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Easter Island holidays are the only place you can see looming Moai statue heads that face away from the roaring ocean waves. To this day, the significance of these mysterious and mystical statues remains unclear.

A tiny isolated island located in the South Pacific, it’s normal for you to start from Santiago de Chile and embark on the five hour flight to Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui National Park. You’ll then  discover this UNESCO World Heritage site with its marvellous haunting statues and rock formations.

Visit Easter Island for haunting landscapes and history

The history and culture of the Polynesians seep through Easter Island, and is left in the form of the strange Moai monoliths found at Vaihu. Dotted along the windswept coastal landscapes, these sculpted stone heads create an ambience that’s both eerie and exciting. In Akahangan, you can discover the remains of a crumbling ancient village, which is also home to fallen statues lying face down, and the legendary tomb of the first king of Easter Island.

Your holiday in Easter Island need not just be about the mystical statues. Explore the rocky coves of the striking coastline and visit the sparkling and remote beaches of the island. Anakena is the most renowned beach on Easter Island. Fringed with towering palm trees you can enjoy soft white sands and crystal-clear waters.

Discover the origins of the Rapa Nui people, the original aboriginal Polynesian inhabitants of Easter Island, who have a fascinating oral history and myths and legends.

Many Easter Island tours also feature a visit to the epic 1,063 foot tall extinct Rano Kau Volcano, which forms the southwestern headland of Easter Island. This remarkable volcano was created from basaltic lava that flowed in the Pleistocene. The youngest rocks date from between 150,000 and 210,000 years ago.


Destination Highlights

  • Discover over 900 Moai statues at Vaihu, and the tomb of Easter Island’s first king at Akahanga
  • Admire the exquisite natural views of the extinct Rano Kau Volcano and visit the ceremonial village of Orongo
  • Marvel at the haunting natural landscapes of the island, featuring crashing waves and dramatic cliffs
  • Relax on the stunning beaches of the island, including Anakena, the white coral sandy beach found in this island national park

Great sample itineraries

Get inspired by our selection of popular itineraries for Easter Island holidays. Combine your Easter Island holiday with a trip to the mainland of Chile or a neighbouring South American country, such as Peru or Argentina and receive an in-depth insight into the area’s spectacular landscapes. With so many options for your Easter Island holiday package, we recommend you talk to one of our Destination Specialists to make the perfect tailor made holiday just for you.

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Explore Easter Island

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Motu Nui

Easter Island holidays are your chance to see some of the world's most enigmatic stone statues. The moai, as they are called, are monolithic figures of humans carved in rock by the Rapa Nui people. The largest ahu (stone platform) on Easter Island is Ahu Tongariki. See the enduring monoliths of 15 moai standing magnificently against the barren landscape. Most of the moai are perfectly aligned to face sunset during the summer solstice. 

Anakena Beach

This tiny little islet just south of Easter Island has some of the most sought after scuba diving and snorkelling waters of the world. The undisturbed waters have an abundant array of marine life darting just beneath the calm Pacific waters. Twenty metres below the surface is an intriguing moai statue, placed there for the 1994 Hollywood movie Rapa Nui.

Ballet Kari Kari

Paradisiacal Anakena Beach is backed by a palm grove that rolls down a white sand beach to the calm blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The idyllic beach is interrupted by two ahu's (stone platforms), one with a single moai and the other with six moai's. We love taking a picnic of empenadas and pisco to enjoy under the shade of the waving palms while relaxing on this heavenly beach.


For an exceptional cultural sensation, check out Easter Island's Ballet Kari Kari. This traditional show incorporates the historic folk music and dance of the people on Easter Island. The dynamic shows include the hip-shaking movements of traditional Polynesian dance. Feel the energy of the instruments and the power of dance and song throughout the show, then get up and join in the dancing.

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Jessica, Destination Manager

‘Visit Moto Nui to snorkel in its indigo waters, which are said to be some of the clearest waters in the world. From here you can view the magnificent volcanic cliffs straight from the water’s edge.’

Destination Manager
Charlotte, Destination Specialist

‘To learn more about the island’s fascinating history and the Rapa Nui people who live there, visit the Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum. The Rapa Nui people were one of the only civilisations on earth to independently form their own written language, and this free museum on Hanga Roa’s northern edge has three wooden tablets depicting the so-called rongorongo glyphs.’


Destination Specialist

Events & Festivals

‘To learn more about the island’s fascinating history and the Rapa Nui people who live there, visit the Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum. The Rapa Nui people were one of the only civilisations on earth to independently form their own written language, and this free museum on Hanga Roa’s northern edge has three wooden tablets depicting the so-called rongorongo glyphs.’


Tapati Festival

Tapati Festival serves as the most important cultural and sporting event celebrated on Easter Island, taking place during the first two weeks of February each year. Born more than 40 years ago, the festival has evolved to become a poignant tribute to the ancestral traditions of the Rapa Nui people. 

Participation in the Tapati Festival is important for locals, and everyone gets involved with pride and passion. Many will invest their time, money and energy into preparing and rehearsing for the festival throughout the year. It’s a special occasion for both locals and visitors to re-live, share, and preserve the cultural identity of this unique corner of the planet.


Local Cuisine

Get a flavour of the local culture through your palate during your Easter Island holiday. Here are a few of our favourite Chilean dishes.


Pastel de Choclo pie

Pastel de Choclo pie is a hearty Chilean beef and corn casserole, and is a popular and traditional dish in Chile, which can be enjoyed during your holiday in Easter Island. Plenty of flavours are packed into the pie, with ingredients including onions, raisins, olives and roasted chicken. The whole pie is then coated with a thick layer of creamy choclo (corn).



Chileans put a spin on the classic loaded American hot dog, with their signature version – the completo. This easy dish consists of a typical hot dog on a bun, topped with sauerkraut, diced tomatoes, crushed avocado and a hearty drizzle of mayonnaise. 


Chilean empanadas

Chilean empanadas are the classic empanada filled with beef alongside other unexpected ingredients such as raisins, olives, and hard-boiled eggs. A nourishing snack, they’re perfect for lunch on-the-go as you explore the delights of Easter Island. 


Porotos granados

Porotos granados is a fresh bean stew that features vegetables such as butternut squash, onions, northern beans, and Lima beans. It will warm you up during chilly nights, but also stands up well to the summer heat.


Chilean wine

As a New World wine region, Chile is famous for producing delicious wines. Try Chile’s best grape varieties -Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or a Pinot Noir.


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