• Manele Bay Cliffs

Lanai Holidays

Lanai holidays call travellers to an island of untouched tranquility. The smallest inhabited Hawaiian island, Lanai lets nature take centre stage, with beautiful blue water beaches, abundant sea life and miles of backcountry to explore. Lanai is a paradisiacal land of serenity and adventure that’s just waiting to be explored. 

Relax on the secluded white sanded Polihua Beach, or head to the shallow and rocky Shipwreck Beach to experience the eerie feeling left by a rusted 1940s oil tanker that remains beached not far from the shore. There’s a feeling of mystery inland too, at the Garden of the Gods. This arid landscape abounds with boulders and rock towers has been sculpted by years of intense winds and sunshine. At sunset, the scene warms and intrigues the soul in equal measures, coming alive with the vivid red colour of the sand. 

The Small Town of Lanai City

Take a wander around this charming town and you’ll likely end up stopping to talk to friendly locals along the way. Learn about the island’s history and traditions at the Lanai Heritage Centre and relax in the tree lined Dole Park. Just outside of Lanai City lies the Munro trail; hike, drive or cycle along the trail, watching as the flora becomes ever more lush as you go along. Follow the trail it’s entire 7 miles to Lanaihale, the island’s tallest peak, and, if it’s a clear day, gaze over the sea to the spectacular view of five of Hawaii’s other islands. 

Island hopping is a great way to explore Hawaii, so why not combine your Lanai holiday with relaxing on Maui’s stunning beaches, visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island and exploring Honolulu on Oahu? You could head further afield and contrast a rejuvenating holiday in Lanai with the city lights of LA or San Francisco, or experience an entirely different culture in Japan

Destination Highlights
  • Visit Puu Pehe, otherwise known as Sweetheart Rock, a legendary triangular rock that rises from the sea between Manele and Hulopoe Bay
  • Relax on Hulopoe Bay beach, one of America’s best beaches
  • Drive to Kaumalapau Harbour and watch as the sun sets on another day
  • Explore Keahiakawelo, Garden of the Gods, an arid and mysterious area occupied by boulders and rock towers

Time Zone

GMT -11 hours

Flight Time

Approx. 16 hours via mainland USA and Honolulu


USD - US Dollar

Visa Information

Ensure you have a valid ESTA prior to travel


Hawaii is the only American state to have two official languages, Hawaiian and English

Health Information

No vaccinations are required for travel to Hawaii
  • Charlie, Destination Manager


    Destination Manager

    "Drive to Kaumalapau Harbour to watch the sunset. We took a blanket, drinks and some snacks while we saw the sun lower and sky turn shades of orange, pinks and reds - we even briefly saw a pod of spinner dolphins just offshore, which was an incredible end to our day."

  • Isla, Destination Executive


    Destination Executive

    "From the Four Seasons, you can hike to Sweetheart Rock - one of Lanai's iconic landmarks steeped in Hawaiian folklore. The hike will take you along the rocky cliffs so remember to take plenty of water with you on your journey."

  • Lanai Fifth Friday Town Party

    Held throughout the year, this town party takes place in Lanai city’s Dole Park. It’s an event that’s run by the Lanai Chamber of Commerce to let locals and visitors get to know and celebrate local businesses. There’s delicious food and drink to be sampled, nonprofit and school fundraising booths to be explored and live entertainment to be enjoyed.

  • Poi

    Popular across the island, Poi is a paste made from cooking and pounding Taro, a tropical root vegetable. This delicacy is an important part of Lanaian culture as it represents the ancestors of chiefs and native Hawaiians.

  • Kalua Pork

    Kalua Pork is pig that has been roasted underground in a fire pit lined with banana leaves and rocks. The pig is covered and cooked for an entire day. Often made for celebrations and parties, this is one dish you can’t miss if you attend a Luau on your Lanai holiday

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