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Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty

Clive Wedderburn April 21, 2016

Some interesting facts about the Queen 

Since her coronation in 1953 Queen Elizabeth II has been criss-crossing the globe.

Did you know?

Her first tour abroad included Fiji, New Zealand, Canada and Jamaica and covered a total distance of 43,618 miles, making her the first monarch to circumnavigate the world.

Did you know?

In Papua New Guinea the Queen is known simply as 'Missis Kwin' or 'Mama belong big family'.  While in New Zealand she is known as ‘Kotuku’, which means ‘the white heron’.

Did you know?

While it‘s widely known that the Queen holds no official passport, being the official Head of State, she still has to pass through security checks to verify her identity whenever she leaves and enters Britain, providing her full name, D.O.B, address, gender and nationality.  

Did you know?

The Queen has stayed in fabulous hotels worldwide including the Waldorf Astoria in New York, Raffles Hotel in tropical Singapore and, of course, Treetops Lodge in Aberdare National Park in Kenya where she was told of her father’s death and that consequently that she would reign as Queen. 

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Or perhaps a road trip? Incidentally, did you know that the Queen is the only person in the UK who doesn’t legally need a driving license? 

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Happy birthday Your Majesty and we wish you many more years of travelling., ,,