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Salvador Holidays

A rhythmic reminder of Brazil’s rich African heritage, the beat of bongo drums fills the narrow cobbled streets of Salvador’s historic Old Town. The heady mix of Brazilian and African culture here blends in a rich and frenetic splash of colour and music; best experienced during the buoyant annual festivities of Salvador Carnival. From the carnival to the cuisine, Salvador is a fascinating look into the intoxicating Afro-Brazilian fusion.

Beautiful architecture and irresistible energy

Salvador holidays are best spent ambling the picturesque city streets. Explore the pastel-coloured houses, charming colonial architecture, fascinating museums and beautiful baroque churches. When you’re done wandering, pause at one of the many local restaurants and bars, sampling traditional Bahain specialities and basking in the music that floats through the streets, night and day.

The unsung party capital of Brazil, Salvador lights up at night. To really get a sense of the vibrant atmosphere of this city, join the local revellers on their nightly street festivities. Watch the dazzling moves of the capoeira circles in the cobbled plazas, and move your feet through the samba, arrocha and forró dances. Wild festivals happen frequently, and there’s always cause for celebration on a Salvador holiday.

Aside from the myriad charms of the town, Salvador boasts some of the most magnificent beaches in Brazil, with palm-fringed, white-sand stretches hugging the entire coast. From surfing by the rolling dunes of Flamengo Beach, to stretching out on famous Porto da Barra beach, and finding tranquillity in the lapping waves of Guarajuba Beach, a holiday in Salvador fulfils all paradisal dreams.

If you’d like to organise a multi centre South American holiday that includes a stay in Salvador, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Destination Specialists. Bespoke holidays are what we do best and we’d love to help you create an unforgettable adventure.

Destination Highlights
  • Sit back on one of Salvador’s numerous white-sand, palm-fringed beaches
  • Explore Salvador’s bustling markets, like famous Mercado Modelo, where you can buy beautiful Brazilian handicrafts, from musical instruments to ceramics
  • Visit Nosso Senhor do Bonfim church and make a wish by tying a multicoloured remembrance ribbon on the railings outside
  • Join the energetic celebrations of Salvador Carnival, where people take to the streets to dance, sing and play the drums

Time Zone

GMT -3

Flight Time

Approx. 17 Hours via Lisbon


BRL - Brazilian Real

Visa Information

British citizens aren’t required to obtain a visa for travel to Brazil.



Health Information

No specific vaccines are required for travel to Brazil.

Events & Festivals in Salvador

Music is a big part of Brazil, and Salvador is no exception. Come in February to join the wild celebrations of Salvador Carnival, but if you can’t, no fear, street parties happen almost every week.

  • Salvador Carnival

    The music fueling Salvador Carnival is not the samba of Rio Carnaval but a heady fusion of African and Brazilian pop. An equally impressive festival, huge street parties take place all week from 28 February to 6 March. Listen out for the beat of the bongo drums, and don’t be surprised to find your hips shaking involuntarily.

Local Cuisine in Salvador

Salvador is the perfect place to sample rich Bahain specialities and explore the unique Afro-Brazilian food fusion. Wander away from tourist spots to find beautiful local restaurants and bars.

  • Moqueca

    Salvador’s signature coconut dish, and world-famous, Moqueca is a thick, rich, slow-cooked seafood stew made with fresh coconut milk, fish or shrimp, spices, ginger, garlic, malagueta peppers and dendê oil. Best served in the Bahia region, make sure you try this in a local restaurant in Salvador.

  • Acarajé

    A traditional street food snack, perfect for a little something between meals. Acarajé is a simple dish of mashed beans, ground with shrimp and then shaped into balls which are deep fried.

  • Cocadas

    A tantalising sweet treat, Cocadas are found throughout Brazil but have long been a speciality of Salvador. Shredded coconut, eggs and condensed milk are combined to create this delicious snack.