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Tours in Texas

Tours of Texas allow you to experience the old world southern charm of the USA’s south, as well as its cosmopolitan city feel. Shop in modern malls and take in views of the skyscrapers of the city before visiting a local rodeo show. Explore the beautiful country and many ranches which are peppered around the city before enjoying delicious southern cuisine. Speak to our Destination Specialists today and plan your bespoke Texas tour, or browse below for inspiration.

Feel the wind in your hair and the smooth roads of the USA on the EagleRider Route 66 Guided Motorcycle Tour. Begin in Chicago before travelling through small towns, old cities and beautiful landscapes, ending in Los Angeles. On the way you’ll see the Texas Panhandle, which is the most southerly of the Great Plains. Enjoy delicious Texan meats for dinner with friendly locals introducing you to smooth southern hospitality.

From big cities to white sandy beaches, sprawling ranches and small town charm, The Great Texas Escape has it all. Begin in Fort Worth, the home of cowboys, before visiting cosmopolitan Austin, the hill country around San Antonio and the beautiful sands of Galveston. You’ll also see the NASA Space Centre in Houston, and enjoy shopping and culture in Dallas.

For a chance to discover everything Texas has to offer, book the A Taste of Texas and the Two-Step Tour. Meet up with a small group of travellers and begin with clay shooting lessons before exploring the nature trails on horseback. Eat from food trucks in the city, visit a Championship Rodeo and lots more as you immerse yourself in Texas’ lively culture.

16 days Route 66

Route 66 Holidays

Guide Price  £2,399  pp  

Our Historic Route 66 Self Drive is a journey you’ll never forget, beginning in Chicago and ending at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. On the way you’ll experience classic Americana, hike in majestic national parks and visit some...

Adventure holidays

Route 66 Holidays
15 days Eaglerider road trip along Route 66

EagleRider Route 66 Guided Motorcycle Tour

Guide Price  £5,299  pp  

The EagleRider Route 66 Guided Motorcycle Tour is a journey to the American interior on the world’s most famous road - beginning in Chicago and finishing in Los Angeles. On the way you’ll cross mountains and forests, cruise through high...

Escorted tours

EagleRider Route 66 Guided Motorcycle Tour
8 days Rio Grande River

A Taste of Texas and the Two-Step

Guide Price  £3,199  pp  

Immerse yourself in Texas and America’s vibrant south on this eight day tour. Spend over a week in the cowboy capital, trying craft beer and exploring the beautiful landscapes and cosmopolitan cities. Your Texas tour kicks off in Fort Worth...

Couples Holidays

A Taste of Texas and the Two-Step
13 days Espada Mission

The Great Texas Escape

Guide Price  £2,299  pp  

Texas has it all; from Wild West adventures and big city lights, to small-town simplicity, unique culinary traditions and miles upon miles of white sand beaches. . You will get a real sense of all what the USA's second largest...

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The Great Texas Escape
14 days The Bullock Texas State History Museum

Lone Star Trail Self Drive


On this 14 day adventure you will venture across the Lone Star State of Texas and into New Mexico. Texas is the heart of America's cowboy country and what better way to experience it then by doing what the locals...

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Lone Star Trail Self Drive


Destination Manager

“Just outside Fredericksburg, there’s the little-known Willow City Loop that will take you on a scenic ride past beautiful Texas bluebonnets. Bring a picnic with you for the perfect romantic day out.”


Destination Executive

“Texan summers get incredibly hot, so do as the locals do and find yourself a swimming hole. I’d recommend Jacob’s Well, a natural artesian spring above Texas’ longest underwater cave system.”


Destination Executive

“Every evening around dusk in Austin, approximately 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats fly out from the nooks and crannies of the Congress Avenue Bridge. They’re the largest urban bat colony in the world, and it’s absolutely amazing watching them fill the sky.”

The shoulder seasons of March to May, and September to November, tend to have the most comfortable weather, and it’s also when the most rodeos and festivals take place. Summer can get really hot while in winter, in the north of the state, it has even been known to snow.

Texas is well known for its vast farms which provide the state with some excellent produce and enormous quantities of meat. We recommend trying brisket (beef slowly smoked for eight hours), chicken-fried steak, pecan pie and deep fried Twinkies. Chili con carne and barbecue are on many Texan menus and you will also see Tex-Mex dishes such as enchiladas and tacos. If you’re feeling hungry, order a King Ranch casserole, which contains cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup, green chillies, chicken, tomato and bell peppers.

Many ranches in Texas are open to adventurous travellers wanting to try their hand at life as a cowboy, this is generally very safe but we recommend you have comprehensive health insurance cover for your own peace of mind. You can also try floating down a river in a rubber ring (tubing) and country-style dancing in a traditional dance hall; hiking, kayaking and rafting through the sprawling national parks is also very popular. 

With vast canyons, sprawling ranches and steaks the size of dinner plates, in Texas bigger is definitely better. Home to real life cowboys, The Lone Star State is the perfect destination for those with an adventurous side. Saddle up and start exploring.

Why you'll love Texas...

  • Remembering The Alamo and the Texans’ struggle for independence
  • Driving along the iconic Route 66, past Amarillo’s Cadillac Ranch
  • Calling in at Buc-ee’s, Texas’ beaver-themed roadside rest stop
  • Strolling along the scenic river walk in San Antonio
  • Biking through Palo Duro Canyon, also known as the ‘Grand Canyon of Texas’
  • Dancing the two-step at Gruene Hall, the oldest continually run dance hall in Texas
  • Wandering, well and truly, off the beaten track in the 800,000 acre Big Bend National Park
  • Making the pilgrimage to Rothko Chapel, one of the world’s holiest places
  • Camping overnight at Enchanted Rock, and gazing up at the stars in Texas’ big sky
  • Hiking out to 60 foot Gorman Falls, which is hidden away in the depths of Colorado Bend State Park
  • Shopping for a pair of authentic cowboy boots at Little’s Boots in San Antonio
  • Shouting “yee-haw” at the rodeo, which is Texas’s official sport


Did you know? 

  • The Texas Rangers are the oldest law enforcement agency in North America. Honorary Rangers include John Wayne, Chuck Norris and former president George H. W. Bush.
  • If you see Big Foot in Texas, you are within your legal rights to shoot it.
  • With 26 lanes at its widest point, the Katy Freeway at Beltway 8 is the world’s widest freeway.