Great Lakes Holidays

Stretching across eight US states - and one Canadian province - the Great Lakes region is home to big cosmopolitan cities, sweeping landscapes, diverse culture and small lake-side communities.

Made up of Lakes Michigan, Superior, Erie, Huron and Ontario – the lakes are like great inland seas and make up over 20% of the world’s fresh water. Get out and experience everything this unique region has to offer – from fishing ports and surfing beaches to historic lighthouses and car-free islands. Don't forget to explore the region's big entertaining cities, such as Milwaukee's craft beer and Harley Davidson's and  'Motor City' Detroit, incredible history of cars and music.

Destination Highlights
  • Visit the cosmopolitan city of Chicago
  • Explore the tranquil shores of lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior
  • Go walking or cycling on car-free Mackinac Island
  • Spot wildlife in Michigan's unspoilt Upper Peninsula
  • Relax in the “Cape Cod of the Midwest”, Door County in Wisconsin
  • Discover Detroit’s motor and Motown history

Time Zone

GMT -6 hours

Flight Time

Approx 9 hours; direct flights from the UK to Chicago are available


US Dollar

Visa Information

Ensure you have a valid ESTA prior to travel



Health Information

No vaccinations required
  • Rachel, Destination Executive


    Destination Executive

    Hiring a car or motorhome is definitely the best way of exploring this vast region, it'll allow you to travel at your own pace and to see all the area has to offer.

  • Omkar

    Destination Specialist

    Make sure you stop at Mackinac Island in Michigan, its like stepping back in time with Victorian style buildings and no cars allowed on the Island - hire a bike so you cna explore.

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