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Punta Arenas Holidays

If it is wild and rugged scenery and outdoor adventure you are after, Punta Arenas holidays are just for you. The farthest south continental city in the world and the doorway to Patagonia, Punta Arenas is an eclectic mix of wind-burnt fishermen and adventuring explorers. Grab hold of the wind rope as you experience hurricane gales while exploring the post-colonial stone mansions in the main plaza or get out of town to see the Straight of Magellan or Tierra del Fuego.

Destination Highlights
  • Penguin Colonies
  • Pali Aike National Park

Time Zone

  • Pali Aike National Park

    There are two penguin colonies near Punta Arenas: Seno Otway and Magdalena Island. Both are packed with Magellanic Penguins that make these locations their nesting sites. Magdalena Island is the most important breeding site and has been made into a national nature reserve. The island allows you to get surprisingly close to the penguin colonies, although you do have to take a ferry ride to get here. The Seno Otway penguin colony is reached by road. There are roped walkways and lookout posts so you can see the penguins congregating and diving into the open. Visit around 10 in the morning, when the penguin couples change shifts—one waddles to the sea to fish while the other returns from fishing to care for the young.