordered from London in 1752, The Liberty Bell is a symbol of American freedom. It hasn’t been rung since 1846 when it was used to celebrate George Washington’s birthday. Nobody knows why or when it cracked.
• Apart from presidents, there have been three very unlikely occupants at The White House – one alligator owned by John Quincy Adams and two by Herbert Hoover’s son.
• John Adams was the first president of the USA to live in The White House.