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Into the wild

Ultimate bucket list Part 5

clive wedderburn April 28, 2015

Lion Cub

Explore your wild side with an animal encounter

Planet Earth might just be the greatest zoological experiment in the known Universe, so we are duty-bound to get out there and meet some of our fellow specimens. As we’re all in this together, it’s about time we got up close and personal to some of nature’s greats.
Walking with Elephants 
Once you’re escorted into Elephant Hills Luxury Tented Camp it‘s as though you have stepped through a portal into a magical hidden valley.
Mists clear to reveal the tree-covered limestone cliffs that encircle your resort. Take a relaxing canoe rides along lakes and rivers that teem with tropical flora and fauna.
Then come face to face with Asian elephants and get involved during their bath and mealtimes, and plant food for their crop for the following year.
The Great Annual Migration 
The noise, the trembling of the earth, the struggle for life and death has been played out against the backdrop of the Masai Mara for countless millennia.
From your vantage point, you gaze through binoculars, absorbed, while thousands of animals roam across the plain. Zebra and gazelle shimmer in the haze of the Serengeti.
As these creatures steadily make their way across the plains of Africa, a host of lions, cheetahs, and hyenas move stealthily through the undergrowth in their wake; the circle of life laid bare before your eyes.
The Galapagos Islands
A trip to the Galapagos Islands is akin to visiting a prehistoric park. Composed almost entirely of volcanic rock, the Galapagos is reminiscent of lunar landscapes.
However, there is a sense of privilege that accompanies any journey to these islands. The animals, mostly endemic to the island, are unafraid of humans.
You have the opportunity to witness exactly what Charles Darwin experienced in 1835 that inspired his thesis: The Origin of the Species. One visit and your understanding will be changed forever.