South America Multi Centre Holidays

Multi centre holidays in South America take you to some of the world’s most diverse landscapes, lively cities and historic attractions. See iconic attractions such as Peru’s UNESCO listed Machu Picchu, the thundering Iguazu Falls or the luscious diversity of the Amazon Rainforest.


Choose two or more destinations you’d like to visit and our experts can help you plan a South America multi centre itinerary to suit you, or pick from one of our ready-made options below. Combine Brazil and Argentina in one holiday and begin by exploring Argentina’s glaciers, forests and farmlands where you’ll find ranches and vineyards. Visit Buenos Aires and enjoy its lively energy before heading to Brazil. Laze on the golden shores of the Copacabana, visit the spectacular Iguazu Falls and see the sprawling city of Rio de Janeiro from Christ the Redeemers’ statue.

If you prefer to immerse yourself in Brazil’s lively landscapes and cities, choose our Best of Brazil and the Amazon tour. Spend a few days in Rio de Janeiro before heading to the vast Amazon rainforest, meeting local tribes, exploring the hiking trails and seeing the contrast as the Negro River’s dark waters meet Solimōes Rivers’ brown waters.

12 days

Brazil and Argentina Multi Centre

Guide Price £2,769 pp  

For some, the body-sway of samba rhythms and the passionate embrace of the tango are enough reasons for visiting Argentina and Brazil. Both countries can lay claim to exuberant musical cultures. Yet these vast countries can also offer so much...

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Brazil and Argentina Multi Centre
11 days

Best of Brazil & the Amazon

Guide Price £4,159 pp  

This is a fantastic 11 day round trip of Brazil visiting the most amazing destinations the country has to offer. Visit the iconic city of Rio de Janeiro with its Christ the Redeemer statue and the famous Copacabana beach, the...

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Best of Brazil & the Amazon