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From the sprawling metropolis of thriving Buenos Aires and its magnificent European architecture, to the enormous snow-capped peaks of Patagonia and the Andes – this is Argentina.

Kick-start your journey with a trip to the exuberant cosmopolitan capital Buenos Aires, taking a moment to stand still and admire the unique, European-inspired architecture and vivid street-art scene. Explore the port town of Ushuaia – a scenic hub set against a stunning backdrop of the soaring Martial Mountains, just seven miles from the equally dramatic scenery of Tierra del Fuego National Park and its plethora of cascading waterfalls and subantarctic forests.

Avid explorers and wildlife enthusiasts will revel in our Patagonia Discovery tour, embarking on a whale-watching cruise along Peninsula Valdes and spotting the adorable Magellanic penguin, before hiking up the vast turquoise Perito Moreno glacier.

Our Wine Tasting in Mendoza tour is perfect for connoisseurs, with guided tours of the region’s famous vineyards and the opportunity to enjoy a spot of wine-tasting. Wander along the Mendoza’s streets adorned with shrubbery and awash with greens, taking a leisurely stroll through the quaint Pedro del Castillo Square.

4 days

Bariloche's Lakes & Mountains Tour

Guide Price £1,129 pp  

Located in the Andean foothills, Bariloche rivals the Swiss Alps for sheer beauty. On the southern shore of Lago Nahuel Huapi, this stunning town is surrounded by lakes and national parks and is a favourite resort for skiers and mountaineers...

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Bariloche's Lakes & Mountains Tour
3 days

Wine Tasting in Mendoza Tour

Guide Price £619 pp  

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Aconcagua in the Andes, Mendoza is a fascinating oasis of green and one of the most endearing cities in Argentina. Famous worldwide for its Malbec grapes, wine is quite rightly the biggest attraction in...

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Wine Tasting in Mendoza Tour
8 days

The Best of Argentina

Guide Price £3,169 pp  

Vibrant Argentina is famous for its love of dance but there is more than Tango to this fascinating country. Explore all Argentina has to offer from the cosmopolitan capital Buenos Aires, to the natural beauty of Patagonia and the Valdes...

Multi centre holidays

The Best of Argentina
3 days

Iguazu Waterfalls Tour

Guide Price £769 pp  

Wider than Victoria Falls and higher than Niagara Falls, the falls of Iguazu are truly spectacular. They border Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and can be viewed from the first two. Set in a national park where you can see orchids,...

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Iguazu Waterfalls Tour
24 days Silver Cloud

Silversea Antarctica Expedition Cruise


Journey beyond the ordinary and discover the extraordinary with Silversea. Discover the wild untamed beauty of the Antarctic as you cruise through the shimmering ink blue sea past spectacular ice floes. Explore the stunning landscape and join your expedition team...

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Silversea Antarctica Expedition Cruise
15 days

Highlights of South America Tour

Guide Price £5,769 pp  

For an insight into South America in just two weeks, take our Highlights of South America tour. Visit the very different cities of Lima and Cuzco in Peru, Buenos Aires in Argentina and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Be amazed...

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Highlights of South America Tour
8 days

The Best of Argentina & Brazil

Guide Price £3,259 pp  

Our tour featuring Tango and Samba takes you to the two fascinating cities of Buenos Aires in Argentina and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Both are famous for their love of dance and music, as raw and exciting as the...

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The Best of Argentina & Brazil
11 days

The Best of Argentina & Chile

Guide Price £4,449 pp  

For glaciers, icebergs, snow-capped mountains, lakes, waterfalls and forests, take a Patagonia Discovery tour. Beginning in the Argentinean Tango capital of Buenos Aires, you will have time to explore, sample its fine steak and visit a working ranch. Continue on...

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The Best of Argentina & Chile

Expert Tips


Destination Executive

"Iguazu Falls – make sure you have the time to visit them twice.  Once from the Brazil side and once from the Argentina side, as you’ll get a completely different experience.  Both of which are fabulous."


Senior Destination Manager

"Meat-lovers will revel in the huge doorstop-sized steaks and parrillada eateries - the meats are famous here for a reason. "


Destination Manager

"If you're going to be using public transport, invest in a SUBE card. They're valid on trains, buses and the Underground. It saves you a lot of hassle, especially seeing as change here is hard to come by."

Frequently Asked Questions

The peso is the official currency of Argentina, made up of 100 centavos. ATMs are widely available, but do remember that there is a charge for every withdrawal - you may want to exchange your cash prior to arriving to ensure you won't be charged heavily for small withdrawals. 

Dance – Argentina is widely known as the birthplace of the tango – a passionate improvisational social partner dance that has recently seen a resurgence due to mainstream Western television dance shows.

Sport – The country is synonymous with football too, having won the FIFA World Cup twice, and finishing as runners-up three times.

Wine – Declared as Argentina’s national liquor in 2010, Argentine wine is now recognised the world over. Unlike many other exporters of wine, the vineyards here aren’t at risk of fungi, insects and grape diseases, due to the low humidity and high altitudes. This vastly reduces the need for pesticide.  

Argentina is particularly fond of parrillada (barbecue) and grilled meats – here you can enjoy sizzling slabs of world-class beef, and equally impressive street food – here’s a few you have to try:
• choripan – a grilled beef and pork sausage sandwich marinated in chimichurri sauce
• omito – a hearty, flash-grilled steak sandwich topped with fried egg, lettuce, onions, chimichurri sauce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and cheese
• bondiola – roasted pork shoulder, seasoned with salsa and lemon juice, served on a thick baguette, topped with fries, cheese and herbs

A hive of energetic streets, expansive wildernesses, exquisite food and a proud blend of European cultures and influences – Argentina simply has to be experienced.

Why you'll love Argentina...

• Hiking up Perito Morino glacier
• Wine-tasting in picturesque Mendoza
• Exploring the thriving port town of Ushuaia
• Whale-watching along Peninsula Valdes
• Gazing up at the Martial Mountains
• Taking in the dramatic Tierra del Fuego scenery
• Meeting real gauchos (skilled horsemen/cowboys)
• Cruising the Beagle Channel by catamaran
• Spotting the Magellan penguins at Punta Tombo
• Dancing the tango in lively Buenos Aires
• Tasting delicious Choripan (beef and pork sandwich in chimichurri sauce)

Did you know...

• In late 2001-2002, Argentina had five presidents in ten days.
• In 2015, an Argentine appeals court gave female orangutan Sandra rights to life, liberty, and freedom from harm – the same rights as a human. Prior to this, Sandra was born into captivity and kept in a zoo for 29 years, before animal rights campaigners petitioned for her to be considered an individual, rather than a ‘thing’.
• On 20 July every year, Argentina celebrates Friendship Day, with locals hosting large, friendly gatherings of family and acquaintances, old and new.