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Tours in the Seychelles

The Seychelles has 115 sun-soaked islands to discover, offering a host of world-class beaches, tremendous trekking through dense jungles, and exceptional diving and snorkelling opportunities.

Island-hopping is the best way to discover the beauty of the Seychelles and the sparkling Indian Ocean, and with easy access to a huge variety of islands, it’s an exciting touring destination.

Myriad possibilities await you with our multi centre island-hopping holiday; traverse Morne Seychelles in mountainous Mahé; lie back and relax on the pristine beaches of Praslin; take a horse and cart ride through the serene lanes of rustic La Digue; or, for the adventurous, experience Seychelles from above on a zip line through deep jungles. This multi centre holiday gives you the freedom to explore the islands at your own pace.

Alternatively, take in the splendour of the islands by boat on our Luxary Seychelles Catamaran Cruise, giving you the opportunity to discover some of the smaller, more remote islands and everything they have to offer in unique fashion, from the comfort of your catamaran or direct from the shore.

12 days Felicite Island, Seychelles

Seychelles Island Hopping Package

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Live out your desert island dreams on any of the beautiful islands the Seychelles has to offer. Spend your days on some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, where miles of soft sand coastlines meet magnificent granite rock...

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Seychelles Island Hopping Package
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Luxury Seychelles Catamaran Cruise


Set sail around the most beautiful waters in the Indian Ocean - The Seychelles. With spectacular geological wonders of magnificent granite rock formations, mountainous landscapes and tropical jungles, explore the Seychelles larger islands to the smaller outer islands. Explore the...

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Luxury Seychelles Catamaran Cruise

Expert Tips


Senior Destination Manager

“Fans of water sports, snorkelling and swimming will want to visit during April to May or October to November, where you’ll find the calmest seas and warmest water temperatures.”

“While more popular restaurants and bars may be open on Sundays, it’s worth noting that smaller, independent and locally-run businesses often close for the weekend.”


Destination Executive

“Sir Selwyn Clarke market is a must for shoppers, with this thriving marketplace offering a vast selection of handmade souvenirs, jewellery, flavourful spices and locally-sourced teas.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The Seychelles has three official languages, those being Seychelles Creole, French and English. The most commonly spoken language of the Seychelles is Seychelles Creole, which is a French-based Creole language spoken by almost 95 percent of the population. English is the language of government and business here, and as such visitors shouldn't find it difficult to communicate with locals, especially those in the tourist, hotel or entertainment industry.

While some hotels and resorts may accept US dollars or even euros, the Seychellois rupee is the main currency of the Seychelles. It is recommended you have rupees on hand if you intend on visiting a paid attraction or shopping. Many restaurants and bars will accept card payment, but this varies dependent on location. ATMS are most commonly found in and around Victoria, with them becoming less frequent the further from the centre you venture. 

Depending on your aspirations, each island brings something different to the table.

Mahé is an ideal starting point for first-time travellers to the Seychelles. As the largest, and most popular island, it’s perfect for walks and trails, and has the biggest selection of activities on offer across the archipelago. Home to the capital, Victoria, you’ll find easy access to supermarkets and fresh produce here. Wherever you base yourself on the island, you’re no more than a short walk or bus ride away from something exciting to do or see here.

Retreat to nature on La Digue, the definitive island dream and arguably the most relaxed of the three main islands. With secluded beaches, aquamarine waters and vivid green jungles shrouding impressive rock formations, it is an absolute must for honeymooners and laidback wanderers.

Straddling the line between Mahé and La Digue is Praslin. The second-largest island in the Seychelles, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds here, with a small range of bars, restaurants and shops to the east, and pristine beaches, solitude and nature to the west. Here you’ll also find Praslin National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to exotic plant life and some of the world’s rarest birds.

With an abundance of exotic marine life, powdery white sands, shimmering clear waters and thick jungle canopies, the Seychelles is a dream come true for both romantics and adventurers alike.

Why you’ll love the Seychelles…

• Snorkelling in the warm, clear waters lining the Coco Islands
• Walking among endangered and exotic wildlife such as the Seychelles magpie-robin on the Cousin Islands
• Coming face to face with giant tortoises on Curieuse Island
• Cycling around the rustic island villages of La Digue
• Soaking up the sun on the world-famous Anse Lazio beach on Praslin Island
• Traversing the rolling jungles of Mahé
• Taking in the view from above on a zip line
• Enjoying some retail therapy in the markets of Victoria
• Sailing across the Indian Ocean in luxury yachts
• Trekking through the mountainous rainforests of Morne Seychellois National Park

Did you know?

• The Seychelles black parrot, native only to Praslin Island, is actually brown. It is the Seychelles’ national bird.
• Having once been a pirate hideout, it is believed that that renowned pirate Olivier Levasseur buried $160,000 in treasure somewhere in the Seychelles.
• The Seychelles is home to Jonathan the giant tortoise – the world’s oldest living land animal at 184 years old.