Tours in Galapagos Islands

Reconsider your notions of an ‘island paradise’ – the Galapagos Islands are a wildlife lover’s dream. Home to a stunning array of fascinating fauna, such as the Galapagos giant tortoise, the magnificent Frigatebird and the Galapagos pink island iguana, these lunar-esque volcanic islands offer spectacular scenery and unforgettable wildlife experiences.

For the adventurous, our From the Andes to the Galapagos tour sees you embarking on a captivating journey through the snow-capped glaciers of Ecuador, discovering the bio-diverse volcanic wonders of the Galapagos Islands and trekking the iconic Inca Trail to the historic ruins of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.

We also offer a 5 day Santa Cruz II tour. The Santa Cruz II is one of the finest ships in her class and is a wonderful way in which to explore the Galapagos Islands. The ship offers excellent standards, including first class service, expert crew and knowledgeable multilingual naturalist guides. Menus feature international cuisine and celebrated Ecuadorian dishes. 

4 days

Galapagos Extension - Hotel Silberstein & Daily Excursions


The Galapagos are considered the foremost destiantion for wildlife-viewing. Located 1,000km off the coast of Ecuador, its isolated terrain shelters a diversity of plant and animal species, many found nowhere else. On this tour, the 22 room Hotel Silberstein is...

Wildlife holidays

Galapagos Extension - Hotel Silberstein & Daily Excursions
5 days

Galapagos Extension - Santa Cruz II Cruise


The Santa Cruz II is one of the finest ships in her class to discover the Galapagos archipelago. The ship offers excellent standards, including first class service, an expert crew and knowledgeable multilingual naturalist guides. The ship contains five decks...

Escorted tours

Galapagos Extension - Santa Cruz II Cruise
5 days

Galapagos Extension - Isabela II Cruise


The Galapagos Islands are special, and what better way to visit them than on the Isabela II Yacht. This luxury 40 berth vessel promises a complete immersion into these unique islands. The yacht offers enriching wildlife encounters accompanied by expert...

Cultural holidays

Galapagos Extension - Isabela II Cruise
4 days

Galapagos Island Stay


Located approximately 600 miles from the coast of mainland Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are probably the most famous wildlife-watching destination in the world. And no wonder – it’s almost impossible to exaggerate the sheer spectacle of the place that provided...

Cruise holidays

Galapagos Island Stay
4 days

Galapagos Legend


The Galapagos Legend is characterized by its high quality and service, without the formalities and the etiquette of a luxury cruise ship. Two cruise options are available. Cruise A and Cruise C. Accommodating up to 100 passengers, enjoy a personal...


Galapagos Legend

Expert Tips


Senior Destination Manager

“While the Galapagos has its beaches, make sure you bring suitable shoes – hiking the volcanic rocks and steep terrain in flip flops can be uncomfortable and dangerous.”


Destination Manager

“Consider investing in a waterproof camera or case for your device. There’s an unbelievable display of exotic marine life and natural beauty under the waters – a perfect opportunity to snap some incredible pictures.”


Destination Executive

“Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station – it’s fascinating and inspiring to see the conservation efforts the locals are going to, and provides another chance to see Galapagos tortoise and rare flora up close and personal.”

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no direct flights to the Galapagos Islands. Regardless of your location, all visitors will fly to either Quito or Guayaquil before taking a short two hour flight to Isla San Cristobal or Isla Baltra. This will be dependent on your itinerary.

To the surprise of many, the official currency of both Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands is the US dollar. We highly recommend predominantly relying on cash throughout your visit; in addition to avoiding international withdrawal fees, it’s worth remembering cruises around the islands will stop off at remote wildlife hotspots with no access to cash machines.

Change, or lack thereof, is a common problem here, and locals will appreciate you paying in smaller denominations such as the $1 or $5 note. $20 notes are less common here, and are sometimes refused by local businesses; tourist businesses and cruise ships are more likely to accept $20 bills.

Spanish is the primary language spoken in both the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, though English is also widely spoken in hotels, restaurants and bars. We recommend bringing a Spanish phrasebook for your convenience.

The Galapagos Islands cater for the adventurers, nature lovers, photographers and wildlife enthusiasts among us. Renowned for immense biodiversity, imposing volcanic landscapes and clear indigo waters teeming with exotic marine life, the islands call out to those seeking an island paradise with a difference.

Why you'll love the Galapagos Islands...

• Snorkelling in search of surgeonfish, the elusive Moorish idol, and even sharks
• Traversing the extraordinary moon-like volcanic landscapes of the Fernandina lava fields
• Marvelling at the strange courtship rituals of the blue-footed booby
• Admiring the charming Galapagos penguins
• Taking a zodiac ride through the mangroves
• Visiting Post Office Bay and leaving handwritten, unstamped mail for the next visitor to deliver
• Strolling along the obsidian sands of Black Beach
• Exploring land once claimed by pirates at Buccaneer Cove, Santiago Island
• Discovering exotic and rare flora, such as the manzanilla ‘poison apple’ tree
• Spotting the many different species of giant Galapagos tortoises on Isabela Island

Did you know?

• The Galapagos Islands were home to the world’s last surviving Pinta Island tortoise – Lonesome George – the world’s rarest creature in the years before his passing.
• Post Office Bay dates back to the 19th century, where whalers would leave their handwritten letters in a wooden barrel for passing ships to collect and deliver on their travels. The tradition is maintained to this day – if travellers see a letter addressed to their home town or nearby, they can take it and deliver it for the writer.
• The Galapagos Islands are one of the few places on Earth to maintain a consistent 12 hours daylight throughout the year.