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Tours of Peru take you to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, fascinating cities full of history, beautiful landscapes and a friendly culture. Peru’s cuisine has become increasingly popular, with its fresh natural flavours and abundance of potatoes, avocado, quinoa and South American wines. Foodies, adventurers and those wanting to explore a new culture will be right at home here. Choose a Peru tour and explore the country in depth, or book one of our longer tours and explore the top sights and attractions of South America with expert guides.

Our Highlights of South America Tour allows you to gain an insight into the continent’s top attractions. Begin in Lima, the capital of Peru, where you can enjoy a sightseeing tour of the palaces, cathedral and monastery. You can take in beautiful sea views from the quieter city suburbs and watch a traditional dance show over dinner. Visit Incan attractions in the countryside, pick up local handicrafts in the markets and enjoy trekking in the beautiful mountains. The tour also includes the world famous Machu Picchu. Trek or take a train ride to these fascinating ruins, where you’ll find picture perfect views.

Our shorter Peru tours include the four day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Hike the beautiful trail, which dates back to the Incas, camping along the way and immersing yourself in these iconic landscapes. See cloud forests, snowy mountains and the miraculously preserved ruins of Machu Picchu along the way. If you prefer to travel here in style, book our Cuzco & Machu Picchu with Belmond. This luxury train journey includes exquisite cuisine and views as you make your way to one of the Seven Wonders of the World – Machu Picchu.

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Lima To Cusco Tour

  • 7 Days
Our Belmond Lima & Cusco Tour offers the perfect blend of ancient culture, fascinating history and a little bit of...
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a waterfall in a forest

Tour Puerto Maldonado Peru

  • 4 Days
Journey into the wild Amazon rainforest and make Posada Amazonas Lodge your home for four incredible days. Immerse yourself in...
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Peru Chorrillos

Peru Wildlife Tour

  • 3 Days
As the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash against Peru’s north coast, travellers flock to this fascinating area to enjoy...
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Iquitos Rainforest Tour

  • 4 Days
From the city of Iquitos to the winding Amazon River, Peru’s Amazon Rainforest holds a world of adventure just waiting...
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Nick, Senior Destination Manager

“Photographers should be wary of taking pictures of the locals, especially near landmark sites such as Machu Picchu and the Plaza de Armas – many will attempt to charge you for the privilege. Take precautions and ensure your viewfinder is clear of people to save any hassle.”

Senior Destination Manager
Martyn, Destination Executive

“Sample the local coca tea. For centuries, the locals have been using the coca leaves for both its medicinal qualities and as a cure for altitude sickness, but it also makes delicious tea.”

Destination Manager
Christie, Destination Executive

“I recommend keeping bottled water handy at all times – you’ll find that tap water quality varies depending on where you visit. Ordering your drinks without ice and using bottled water when brushing your teeth will ensure a problem-free trip.”

Destination Executive

Frequently Asked Questions

What language do the people of Peru speak?

The official language of Peru is Spanish, with over 85% of the country speaking it. There are multiple variants depending on where you travel, for example the coastal region speaks Peruvian Coastal Spanish, while locals in and around the Andes tend to speak Andean Spanish. As these dialects can vary greatly from standard Spanish, it’s advised you bring a phrasebook to assist your communications when visiting less tourist-orientated places.

What currency do I need in Peru?

Rather fittingly, the official currency of the Kingdom of the Sun is the sol, which translates to ‘sun’ in Spanish. Credit cards are widely accepted, and ATMs are in abundance across larger towns and in city centres.

What’s the best time to visit Machu Picchu?

Undoubtedly, the first image that springs to mind when thinking about Peru is Machu Picchu – Peru is known the world over for its Incan descendants and the plethora of ruins they left behind. The best time to visit the iconic ruins is between April and October – while the warm season here tends to run from October through March, it’s worth remembering that this also corresponds with the rainy weather. This historic landmark is at its busiest from June to August, and there is a 500 person limit imposed daily.

World-renowned hikes to ancient Incan ruins, sweeping valleys, traditional rustic villages and delicious fusion cuisine – Peru is not to be missed.

Why you’ll love Peru…

• Following the historic Inca Trail to Sun Gate and the iconic Machu Picchu
• Riding a cable car to the 5th century Kuélap fortress
• Taking in jaw-dropping views of the volcanic Nevado Mismi mountain
• Posing for selfies with the local llamas
• Exploring the enormous Cañón Del Colca
• Observing the cliff-top scenery aboard the luxury Belmond Andean Explorer
• Snapping breath-taking photos at the tranquil Lake Titicaca
• Visiting the floating Uru Islands
• Wandering the traditional cobbled streets of Cuzco
• Strolling through the White City of Arequipa
• Seeing incredible vistas of the mysterious Nazca Lines
• Shopping in the scenic district of Mira Floras

Did you know?

• Peru’s love of Star Wars is so widespread that almost 1,500 children born here have been named after characters from the franchise.
• Peru is home to the world’s largest city that’s inaccessible by road. Iquitos is located in the Amazon rainforest and is only accessible by river and air.
• During the 1800s, Peru was a world leader in exporting bird droppings across the globe. Known as ‘guano’, it is still exported today for use as an organic fertiliser.

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