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Home to world-famous beaches, 21 fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites, pulsating cosmopolitan cities alive with the sound of samba, and incredibly biodiverse rainforests and wetlands; place Brazil at the forefront of your travel radar.

Start as you mean to go on in Rio de Janeiro, with a jeep tour to Corcovado Mountain, located in one of the largest urban forests in the world, Tijuca Forest National Park. Stood atop its granite peak is the Christ the Redeemer statue, watching over the city.

You’ll soon discover that Rio is a booming city boasting exuberant nightlife, Michelin-starred eateries, colourful markets, and arguably the world’s most famous stretch of sand – the Copacabana. Then take our Highlights of Brazil tour and explore Rio’s neo-classical architecture such as the historic city of Salvador coexisting alongside 21st century modernism, including the striking Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro.

Immerse yourself in Brazilian culture amid the charming cobble streets of Paraty, taking in the tranquil beaches and jutting mountains covered by dense forests. Embark on a romantic schooner cruise across Paraty Bay before strolling through its charismatic Old Town.

Visit Iguazu Falls, and once you have felt the refreshing spray of this impressive natural wonder, continue into the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest teeming fascinating wildlife. Then cap off your tour of this diverse country with a rejuvenating break on the peaceful beaches of Salvador da Bahia.

5 days

Rio Culinary Tour

Guide Price £2,300 pp  

Discover the city of Rio with your eyes and your taste buds as you eat you way around the city at various restaurants enjoying simple street food through to dining at a luxury Michelin-starred restaurant that is listed in the...

Beach holidays

Rio Culinary Tour
3 days

Gems of Picturesque Paraty Tour

Guide Price £569 pp  

A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most visited colonial towns on the Emerald Coast, Paraty is only three hours away from Rio de Janeiro. Once a fishing village, it is located in a tranquil bay with pristine...

Cultural holidays

Gems of Picturesque Paraty Tour
4 days

Pantanal Discovery Tour

Guide Price £989 pp  

An absolute paradise for birdwatchers and flora and fauna experts, the Pantanal is a vast area of wetland that hosts rich and diverse ecosystems where you will see more wildlife than anywhere else in Brazil, including the Amazon. The Pantanal...

Adventure holidays

Pantanal Discovery Tour
3 days

Adventure in the Amazon Tour

Guide Price £1,079 pp  

Head in to the Amazon by boat ride along the mighty Amazon river to your jungle lodge. Cruise into the Amazon and experience the wonder of the rainforest in an unsurpassed way. You will have the chance to spot caiman...

Adventure holidays

Adventure in the Amazon Tour
3 days

Exploring Iguazu Falls Tours

Guide Price £519 pp  

The magnificent Iguazu Falls straddling the border of Brazil and Argentina are one of the most impressive and wonderful waterfalls to witness in the world. With 275 individual drops it is three times wider than Niagara Falls, in fact First...

Escorted tours

Exploring Iguazu Falls Tours
15 days

Highlights of South America Tour

Guide Price £5,769 pp  

For an insight into South America in just two weeks, take our Highlights of South America tour. Visit the very different cities of Lima and Cuzco in Peru, Buenos Aires in Argentina and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Be amazed...

Escorted tours

Highlights of South America Tour
8 days

The Best of Argentina & Brazil

Guide Price £3,259 pp  

Our tour featuring Tango and Samba takes you to the two fascinating cities of Buenos Aires in Argentina and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Both are famous for their love of dance and music, as raw and exciting as the...

Multi centre holidays

The Best of Argentina & Brazil
8 days

Highlights of Brazil Tour

Guide Price £3,299 pp  

The biggest country in South America and arguably the most vibrant. Discover Rio de Janeiro the home of beautiful beaches, iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, the impressive Sugar Loaf mountain and home of the world famous carnival. The travel to...

Adventure holidays

Highlights of Brazil Tour

Expert Tips


Senior Destination Manager

“While many people associate Brazil with the tropical climate of its northern region, they tend to forget that the southernmost temperate regions actually experience light snowfall during the winter months. Though rare, even Rio de Janeiro has had its share of snow – if you intend on visiting southern Brazil, come prepared.”


Destination Executive

“Copacabana is known the world over, and referenced in song and film. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this city beach draws crowds of people every year. If you’re after a beach holiday, consider veering away from the city, either north to historic Salvador or south-east to the secluded sands of picturesque Paraty.”


Destination Manager

“Wildlife lovers should head to the wetlands of the Pantanal, where you’ll discover an abundance of exotic animals, like the muscular jaguar, the roaring howler monkey, green anacondas and giant anteaters.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The official currency of Brazil is the Brazilian real, divided into 100 centavos. The real is steadily recovering, and in 2016 it was the 19th most traded currency worldwide. ATMs are widely available across Brazil, but please remember that many are locked behind a security door overnight - make sure to draw out any cash you may need for the night during the day. Exchanging cash in one of Brazil's banks is easy, and generally offers better rates than you would find in the UK. 

Unlike the majority of Latin America, the dominant language of Brazil is Portuguese. Naturally, Portuguese spoken in Brazil has its own dialect that varies from European Portuguese - ensure you come equipped with a Brazilian Portuguese phrasebook.

Brazil’s world famous Carnival of Brazil is held between the Friday before Ash Wednesday, and continues until noon on Ash Wednesday. A huge event that brings the people of Brazil together, this explosion of colour and sound sees samba schools lead enormous parades through the nation’s streets, singing and dancing all throughout the day and night.

Despite the focus of the majority of visitors being the bustling streets of Rio de Janeiro, stepping outside of the culture capital presents you with a whole new world to explore. From the thick jungles of the Amazon, teeming with its kaleidoscopic flora and fauna, and the expansive Pantanal wetlands with its plethora of rare wildlife, to the latticed windows and cobbled walkways of Paraty and its tranquil coastal vistas, Brazil has something for everyone.

Why you'll love Brazil...

• Trekking through Iguaçu National Park for spellbinding views of Iguazu Falls
• Traversing the dense rainforests of the Amazon
• Witnessing Pantanal’s exotic wildlife such as the blue macaw, giant anteater and howler monkey
• Cruising across Paraty Bay by schooner at sunset
• People-watching on Copacabana beach
• Practising your dance moves at one of Rio’s samba schools
• Riding a cable car to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain
• Gazing down at Brazil from atop Corcovado Mountain
• Iconic selfies of Christ the Redeemer statue
• Exploring the lively streets of Rio de Janeiro
• Getting drenched at the thundering Iguazu Falls

Did you know?

• Approximately 21 miles from Sao Paulo lies Ilha da Queimada Grande – otherwise known as Snake Island. It’s estimated that there’s at least five snakes per square metre. As such, access to the island is strictly prohibited to civilians.
• Though you would think it be Brazil, the main exporter of Brazil nuts is actually Bolivia. Additionally, the Brazil nut is not actually a nut, and is in fact a seed.
• There is a municipality in Brazil called Não-Me-Toque – this literally translates to ‘don’t touch me’.