Manitoba Holidays

Secluded and sprawling, Manitoba is a province of true wilderness. Holidays to Manitoba are made for resting your head in remote lodges and waking up with other wordly wildlife just outside; they’re an invitation to explore diverse cities , intriguing historic sites and vast areas of wilderness ripe for adventure.

Explore Manitoba’s capital, Winnipeg, a city that puts its diverse cultures and roots centre stage, not least that of the First Nations people. Discover “The Forks”, a place that’s been a meeting point for people for at least 6,000 years and today is an epicentre full of shops, restaurants and a bustling market. Laze on the pebble beaches of nearby Lake Winnipeg, relaxing as the calm waves lap at your feet, or explore the powder sand beaches of Grand Beach Provincial Park.

Manitoba’s Incredible Wildlife

Though the province is full of awe inspiring fauna, there’s nowhere quite like wild, secluded Churchill to witness the best of Manitoba. It doesn’t take long for you to uncover the town’s captivating charm; in summer, the tundra is covered in vibrant flowers, a playground for the frolicking polar bears that roam the area. By day, take a boat across Hudson Bay, listening out for the whales’ playful whistles and chirps as you go, and arrive at the Prince of Wales Fort, a historic outpost with many a tale to tell. By night, gaze up at the sky over Churchill and find yourself mesmerised by the seemingly impossible colours of the Northern Lights.

To see the most incredible wildlife this beautiful province has to offer, why not join the Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure guided tour? Starting in Winnipeg, you’ll get to explore Churchill, then set sail on the Hudson Bay and Churchill River, cruising alongside enchanting beluga whales, before immersing yourself in wondrous Arctic fauna.

Destination Highlights
  • See Manitoba’s polar bears in the wild in Churchill
  • Witness the 60,000 Beluga Whales that descend on Hudson Bay each summer
  • Experience the province’s capital of Winnipeg, a city full of intriguing culture
  • Visit Churchill, a secluded town full of culture and heritage

Time Zone

GMT-6 hours

Flight Time

Approx 11 hours; in-direct flights from the UK to Winnipeg are available


CAD - Canadian Dollar

Visa Information

Please ensure you have a valid electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) prior to your departure to Canada. Please check on the Canadian Embassy for all Visa FAQ’s.



Health Information

No special vaccines required.

Manitoba's main attraction is its incredible wildlife opportunities that cannot be experienced in the same way anywhere else in the world. Fly up to Churchill, situated on the Hudson Bay for a one-of-a-kind chance to view Manitoba’s two most famous residents in their natural habitat - the majestic beluga whales and iconic polar bears.

  • Polar Bear Viewing

    Whether you take an adventure packed expedition on a heated tundra vehicle or view from a secluded lodge - feel the excitement at the first sight of a great white bear on the tundra - an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world. Getting face to face with polar bears in the wild is one of life's great moments and is completely unique to Churchill, Manitoba. Take a winter (October - November) tour to spot on the frozen tundra or take a summer tour (July) which combines viewing the bears with Beluga whales below.

  • Beluga Whale Viewing

    Hit the waters of the vast Hudson Bay for an incredible cruise to seek out beluga whales. Listen out for the high-pitched whistles and chirping of the social and curious Beluga as you journey through the bay. The first sightings of these great white icons is truly breathtaking, looking like white spirits floating through the deep blue waters as they swim alongside your boat is an experience not to be missed. Best experienced on a summer tour (July) you can combine them with viewing the iconic polar bears above.

  • Winter Activities

    Enjoy Manitoba’s crisp, sunny winters and snow across the province. Build an igloo as you learn about northern culture and winter ecology, take a dog-sledding tour through the boreal forests and take part in the excellent, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and even snowshoeing and ice fishing that are on offer, Manitoba's winter adventures are endless.

  • Northern Lights, Churchill, Manitoba

    Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

    The town on the edge of Hudson Bay, Churchill is also famous for its nightlife as one of the world's premiere viewing areas for the aurora borealis - "spirits" that dance in the sky some 300 nights each year in Manitoba. Be awestruck upon seeing the haunting beauty of the blue, green and white colours as they swirl and dance in the still northern sky with performances that can be seen on clear nights. According to legend, the northern lights will dance their way down to earth if you whistle at them.

  • Isla, Destination Executive


    Destination Executive

    "I highly recommend taking a dog sledding excursion during your stay in Churchill, it's a real thrill and an experience like no other!"             

  • Taylor

    Destination Manager

    "Folklorama is a must-see festival in Winnipeg every August celebrating the different ethnic communities in Manitoba, with each community creating their own pavilion showcasing their food, history and culture."

  • Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

    Otherwise known as Islendingadagurinn, the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba is held in Gimli over a long weekend each August. The festival celebrates Icelandic culture and aims to preserve Icelandic heritage in Canada, offering visitors the chance to experience an art show, a sandcastle building competition, live music, cultural displays, Icelandic cuisine and the Viking Village that brings the Viking lifestyle to life.

  • Festival du Voyageur

    Unfolding over 10 days each February, Festival du Voyageur is winter festival that celebrates the Francophone culture, the culture shared by French speaking people in the region. The event is held in St Boniface, Winnipeg’s French district, and features plenty of fun winter attractions, including live music, delicious French food and incredible ice sculptures.

  • Winnipeg Comedy Festival

    The Winnipeg Comedy Festival began in 2002 and has run annually ever since, with a great lineup of comedians entertaining crowds in venues across the city each May.

  • Folklorama Winnipeg

    For two weeks each August, Winnipeg hosts Folklorama, a celebration of all the different cultures in the city. The event gives visitors a taste of the diverse and vibrant cultures that make up the fabric of Winnipeg, with each culture represented in its own venue, with cultural performances and the chance to sample some of their cuisine and drink.

Thanks to the diverse cultures that call the province home, Manitoba enjoys a varied food scene, with influences from around the world and traditional First Nations foods that are still popular today, such as bison and wild fruits. Here’s a few dishes we recommend you try:

  • Smoked Goldeye Fish

    Goldeye is a freshwater fish that’s native to Manitoba and was first enjoyed smoked by the First Nations. These days, the fish is brined and then smoked over oak, creating the delicacy that’s popular throughout the province.

  • Winnipeg Rye Bread

    Unlike traditional rye bread that’s made from rye flour, Winnipeg rye bread is made with white flour with cracked rye mixed in, resulting in a delicious light bread that’s hard to find outside of the city.

  • Perogies

    Brought to Canada by European settlers, the humble perogey is a firm favourite with Manitobans. Perogies are small dumplings that are usually filled with potatoes or cheese, first boiled, then fried.

  • Bannock

    Bannock is a type of flat bread that’s popular in Manitoba, originally brought to Canada by the Scottish. The indigineous people adopted the bread, changing it to be made from corn flour or plants, as opposed to wheat flour.

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