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Tours in The Deep South

Experience the famed Southern hospitality as you explore the Deep South – a sub-region of the United States that boasts a vast and fascinating musical heritage, regarded as the birthplace of jazz, rock and roll, and country. Here, a multi-faceted, multicultural adventure awaits you.

Our Southern Story tour begins in the Big Easy, New Orleans. Here you’ll indulge in mouth-watering Cajun and Creole cuisine, from the likes of etouffee (Cajun-spiced crawfish in a light roux, served over rice), gumbo and jambalaya (a spicy rice dish combined with andouille sausage, shrimp and vegetables). Walk the cobbled streets of the historic Old Square and discover its haunted past on a ghost tour or join in the festivities as people from all walks of life don vivid costumes as part of the many festivals and parades throughout the year. Complete your New Orleans journey with a visit to one the many jazz bars, sipping a Grasshopper cocktails and marveling as the city streets fill with music from all corners.

Immerse yourself in Nashville’s country roots, discovering the pioneers of the genre at the Country Music Hall of Fame, before taking an insightful tour of the world-renowned RCA Studio B, where Dolly Parton once recorded. Catch an electrifying show at the venerable Exit/In, or dive deeper still into the history of rock as part of our 14-day Rhythms of the South tour.

Arriving in Memphis, you’ll explore the iconic Graceland – the former residence of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, before stepping back in time with a visit to the National Civil Rights Museum. Culminating in the modern metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia, wind down with a stroll through the greenery of Centennial Park and the Atlanta BeltLine, then take in breath-taking views across the city as you ascend the soaring Stone Mountain by cable car.  

12 days Piedmont Park Atlanta

Gone with the Wind Tour

Guide Price £2,539 pp  

Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana and mighty Mississippi are united by a haunting history but they're probably most famous now for their lively music, delicious Deep South cooking and charming southern hospitality. One of our most popular escorted...

City holidays

Gone with the Wind Tour
9 days American Queen

American Queen River Cruise - New Orleans to Memphis


The mighty Mississippi River is famous around the world. Rich in history it is just waiting to be explored, so climb aboard the iconic and the world's largest riverboat the American Queen. This is more than just your average paddle...

Adventure holidays

American Queen River Cruise - New Orleans to Memphis
14 days Grand Ole Opry

Rhythms of the South Self Drive

Guide Price £2,319 pp  

The southern United States is the birthplace of many different genres of music from country, jazz, blues to rock 'n' roll. On this 14 day self drive adventure you will hit the open road and drive across these southern states...

City holidays

Rhythms of the South Self Drive
10 days Bourbon distillery

Bluegrass and Bourbon Trail

Guide Price £1,989 pp  

Take in all the sounds and flavours of the south on this musical tour through Tennessee and Kentucky. Starting with a couple of days in Memphis, the birthplace of the blues, where you can visit Elvis Presley’s former home Graceland,...

Self drive holidays

Bluegrass and Bourbon Trail
11 days Streetcars

American Rhythms

Guide Price £2,779 pp  

From the jazz filled streets of New Orleans to the Country music sounds of Nashville and the Memphis blues, American Rhythms certainly lives up to its name. Discover some of the Deep South's most vibrant cities on this 11 day...

Self drive holidays

American Rhythms
9 days Oak Alley Plantation

Jazzy Jambalaya Adventure

Guide Price £1,539 pp  

The plantations of the deep south USA are a reminder of a world that used to be. Stunning in appearance and standing grand overlooking beautiful surroundings these antebellum homes are rich in American history and what became the Civil Rights...


Jazzy Jambalaya Adventure
7 days Creole Queen

Romantic Trails Of The South Tour

Guide Price £1,829 pp  

This escorted tour is the ultimate way to see the best of the Deep South in just one week. From New Orleans to Atlanta, this tour will take you through some of the most atmospheric locations across four States including...

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Romantic Trails Of The South Tour
9 days American Queen

American Queen River Cruise - Memphis to New Orleans

Guide Price £3,789 pp  

Enjoy a quintessentially American experience as you journey down the Mississippi aboard the opulent American Queen. This luxurious paddle steamer offers exquisite staterooms, modern amenities and Broadway quality entertainment, not to mention award-winning dining and signature shore excursions. Start your...

Iconic journeys

American Queen River Cruise - Memphis to New Orleans
13 days Space Camp

Rock 'n' Roll, Rockets and Elvis

Guide Price £2,529 pp  

This trip travelling through Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia will be a big hit among music fans. Stroll through Birmingham's historic downtown, and stop in to hear the gospel choir at the 16th Street Baptist Church. Head to the legendary Sun...

Fly drive holidays

Rock 'n' Roll, Rockets and Elvis
8 days Ice Cream at A Schwab

A Southern Story Tour

Guide Price £3,349 pp  

Discover the vibrant cities of the USA’s Deep South on this unique eight day small group adventure. This fantastic tour focuses on offering you a wonderful mix of culinary, historic and musical activities and best of all you will have...

City holidays

A Southern Story Tour

Expert Tips


Destination Manager

“You must visit the honky-tonk bars in Nashville. Walk along Broadway and you’ll find dozens of them – Legends Corner opens all day till 2.30am and has some excellent live talent.”


Destination Executive

“I really enjoyed the American Queen paddle steamer cruise. There’s so much to see along the Mississippi, and it’s even more special as the sun sets.”


Destination Specialist

“If you like whisky, try to include a visit to the legendary Jack Daniels distillery in Tennessee. Discover what it takes to create that signature taste, and make sure you don’t leave without a bottle.”

Frequently Asked Questions

While the Deep South is known for its love of fried chicken and barbecued meats, there is no shortage of variety here. From the Creole cuisine of New Orleans and its grillades (seared beef medallions over grits with cayenne sauce) to the Cajun soul food of Mississippi with its blue crab and Gulf oysters – a trip to the American South is a mouth-watering culinary adventure.

Overall, many of the southern cities on our Deep South tours are easy to navigate by car, bicycle or using the myriad public transport networks at your disposal. As you would expect with any city, particularly Atlanta, streets can become a little congested, and so we recommend planning your trips ahead of time to avoid frustration.

The weather will naturally vary with each state and is dependent on the time of your visit. Generally speaking, its subtropical climate sees hot and humid summers, with mild, cool winters. Sun-lovers will naturally want to visit between June and August, where temperatures average around 30°C, though it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach 40°C. As such, we recommend you bring a high SPF sun cream, and have bottled water ready. Others may opt to visit during the cooler months of March through until May. Snow is not uncommon in Nashville and Memphis, and though temperatures can go below freezing, you can expect to experience an average of 4 to 10°C.

The American South is a melting pot of culture. Home to pioneers of jazz, rock and roll and country music, its streets are alive with exciting festivals and the tempting aromas of delicious soul food. Catch world-class entertainment, immerse yourself in American history and take in the South’s varied and dramatic landscapes – from rugged mountain ranges and vast plains to thriving marshlands and swamps. 

Why you'll love the Deep South...

• Walking in the footsteps of music legends Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and B.B. King
• Exploring the history of the American Civil War and its citizens’ path to freedom at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis
• Enjoying Honky-tonk nightlife in Nashville
• Hiking along the trails of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park
• Sampling world-class bourbon in Tennessee
• Slow-dancing to the sound of smooth jazz in New Orleans
• Coasting down the Mississippi River on the world’s largest paddle steamer, the American Queen
• Savouring the taste of smoky barbecued ribs and pan-fried chicken in Alabama
• Touring Elvis Presley’s former residence, Graceland
• Admiring the exotic flora of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Did you know?

• Louisiana is the only US state without counties. Instead, these areas are designated by parishes.
• Great Smokey Mountain, in North Carolina and Tennessee, is the most visited national park in the USA.
• The world-famous writer Harper Lee originally hails from Monroeville, Alabama.