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One of the (many) perks of my job is that I work with people who love to travel—and most of...

Palm Beach

One of the (many) perks of my job is that I work with people who love to travel—and most of them have been travelling all over the world for years. This means there’s a wealth of knowledge to be found at the Hayes and Jarvis head office, so I’m never at a loss for useful travel advice. Here are some of my favourite tips that will be useful to know before your next holiday: 

“Tie a really stand-out ribbon on to your suitcase. You’ll really appreciate it when you’re trying to spot your black case on a carousel full of black cases. And it should help prevent others from picking up your case by mistake. I’ve been burned before!” – Kirsty Boswell, Social Media Specialist

“Only use the map when you’re really lost. Allow yourself to stray off the beaten path of must see attractions and explore where the travel guide doesn’t. Sometimes this can lead to the best memories from a trip like your favourite meal, photo or serene location only known to you.” – Tim Chow, SEO Specialist
“Always take some Soreen with you – if you get delayed at any point of your holiday, it’s a perfect snack – and keeps even kids happy.” – Gareth Crew, Social Media Manager
“I never look at the time on long flights. It stops you stressing and actually makes the flight go quicker. It’s best to just consider the time travelling as part of your holiday and an opportunity to chill out, read a book, watch a film, listen to music…” – Katie Parsons, Content Manager
“Always talk to the receptionists at your hotel to find out good places nearby to eat and drink – I often find you’ll get some real gems which aren’t necessarily in the guide books.” – Diane Taylor, Digital Display and Affiliate Manager
“I load up my MP3 player with audio books to listen to instead of just music. It helps the time go by faster when there are no good movies on the flight!” – Rachael Bundock, Global Copywriter
Guide Book
“I like to have a little look at a Lonely Planet guide or Trip Advisor to find some restaurant recommendations. While finding a hidden gem is part of the fun, I like to have a couple of restaurants lined up where I know a good meal is on the cards! This is also a great tactic for sightseeing and other activities.”- Stephanie Rock, Brand Manager
Last Minute
“Don’t be afraid to book last minute (sometimes literally) as there are some amazing deals to be had, and hey… it’s fun! Spontaneity can really make the build up to a holiday exciting, so embrace the chaos, potentially save some cash and don’t decide on your destination until just before your departure date.” – Joe Johnson, Senior SEO Specialist
Credit Card
“You can save money when going abroad by signing up for a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign exchange fees. You’ll be able to carry less cash on you but won’t be slammed with extra charges. Just remember to set up a direct debit to repay in full every month to avoid paying interest. Try the Halifax Clarity Card which has no foreign exchange fee anywhere in the world and no annual fee.” – Gary Bailey, PPC Specialist
“Learn the local words for ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ – the locals and various staff you may encounter will really appreciate it if you make the effort.” – Claire Warne, Senior Social Media Specialist
Flight Entetainment
“I always look at the films and entertainment on the flight ahead of time so I know what the selection is like. Having a well-drilled movie schedule can be the difference between air rage and an enjoyable flight!” – Martin Nolan, SEO Specialist
“Photos are great to have for when your holiday is over, but make sure you take time to stop looking through the lens of a camera and see everything for yourself. Quite often I spend so much time taking photos that I don’t get to really appreciate the moment or the destination through my own eyes.” – Christina Oliver, SEO Specialist
“I like to have MANY clothing options when I’m on a holiday (some may say TOO many), so I use roll-able Space Bags to be able to fit as much as possible in my suitcase. That being said, I always have to watch the weight of my luggage, so I use a portable luggage scale to make sure I won’t be charged for excess weight.”  – Jess Dante, Social Media Specialist
Sun Care
“If you’re a sun-lover like me, make sure you bring after sun and aloe vera with you, as purchasing it at a hotel can get expensive. And use our tips for maintaining your tan after your holiday!” – Kelly Roberts, Online Display Specialist
Don’t forget—if you have a question about anything travel-related, ask us on Facebook or tweet us and we’ll answer it.
Written by: The Hayes and Jarvis Blog Team
Posted in: Touring and exploring

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