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It’s a growing trend that many of us are becoming more adventurous with our holiday choices and booking more intricate itineraries or multi centre trips. With common stopover destinations such as the Far East and Indian Ocean growing in popularity, I can’t help but feel we are overlooking one of the most enjoyable possibilities – mixing the city lights of the States with the laid back charms of the Caribbean. 

It’s no surprise to many that I will always be biased, after all the Caribbean is my favourite part of the world to date but if we really look at why we like these types of holidays so much, this perfect partnering will hopefully become a new, exciting option for you.  
The best thing about multi centres is the chance to see two different places on one holiday. With this perfect twin centre combination, wherever you end up in the States or whichever of the Caribbean islands you choose, you get to experience two completely diverse destinations with diverse cultures and my personal favourite, completely contrasting yet undoubtedly delectable food! 
Perhaps you’re beginning to warm to the idea or maybe you still need some convincing, so let’s take a look at my top picks for Caribbean multi centre trips. 
Everyone knows if you want to get the most up to date fashions, at a fraction of the price, you head to the States, so imagine shopping till your feet hurt in the bustle of New York, then spending the rest of your week on a beach in Barbados forgetting which day of the week it is. If you’re on a budget, book your trip for the winter months of January or February.  Accommodation in New York is generally cheaper, you still get great savings from the January sales and to top it off the weather in Barbados is at its best. Just remember, you’re going to have to pack two completely different wardrobes for this one!  
A great option for the party animals among you is jetting off to the bright lights of Las Vegas, blowing all of your spending money in one of Vegas’ top casinos, living like a legend, partying like a pro and then drowning your misspent sorrows or celebrated gains at an all inclusive bar on Mexico’s picturesque shoreline, which is but a short flight away. Your internal flight will be indirect with a touchdown for an hour or so, but don’t let this put you off, the end destination really will be worth it!  
Finally, let’s move on to my personal favourite. If you have ten or more days holiday and you fancy fun with the whole family or perhaps a romantic, yet adventurous break for two, the ideal option has to be this three centre thrill seeking adventure. 
Start your itinerary in the colourful world of Orlando, spend three or four nights enjoying one or two of the famous theme parks, the giant sized portions in the restaurants and seductive cocktails in the bars. You can also take advantage of the heavily discounted outlets, to purchase items o wear on the rest of your trip. I should have mentioned at the start you should head out with a lightly packed case for this one. 
Next stop, the glistening shores of Miami for some cosmopolitan party life in some of the city’s best night spots, or simply some beach relaxation with a chance to make new friends.  I wouldn’t fly between Orlando and Miami, hire a car and drive down. The coastal routes are simply fantastic and only take a couple of hours. If you set out early in the day, you can take a detour and explore the little towns en route. Travel tip: you will always find the best local restaurants this way. 
Keep the car for the following day in Miami and you can explore the Florida Keys too, that will be a little taste teaser before (in my opinion) the main attraction – an explosive all inclusive four days in The Bahamas. Turquoise waters, blue skies, unlimited food and drink, watersports, waterparks , shopping, nightlife, island hopping, swimming with dolphins. Then if you’ve had enough of the action, simply kick back, relax and sunbathe – the choice is yours. 
So, I’ve given you my top suggestions “but all of these trips must be expensive!” I hear your say.  That’s where you’re mistaken! I believe a lot of us assume that this kind of holiday, in terms of jetting between countries, is only for the rich and famous but it’s really a lot more affordable than you might think. 
The Caribbean lies just off the coast of America, meaning internal flights are frequent, relatively cheap and also take next to no time at all. If you fly with Virgin or British Airways, you’ll be able to twin most, if not all places in the States with an idyllic beach retreat in the Caribbean.  
Car hire is cheap as chips not to mention the fact we still have a really great exchange rate with the US. If you are on a budget, rest assured meals in the States will feed two and if you book all inclusive in the Caribbean, you know you will have next to nothing to pay for when you arrive. 
So in my opinion, there really is no excuse for this type of multi centre not to be on your bucket list. That is unless you are afraid of having too much fun?
Written by: Samantha Fowler
Posted in: What's hot

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