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Top 5 US, Caribbean & Canada Summer Recommendations

The Hayes and Jarvis Blog Team April 25, 2014

The summer months are the perfect time for a getaway. The kids are out of school, the days are long and holidays are even more enjoyable when you’re getting an adequate amount of Vitamin D. If you’d like to head west this summer, then check out our favourite summer destinations in the USA and Caribbean. 

1. San Francisco
San Francisco is an eclectic and colourful city for those who don’t deal with extreme heat very well. With an average temperature of 20 degrees in July, sightseeing will be a breeze (literally). After a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, enjoy some al fresco dining or one of the many outdoor events that are put on throughout the summer.
2. Yellowstone National Park
The summer months bring out all kinds of wildlife that you might not see in the winter. July and August is the mating season for bison, so they’ll be easy to spot, as well as many other animals. Warm temperatures also allow for lovely picnics, more enjoyable camping conditions and more hours of light in the day for long hikes and biking adventures.
3. Barbados
What better way to spend a summer holiday than having a blast in the Caribbean? The main aspects of Crop Over Festival, Barbados’s version of Carnival, take place during the first week of August but events are going on the entire summer. You’ll feel the excitement and energy all around the island.
4. Boston
Boston has so much to do and see, especially in the summer time. The city’s locals love any excuse to do something outside, so take advantage!  We suggest relaxing in between all your sightseeing on the Boston Common, the oldest park in the US. Or how about taking in an outdoor film? And don’t pass up a visit to one of the many outdoor food and flea markets scattered around the city.
If you’re yearning for a bit of beach when in Boston, make the trip to Cape Cod (or “The Cape” as the locals call it) and hang on New England’s favourite beach.
5. Vancouver Island 
Ok, so Vancouver isn’t in the USA or the Caribbean, but because of its mild temps in the summer and the fact that it’s a great destination for nature lovers, I just had to include it. Visitors to the island can relax on its beaches, explore Victoria, British Columbia’s capital, or experience the vineyards and gourmet local foods of the Cowichan Valley.
So, where would you like to go this summer?